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Parasailing in Makadi Bay (The Best Tips for Parasailing in Egypt)

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Parasailing in Makadi Bay is one of the most incredible experiences that you can have. In honesty, this is one of the most amazing day trips from Hurghada you can have whilst you’re travelling. 

We have been parasailing a few times but this was our first time in Makadi Bay. Once you start sailing in the sky, you won’t want to come down.

Parasailing was easily one of the best things we did in Makadi Bay; it didn’t cost too much and it was easy to get to.

If you’ve never been parasailing before then there is no better place to try it than Hurghada. It is a perfect way to see some unique views of Hurghada and also a great way to get the adrenaline pumping.

In this guide, we will walk you through our experience of parasailing in Makadi Bay, reasons why you need to go parasailing and some of the best tours for parasailing in Hurghada.

Amy and Liam parasailing in Makadi bay after just being dunked into the water.

Reasons to go Parasailing in Makadi Bay

1. Step out of your comfort zone

If you’re the type of person that usually sticks to what they know then parasailing in Egypt is something that you need to do. We are firm believers that if you’re scared to do something then that’s more reason to do it.

Trying parasailing for the first time is one of the most incredible experiences especially as you’ll be surprised how quiet and peaceful it is when you get up there.

2. Get the adrenaline pumping

If you’ve never been parasailing before then another reason to do this in Makadi Bay is that it will get your adrenaline pumping.

We cannot describe the feeling as you’re attached to the parachute and just before you’re sent flying into the air, you will feel your heart racing. It is an awesome experience and a great way to get an adrenaline rush.

3. Romantic experience for couples

Amy & Liam holding hands whilst in the air parasailing.

There is nothing more romantic than being up high in the air with your loved one looking down across Makadi Bay and seeing the rest of Hurghada in the distance.

When you get to a good height, the silence up in the air is beautiful and this is a way to spend moments where it truly is just you and your partner.

It’s also a really great memory that you can both share together. You will get to fly high in the sky and hold hands with your favourite person whilst looking out at the stunning view.

4. Affordable adventure activity

One of the best reasons to go parasailing in Egypt is that it is a really affordable activity to do whilst you’re visiting. Generally speaking, you will be looking at around 590EGP – 884EGP (£10GBP – £15GBP / $12.60USD – $18.90USD).

This is a really affordable thing to do and it’s a great activity for anyone on a budget in Hurghada. You won’t have to worry about spending too much money when you’re exploring around Egypt as a lot of activities are quite affordable.

5. Unique views

One of the best reasons to go parasailing in Makadi Bay is that you will get to enjoy some incredible views once you’re at the top.

Once you’ve reached the maximum height, you will be able to see for miles from the Red Sea. If you’re lucky you will catch some glimpses of the mountains in the distance too!

Is Parasailing Dangerous?

One of the main reasons that people decide not to go parasailing is that they’re worried that it is dangerous.

We won’t lie to you, there are some dangerous aspects of parasailing. It is still considered a high-risk activity so it doesn’t come without its concerns.

Liam and Amy entering the Red Sea during their parasailing experience. Amy's face is a picture as she tries to brace the cold sea!

When you’re choosing to go parasailing in Hurghada, make sure that you research the company in advance so that you know that they’re a reputable company.

It is also worth considering booking these excursions through companies like Viator or Get Your Guide. Make sure that you always check the reviews beforehand.

You might want to speak to the guide that will be taking you on the excursion and check the equipment to ensure that it is in good repair too, the same as if you were going scuba diving.

Parasailing is dangerous to some extent but it doesn’t have to be and doing research such as this can prevent any issues.

Parasailing Prices in Egypt

Parasailing is a very affordable experience in Egypt and you certainly won’t need to break the bank to take part in this activity either.

Amy & Liam holding hands whilst they're parasailing and about to enter the Red Sea.

If you’re parasailing in Hurghada, the prices can range from between 590EGP – 884EGP (£10GBP – £15GBP / $12.60USD – $18.90USD).

However, if you’re looking to enjoy parasailing in other parts of Egypt then the prices can vary. Generally speaking, the maximum you can expect to pay for parasailing is 1,768.39EGP (£30GBP / $37.80USD).

The parasailing prices in Egypt are quite low so it is an affordable activity and it is rare that it will ever be as expensive as that.

Best Parasailing Excursions in Hurghada

Now that you’ve decided you want to go parasailing, we’ve shared some of the best parasailing excursions from Hurghada. Some of these trips are from Makadi Bay or El Gouna so it’s best to check where you’re staying in Hurghada before booking.

Our Experience Parasailing in Makadi Bay

We booked the excursion through the tour representatives that worked on the beach just outside our hotel Labranda Royal Makadi. It was one of the best hotels in Hurghada as everything was so close by.

On the day we went we left the hotel and walked down to the beach to get a speed boat over to another part of Makadi Bay. After that it was as simple as getting on the boat and enjoying the ride from there.

In the distance Amy & Liam parasailing

The team that takes you on this trip takes a photographer with them on the boat and you’ll have a chance to pay for them once the parasailing is finished. It can be a little expensive so the cheapest option is to take a GoPro with you but we’re so happy that we got pictures of our experience.

Once hitting the sea all you can think of is getting up in the air. For first time parasailers, it can be a little bit frightening but try to keep your breathing even and trust us, you will love it when you’re up in the air.

Liam & Amy in the water after parasailing, it is safe to say that the water was pretty cold.

After a few minutes on the boat, the guides will start setting up. You will have a harness to step into and it will feel a bit tight between your legs.

Once they hook you up to the parachute you will feel yourself slowly start lifting into the air. All the nerves will evaporate as you’ll be met with an amazing view! Every time we go parasailing, it always astounds us how unbelievably quiet it is once you’re in the air.

When we went parasailing, it was in December so Makadi Bay was a little colder than it usually is. Once we got up in the air, it can be quite chilly. So when the boat began to lower us towards the water, you can see the fear in Amy’s eyes. It is so comical to look back on the photos at Amy’s reaction and Liam just loving every moment of it!


Parasailing is one of those things you should do at least once in your life. It is such a great experience for everyone!

Even if heights frighten you, it is still worth doing. It’s important to face your fears and this is perfect for it. If you like extreme adventure and decide that you want to go parasailing, this can give you a good look into what it’s like to be floating in the air.

We ticked this off our bucket list and if you get stuck for ideas, you can check out our bucket list here to get some inspo!

Amy & Liam just going into the water whilst they were parasailing.

We had an incredible time parasailing in Egypt and recommend it to anyone. If you’re looking for other day trips from Hurghada then it is worth visiting Paradise Island too as you can often get a tour from Hurghada combined with parasailing!

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