Collage of images with the writing 'Addicted to Travel'. Images include a photo of us on quad bikes in Hurghada, Liam proposing to Amy in Kos, both of us eating dinner at The Old Tavern in Faro & us in front of the Christmas Tree in Hurghada.

Travelling the world with someone is one of the most precious things you can do. Imagine waking up in the most beautiful places imaginable and getting to share it all with your favourite person! We loved travelling together so much that we even got engaged abroad and lets face it we will probably get married abroad too.

In our opinion, travelling together helps build an incredibly strong relationship and a bond unlike any other. You have to be open with each other and learn to deal with each others quirks especially when you’re around each other 24/7! You will overcome a lot of difficult situations together when things don’t go to plan on your travels and share some of the most amazing and unique memories.

We will be sharing all our experiences of travelling together which will include the good and the bad. It will also show how we overcome some of the more difficult times too.

We have ticked off a good few countries together now and we’ve even clocked our miles travelled together at the bottom of this page.

Couple Travel

How to Plan a Romantic Staycation

How to Plan a Romantic Staycation

We LOVE a staycation! There is nothing better than staying in a cabin somewhere in the countryside and getting away from the “normal life”. We try to have a break from our screens like phones and TVs. The best part…

Having Dinner at Lofaki with a beautiful view behind us

Getting Engaged in Greece

If you’re avid travellers like us then let’s face it, you’re going to want those special moments abroad too. We got engaged in Kos, Greece and it was one of the most incredible moments of our lives so far. Now…

One of our Honeymoon Location ideas for 2023 is Hawaii.

Pretty Honeymoon Places

There are so many pretty places to go for your honeymoon that it is difficult to decide where is best to go. Let’s face it, most couples want an extravagant destination honeymoon and we’ll be completely honest, we are absolutely…

Travelling Without An Itinerary

Travelling Without An Itinerary

Travelling without an itinerary is the way to go and we will tell you why! We see so many travellers arranging their itineraries for a trip from start to finish and leaving no time in between. We’re here to tell…

Amy in Mexico. travelling solo without Liam

Travelling Solo While in a Relationship

Most people, wrongly, assume that if you’re in a relationship, you shouldn’t begin travelling solo. As we said, they WRONGLY assume. Sometimes when you’re in a relationship you may find that your partner doesn’t want to travel. You may even…

Jet Skiing in Hurghada Egypt

Romantic Hurghada

Our first adventure together was in Makadi Bay, Hurghada. and it is the most romantic destination to visit. This is the ultimate destination to visit for couples and here is why… Whenever you hear about Egypt, people mostly have worry…

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