Travelling the world with someone is one of the most precious things you can do. Imagine waking up in the most beautiful places imaginable and getting to share it all with your favourite person! We loved travelling together so much that we even got engaged abroad and lets face it we will probably get married abroad too.

In our opinion, travelling together helps build an incredibly strong relationship and a bond unlike any other. You have to be open with each other and learn to deal with each others quirks especially when you’re around each other 24/7! You will overcome a lot of difficult situations together when things don’t go to plan on your travels and share some of the most amazing and unique memories.

We will be sharing all our experiences of travelling together which will include the good and the bad. It will also show how we overcome some of the more difficult times too.

We have visited quite a few different countries together now from Hurghada in Egypt, New York City in the US, Faro and Lisbon in Portugal and much more. These are just some of our favourite trips we’ve enjoyed together.

We also spend a lot of time travelling within Scotland and England themselves. We currently live in Scotland so we’re always finding new places in Edinburgh and Inverness. As Amy’s family lives in England, we use these opportunities to explore more in England when we’re visiting too!

Find our couple travel guides below and learn how to survive travelling together with minimal arguments and plenty of fun exploring with your favourite person!

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