The Best Time to Visit Egypt

If you’re looking for some sun and relaxation then the best time to visit is between May & September.

For sightseeing and exploration, try to visit between October – December. You will find that there are less tourists and slightly cooler weather.

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Collage of Liam and Amy enjoying the sun in Egypt and in front of a Christmas tree in the hotel.


Egypt is one of those countries that most people consider ‘unsafe’. After a lot of political trouble, people began to visit Egypt less and less. However, now the situation is much more stable and this leaves Egypt another beautiful place to visit.

Whilst we have only visited a small amount of Egypt, we wanted to share everything that we have learnt along the way with you.

You can check out our guides below and the best things you can do when exploring Egypt and in particular Hurghada. We can’t wait for our next trip to Egypt and to also finally visit the pyramids too! Who goes to Egypt and doesn’t visit the pyramids?! *facepalm*

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Tips For Before You Go

Currency: Egyptian Dollar

Plug Types: C and F

Language: Arabic

Capital City: Cairo

Collage of pictures of paradise beach and parasailing.
Egypt bucket List 
1. Great Spinx of Giza 
2. Valley of the Kings 
3. Luxor Temple 
4.Abu Simbel Temples 
5. Scuba Dive in the Red Sea
6.Sail down the River Nile
7.Siwa Oasis

Egypt Travel Guides

Is Hurghada Safe?

Is Hurghada Safe?

One of the biggest questions that we get from our travels to Hurghada is “how safe is Hurghada?”. We feel like it’s about time we tell everyone our own experiences in this incredible place. In the process we will tell…

Parasailing in Makadi Bay

Why You Need To Go Parasailing in Makadi Bay

This is one of the most amazing experiences you can have whilst you’re travelling. We have been parasailing a few times but this is our first time in Makadi Bay. Once you start sailing in the sky, you won’t want…

This is a photo of our cocktails on Paradise Beach. We had such an incredible time and one of the best excursions we got to do in Makadi Bay, Hurghada.

When is the best time to visit Hurghada?

When planning a trip to Hurghada, one of the first things you want to know is; ‘when is the best time to visit?’. You will also need to think about what kind of trip you are going to do and…

Jet Skiing in Hurghada Egypt

Romantic Hurghada

Our first adventure together was in Makadi Bay, Hurghada. and it is the most romantic destination to visit. This is the ultimate destination to visit for couples and here is why… Whenever you hear about Egypt, people mostly have worry…