The Best Time to Visit Portugal

Portugal can get very busy during the summer months so if you’re wanting to avoid large amounts of tourists then Spring is the best time to visit. For sightseeing adventures, it is best to visit between March – May & September – October. You will still have warm weather but with less crowds.

If you’re looking for some hot weather, chilling on the beach and sipping some cocktails then you will want to visit during the summer. During June and August would be your key time for a summer holiday, with July being the hottest month of the year.


Portugal is up there as one of the safest countries to visit in the Europe. In touristy areas such as Lisbon, be mindful of pickpocketing especially around hotspots. There is even a map here where you can see common areas for pickpocketing.

Sexual assault is a rare occurrence in Portugal especially as catcalling and verbal harassment are illegal in this country. Shouldn’t it be everywhere?! This makes it a fairly safe location for female travellers too.

There are a few tourist scams that you can come across such as where you are offered a Rosemary and telling you about your fortune before you know what is happening. They will then be asking for a payment. If this happens to you, try to walk away. Similar to Paris in France, another common scam is trying to force you to sign a petition whilst someone else attempts to pickpocket.

Generally, Portugal is a safe country to visit but keep your wits about you, in particular for pickpocketing and usual travel scams. Use your common sense and if something doesn’t feel right, trust your gut instinct.

Tips For Before You Go

Currency: Euro

Plug Types: C and F

Language: Portuguese

Capital City: Lisbon

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