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Is Paradise Island From Hurghada Worth It?

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When we visited Hurghada, we kept hearing from everyone about how amazing Paradise Island is and we were thinking to ourselves ‘is Paradise Island from Hurghada worth it?’ or is it just an overrated hype.

We decided that we needed to visit this island that everyone kept speaking about to see if it lived up to its reputation. Everyone told us that it was exactly what it said on the tin and you’d be able to relax on a beautiful sandy beach.

Paradise Island sign in large blue letters with Liam walking away from the sign towards the camera.

Another highlight that drew us to Paradise Island is that we were told that it had plenty of Instagrammable spots. As travel bloggers, you know that we had to go and check it out to see what all the fuss is about!

In this guide, you will find information about where you can find Paradise Island, how to get there, things that you can do on the island and also some of the best tours from Hurghada to Paradise Island.

Where is Paradise Island?

To start things off, you first need to know where Paradise Island is so that you can get there on a day trip from Hurghada!

Just off the Hurghada coast, there are a couple of islands named the Giftun Islands. Paradise Island is located on the Big Giftun Island and is one of the two islands that you can visit from Hurghada.

There is also the small Giftun Island which is also popular for diving and snorkelling. If you decide to do a combination tour, you may find that this is where you will enjoy some marine life.

Amy sitting on a moon shaped prop on Paradise island.

Aside from Paradise Island, you are also able to visit Orange Bay which is part of the Giftun Islands. It will take approximately 1 hour and a half to get to Paradise Island from Hurghada and 45 minutes to get to Orange Bay.

We didn’t have a chance to go to Orange Bay whilst we’re were visiting Hurghada but it is definitely on our list for next time. When it came to choosing between Paradise Island vs. Orange Bay, after looking at the sights, we decided that we preferred the idea of Paradise Island. Also, Paradise Island was all anyone could talk about too!

Reasons to visit Paradise Island

Amy and Liam sitting on a thatched love heart seat on Paradise Island. Amy is leaning into Liam kissing his cheek with the sun beaming down on them.

One of the main reasons we decided to visit Paradise Island from Hurghada is that we were excited about the different props on the island for Instagram snaps.

For us, this was a huge appeal because we were just about to start our travel blog and we thought to ourselves; well… what a great place to start!

We also found that a lot of the people at our hotel were recommending to take a trip to the island. We were staying at Labranda Royal Makadi Hotel which was an amazing hotel in Hurghada so we knew that it would be a great recommendation.

From visiting the island, we found that it was such a beautiful place to wander around and relax. There is something about this island that just oozes relaxation despite that it can get quite busy.

If that doesn’t paint a picture in your head then we’ve dropped 7 reasons below as to why Paradise Island should be on your bucket list but there are so many more!

1. Amazing Snorkelling & Diving Sites

Even if you’re going diving or snorkelling from Hurghada, a lot of the sites are based around the Giftun Islands. This is one of the best places in Hurghada to see marine life.

There is the opportunity to see so many different colourful fish in the Red Sea so even if you decide not to do any snorkelling or diving around Paradise Island, you definitely need to do this before leaving Hurghada.

Whilst you’re diving or snorkelling, keep your eyes peeled for groupers, butterfly fish, parrotfish and so much more! This is such a beautiful place to enjoy the beautiful marine life that the Red Sea of Hurghada has to offer!

Red boat on the water with a sign for Paradise in the background.


2. Stunning Beach

One of the best highlights about visiting Paradise Island from Hurghada is the gorgeous beach that it has to offer.

Dotted across the beach you will find plenty of palm tree style parasols which is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the stunning beach.

There is nothing more peaceful than relaxing under these parasols on the comfy bean bag chairs with your feet in the sand overlooking the crystal clear sea.

3. Instagrammable Spots

Amy & Liam sitting on one of the props on Paradise Island laughing together.

For more people, the main reason to visit Paradise Island is the amount of Instagrammable spots dotted around the island.

We cannot tell you how much fun we had going to all the different props and getting some awesome photos. We had so much fun laughing at the different poses to try out on the props.

You’ll get some great shots of the Paradise Island Sign, the moon and the wings swing. These were all our favourite spots to go and take some snaps.

If that’s not your style then you might want to head over to the shisha corner, get some snaps and embrace the Egyptian culture a little better by trying some shisha. If we can give you any advice for visiting Hurghada then it is for trying not to overdo it on the shisha if you’re not used to it as it can make you feel a bit nauseous after a while!

Ultimately, it is such a cool place for wandering around and getting those pictures for the gram. If you’re travel bloggers like us then we can guarantee that this is the place for you. Just make sure that you check out when is the best time to visit Hurghada so that you can avoid peak seasons for optimal photos.

4. Family Friendly

Even though this sounds like Paradise Island is mostly for adults, this is absolutely not the case!

On the island you will find an awesome play area for the children to be able to enjoy themselves.

If you’re planning to visit the island with the family then of course there will be plenty of space to build sandcastles, play in the sea and look out for the colourful fish!

If you've come to this article then you will be asking yourself; Is Paradise Island from Hurghada worth it? Yes it absolutely is! This image shows the beautiful palm tree parasols, bright blue water and golden sandy beach.

5. Fresh, Delicious Food

The Paradise Island Restaurant prides themselves on serving the freshest food so that you will be guaranteed a delicious meal.

As we are so close to the Red Sea, you will have to try some of their yummy seafood dishes before you leave the island.

There are also plenty of options for you to enjoy some tasty cocktails if you’re wanting to live your best beach life on Paradise Island. Why would you not?!

For anyone that has a sweet tooth you can also head over to their waffles and ice-cream stall to cool down from the heat.

6. Plenty of Tour Options

Whilst you’re visiting the island, you will find that there are a lot of tour options for you to enjoy from here. Whether you want to head out for some snorkelling or diving, go on a semi-submarine or whizz off on a speedboat, there is something for everyone!

We would highly recommend either snorkelling or diving so that you can experience some of the beautiful marine life that the Red Sea has to offer!

7. Romantic Spot for Couples

Amy & Liam sitting on a thatched love heart seat together.

Unsurprisingly, this has made one of the top spots for the most romantic tours to go on from Hurghada.

Imagine walking down the sandy beach, hand in hand with your loved one, breathing in the beauty of the Red Sea air and relaxing in the sun. You can walk over to the spots and laugh as you take cute photos together and enjoy some tasty cocktails under the palm tree parasols as you soak up the sun. What is not romantic about this place?!

What can you do on Paradise Island?

The world is your oyster when you’re visiting Paradise Island with quite a few activities and plenty of relaxation. Here you can find just some of the things that you can do:

  1. Sunbathing
  2. Snorkelling / Diving
  3. Try Seafood at the Paradise Island Restaurant
  4. Cocktails at the Tropicana Bar
  5. Take photos with the Instagrammable props
  6. Try Shisha at the Shisha Corner
  7. Taste some yummy waffles & ice-cream

If that doesn’t sell you then picture this… 

First and foremost, sunbathing is one of the best things that you can do whilst you’re on the island. The key to this place is to unload some stress from everyday life and soak up the sea and sun.

To cool off after some sunbathing, head into the Red Sea to enjoy a nice swim in the warm water. You can also arrange either a snorkelling or diving tour to get to know the marine life better and admire the beautiful colourful fish!

Of course, a bit of swimming is going to work up an appetite so you can wander over to the Paradise Island Restaurant to try some delicious fresh food and some tasty cocktails.

If you’re a photography lover then you will want to trek around the different props on the island to get some amazing photos. These offer such a unique view of the island and are really great fun!

For anyone that has never tried Shisha before, you definitely need to go over to the Shisha corner to give this a try and get to know Egyptian culture a bit better!

Amy & Liam's cocktails from Paradise Island with their straws bent into love hearts.

Finish your day off by relaxing under one of the palm tree parasols with some waffles and ice-cream. Top it all off and treat yourself to another cocktail from the Tropicana Bar.

Best Tours from Hurghada to Paradise Island

Paradise Island Sea Trip with Water Sports and Lunch in Hurghada

For anyone that is looking to try a little bit of everything then this is the perfect tour for you to Paradise Island.

You will get to spend around 2 hours on Paradise Island exploring everything that it has to offer. You’ll also get to go snorkelling around the Giftun Islands with this boat trip at 2 different spots and all the equipment is included.

Finish off your adventure tour by enjoying a ride on the banana boat and the sofa boat and do your best not to fall off!

Paradise Island sign with Amy looking up at it.

Luxury Cruise to Paradise Island Foam Party in Hurghada

If you’re like us and love to enjoy a bit of partying whilst you’re travelling then this Paradise Island tour is one that you absolutely can’t miss!

Like the other Paradise Island trip from Hurghada, you will get to enjoy snorkelling around the Giftun Islands at 2 different spots and your equipment will be included.

Lunch will be included on the boat and you’ll also get to spend around an hour and a half exploring Paradise Island. This is your opportunity to get those perfect snaps for Instagram and enjoy a tasty cocktail in the sun!

Lastly but certainly not least, enjoy an awesome foam party on the beach of Paradise Island and have the best time!

Amazing Paradise Island Sea Trip & Parasailing Adventure

This tour is the ultimate way to enjoy Paradise Island and get to try absolutely everything before you leave Hurghada.

Snorkel at 2 different spots around the Giftun islands and indulge in a lunch feast on the boat.

Wander around Paradise Island and take advantage of everything that it has to offer before partaking in some watersports such as the banana boat or sofa beds.

Finally, take a speedboat out in the Red Sea where you can parasail above the Red Sea and take in the beautiful sights below you!

So… Is Paradise Island from Hurghada Worth It?

Amy enjoying sitting on one of the bean bags on Paradise island underneath one of the palm tree parasols.

To answer your question ‘Is Paradise Island from Hurghada worth it?’ Yes, one million times yes. It is absolutely worth it! Whether you’re travelling alone, as a couple or a group of friends, you are guaranteed to have an amazing day out on the island.

In our honest opinion. Paradise Island was the absolute highlight of our trip to Hurghada. It is a great day out where you can relax, appreciate the beautiful marine life and just have fun.

We spent the whole time we were there just wandering around the different props taking photos, laughing and taking in the beautiful sun. The best part is that we felt safe on this Hurghada tour as well which is really important especially if you’re anxious about your safety in Hurghada.

Of course, we had to have some tasty cocktails whilst we were there and relax under the palm tree parasols feeling like movie stars.

That is really what this place does to you because it really is as it says on the tin, it truly is a paradise. We felt like we were just splashing the cash with no worries in the world when in reality we spent only £20 / $25 to get there! The jokes on us really!

The only thing that would make Paradise Island even better is if they offered a kayak rental service so we could enjoy that together!

Amy walking on the sand on Paradise Island about to cross the bridge with stars around it.

For anyone that enjoys sandy beaches, tasty cocktails, snorkelling and Instagram worthy photos, this is absolutely the best day trip from Hurghada for you! So yes, Paradise Island is absolutely worth the day out!

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Is it safe to walk around Paradise Island?

When we went to Paradise Island from Hurghada we felt absolutely safe the whole time we were there and didn’t once feel worried or concerned. We would say that it is absolutely safe to walk around Paradise Island.

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