Hey guys, our names are Liam & Amy we love to travel and to meet new people we started this blog to share our adventures with you all and for you guys to share with us. We’re both from the UK Liam is from Scotland and Amy is from England we met in Edinburgh at a comedy club and the rest was history as they say.

Facts about Liam
1. Dreams to "play" (as he puts it) with lions
2. Loves photography
3. Wants crazy adventures to tell the grandschildren
4. Loves road trips
5. Very competitive and hates Amy beating him at Monopoly
Collage of images of Amy & Liam include a photo of them in Hurghada with palm trees in the background, at Colchester zoo and on Paradise Beach in Hurghada.
Facts About Amy
1. Once saved a manatee from a fishing rig
2. Works in electricity
3. Favourite animals are sharks especially Nurse Sharks.
4. Wants to be a novelist
5. Loves reading.

We just want to say a quick thank you for visiting our blog and we hope you guys enjoy it. We love to collaborate with other travel enthusiasts so please contact us and we will answer you as soon as we have the chance.

Once again guys thank you for visiting us and we cant wait to get to know you and maybe work with you.