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When is the Best Time to Visit Hurghada?

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As Egypt is a country that has a hot climate, it can be difficult to know when is the best time to visit Hurghada.

When we visited, we decided to go during December to enjoy some winter sun before Christmas. It wasn’t the warmest but it was a lot milder than Scotland!

Depending on what you’re looking for from your holiday will depend on the best time for you to visit Hurghada. We’ve broken down the weather in Hurghada month by month so you can weigh up your options.

View from the airplane window on the way Hurghada

How Many Days in Hurghada?

If you’re hoping to enjoy a nice sunny holiday then we would say that 2 weeks is plenty. Especially if you’re staying in an amazing hotel in Hurghada, you will find that you may want to spend some time lounging around the pool and enjoying it’s amenities. This way you will be able to enjoy relaxing in the sun some days and then exploring on the others.

However, if you’re like us and want to visit the sights and move on, we would say 4-5 days would be enough. If you’re wanting to do multiple day trips from Hurghada then this is the perfect length of time to visit.

Amy at Paradise Beach in Hurghada. This was in December which in our opinion is one of the best times to visit to Hurghada.

There are plenty of things to do in Hurghada including watersports, mosques, island day trips and beautiful beaches to explore.

Whilst you’re visiting Hurghada, we would highly recommend visiting Paradise Island and/or Orange Bay. You will go on a day trip to these islands and truly enter paradise.

If you’re planning to do some diving whilst you’re visiting Hurghada then there are plenty of shipwrecks for you to explore. There is also a lot of marine life to see within the Red Sea Hurghada.

Adding diving to your Hurghada itinerary, we would recommend spending about 7-10 days there. You can then really make the most of the diving day trips as well as everything else without having to rush.

As a couple, we really enjoyed everything that Hurghada had to offer. Read our post on romantic things to do in Hurghada to find more inspiration for activities to do whilst you’re there.

Why Should You Visit Hurghada?

Hurghada is an incredible part of Egypt to visit and it is becoming increasingly popular with tourists. There are plenty of things to do whilst you’re there and you can really make the most of your time by following our tips for visiting Hurghada.

One of the main reasons that you should visit Hurghada is that there are plenty of beautiful beaches to enjoy. One of the beaches that is highly popular for tourists is Zeytuna Beach. It is a beautiful beach to enjoy the sand and the Red Sea.

For us, one of the best parts about visiting Hurghada was our day trip to Paradise Island. If you’re looking to get some great shots for Instagram then this is the day trip for you.

You will be taken to a beautiful paradise island with many different props for you to get some awesome photos. During this day trip, we also got to enjoy some snorkelling in the Red Sea too.

We got to enjoy some parasailing whilst we were in Hurghada which was awesome soaring over the Red Sea.

Another reason that Hurghada is such an awesome place to visit is that it is perfect for diving opportunities. There are quite a few different diving spots for you to enjoy close by.

A lot of beginner divers will really enjoy the marine life around the Giftun Islands. For more advanced divers, you will find that there are a lot of shipwrecks for you to explore. It may take a little longer to get to these sites but they are definitely well worth it.

Hurghada is a beautiful area of Egypt and there are plenty of different day trips for you to enjoy. We were lucky enough to enjoy some parasailing in Makadi Bay. There is no feeling like soaring over the Red Sea and enjoying Hurghada from a different perspective.

If you’re visiting Egypt and it’s your first time then you will most likely want to see the pyramids. This is also possible from Hurghada but it will take a full day for you to be able to do so.

However, the perks of visiting the pyramids from Hurghada is that you will be only going for a day. Sharm El Sheikh and Cairo are more popular for tourist scams, pickpocketing and generally considered slightly more unsafe. Hurghada does seem to have a better reputation for safety so you will be secure in staying in Hurghada but still enjoying the main sights of Egypt.

You will also find that generally speaking, it can be much cheaper visiting Hurghada too. We’ve provided some more information below on when is the cheapest time to fly to Hurghada too.

For families, couples and solo travellers, Hurghada is a perfect location for you to visit. You will find plenty of sun, activities, water sports and of course diving spots.

Where to Stay in Hurghada

There are lots of different places to choose from when you’re visiting Hurghada. When we visited, we chose to stay at the Labranda Royal Makadi resort [AFFILIATE LINK] and honestly, we had such an excellent time that we feel it is one of the best hotels in Hurghada [INTERNAL LINK].

When you’re visiting Hurghada, depending on the type of trip you’re doing, there are 3 areas we would recommend staying. If you’re on a backpacking sightseeing adventure then you may want to stay close to Hurghada town itself whereas if you’re looking for a hot vacation to relax then you may want to stay in either El Gouna or Makadi Bay. We’ve popped a handy map below so that you can explore the area and choose a hotel that is right for you.

Egypt Hurghada Weather Month By Month

The weather in Hurghada is generally really good all year round. As Egypt is located in the Middle East you will find this about most locations in this country.

When you’re looking at the best time to visit Egypt, you need to remember it’s location.

As it is in the desert of North Africa, it can get quite cold at night despite warm day temperatures. It is the complete opposite in the summer time with hot dry days and warm nights.

Due to the desert climate, you will often find that the days are hot but are then cooled down with a large breeze. The wind can be deceiving and make you feel that it is not very hot.

It is days like this that you need to be careful of getting sunburnt. Even if it is windy, the sun is still extremely hot and increases your risk of sunburn resulting in sunstroke.

In our opinion, one of the best Hurghada travel tips is to ensure that you are regularly applying suncream. Make sure that you do this even if you don’t feel like you’re catching the sun. You’ll be surprised how much the sun will catch you off guard in Egypt.

We’ve broken down information for the climate and temperatures in Hurghada month by month. When you’re planning your holidays, you will be able to see which is best for you.

This is essential especially if you are travelling with children so that you don’t visit during the peak season when it’s too hot.

Hurghada Weather in January

January in Hurghada can be quite cool especially in the evenings. During the days, you can expect highs of around 22 degrees.

The temperature in Hurghada in January can range between 16 – 21 degrees. However, in the evening it can get quite chilly. Due to this, we would recommend bringing a jumper for the evening.

As we said, it can be quite windy in Egypt so you’ll want to protect yourself from this in the evening.

There is around 22% chance of a cloudy day in January so it is a great time of year for it.

As January is outside of the peak holiday season for Egypt, you will also find lots less tourists too. This is perfect for any other travel bloggers that want to explore without holiday makers in the photos!

Hurghada Weather in February

The weather begins to heat up a little more in February with high temperatures of 23 degrees. It is still quite mild during this time of year.

The temperature can reach lows of 18 degrees but with the wind it can feel a little cooler than this. Travelling to Hurghada in February, it is still worth packing a jacket for the evenings just in case.

February is still outside of the peak tourist season so this is a great time to avoid tourists.

Hurghada Weather in March

March is when the weather starts to get a bit warmer so that you no longer need a jacket in the evening.

The temperatures in Hurghada in March will reach highs of 25 degrees. The lowest temperature jumps right up from February to 21 degrees.

If you’re hoping to visit Hurghada as a family then this would be a good time of year to go. The weather is nice and warm but not too hot. As it is still outside of peak season, you’ll find that it’s not too busy nor too expensive.

Hurghada Weather in April

From April onwards, you will want to pack just some light clothes on your trip to Hurghada. It starts to get quite hot around this time of year so you will want to stay cool.

You can expect high temperatures in Hurghada in April up to 28 degrees. It can get reach lows of 24 degrees so even at the lowest temperature it is still pretty warm.

April is a month in Hurghada where there will be a lot more visitors than previous months. As this is the beginning of the Easter holidays, more families will be travelling on holiday to Egypt and Hurghada this time of year.

Hurghada Weather in May

Temperatures in May begin to reach over 30 degrees so it is not the best time of year for heavy exploring.

The weather in Hurghada can reach highs of 31 degrees and lows of 27 degrees. With this in mind, you can actually expect around 22 days that are above 30 degrees.

If you’re looking for a relaxing break away in the sun then this would be a great time to go. As there are not any school holidays at this time of year, you will find that it is much less busy than April.

Hurghada Weather in June

June is a very hot month to visit Hurghada which is also outside of peak season. The temperature can range between lows of 29 degrees and highs of 34 degrees.

The temperature record in Hurghada has reached as high as 40 degrees so prepare yourself for very hot weather. You can expect every day of the month to be above 30 degrees.

This is another great month to visit if you’re looking for a sun break away. It is also not as busy for tourists as the summer holidays don’t begin until July.

Hurghada Weather in July

Now that the kids have broken up for school, you will find that this is the top peak season for tourists. This means that the hotels will start getting sold out and it will become very busy.

The temperature in Hurghada in July will be above 30 degrees every single day so a lot of sun cream will be required. You can expect high temperatures of 35 degrees and low temperatures of 31 degrees.

Even though the weather is beautiful this time of year, it can be a little bit too hot for some people.

We would say that this is not a good time of year to travel to Hurghada. You’ll find that it is quite busy this time of year and much too hot to explore properly.

Hurghada Weather in August

August is the peak season for tourists in Hurghada so you’ll find that it Is a very busy time of year.

The highest temperature in Hurghada in August can reach up to 35 degrees. If you’re travelling during this time, we would recommend taking caution especially with the sun.

As Egypt can be quite windy, it can be a little deceiving on how hot it is some days. If you’re travelling with children then make sure that you keep yourself and them well protected from the sun.

The lowest temperature that you will find in Hurghada in August is approximately 31 degrees.

Whilst we wouldn’t recommend travelling to Hurghada at this time of year due to the heat, it is a particularly good time of year for swimming & diving.

The water temperatures can reach around 28 degrees so it is a great time of year for diving. If your plans are to just enjoy Hurghada’s marine life then this is perfect time to visit. Just make sure that you keep yourself well protected whilst you’re on the boat!

Hurghada Weather in September

The weather in Hurghada will begin to cool down in September slowly throughout the month. The temperature will reach highs of 34 degrees and lows of 29 degrees.

As some schools usually don’t begin again until a couple of weeks into the month, you may find that it is still a particularly busy month to visit. However, it certainly won’t be as busy as August.

If you’re hoping to visit Hurghada in September but to avoid tourists then we would recommend travelling towards the end of the month.

This is also a particularly good month to go diving. Whilst it is still quite busy for tourists, the sea temperature is very good.

Hurghada Weather in October

In October, you will still find very hot temperatures especially during the day. However, the evenings may start to become a little bit cooler again.

Whilst you’re in Hurghada in October, you will experience high temperatures of 31 degrees and low temperatures of 26 degrees.

You shouldn’t need a jacket for the evenings but it is always worth checking the wind as this can change the real feel.

October is still a particularly busy month for tourists in Hurghada but certainly a lot quieter than July, August and September.

This is quite a good time to go to Hurghada but we would still recommend visiting during lower peak seasons.

Hurghada Weather in November

During November you will find that the temperature really starts to cool down compared to the previous months.

You will no longer be hit with stifling 30 degree heat. Instead, you will find high temperatures of 27 degrees. There will be low temperatures of 22 degrees.

In the evenings, with the wind blowing, it can start to get a little cool. You may want to bring a very light jacket to protect yourself mostly from the wind.

This is outside of peak season for tourists so is a great time to visit. You will find that it will be much less busy than the previous few months in Hurghada.

Hurghada Weather in December

December is a great month to visit Hurghada in Egypt because it is much cooler during the day.

For travellers that are hoping to get a lot of exploring done, we would recommend visiting Hurghada in December.

There will be periods during December that can be quite busy for tourists. This will most likely be travellers that want to catch some winter sun just before Christmas.

We visited during December the week before Christmas and we found that it wasn’t too busy at all. It is also a great time of year to see Hurghada in the festive season.

The temperatures can reach highs of 23 degrees so it will still be very warm for you to enjoy. As Egypt is renown for being quite windy, it can get a little chilly at times. Due to this, you may want to bring some light jackets to keep yourself warm particularly in the evenings.

The temperature can reach lows of 18 degrees but it will at times feel a bit cooler than this in the evenings.

Flight Prices to Hurghada

Depending on which month you choose to visit Hurghada can really dictate the cost of the flights. The airline that you choose can also make a difference and which airport you are flying from.

Generally speaking, flying from London to Hurghada, you will find that flights are cheapest during December to March.

No matter where you’re flying from you will want to avoid travelling between July – October. These are the peak months for tourists so that means that flights will be quite expensive.

If you’re travelling with children to Hurghada then try to avoid travelling during the Summer holidays. Instead, try to catch an early break in the Easter holidays.

You can find a handy table below which will show you the average price for flights to Hurghada. If you just search from your chosen airport, it will show you the approximate flight prices per month.

When is the Best Time to Visit Hurghada

Without a doubt, Hurghada is an incredible place to visit especially when you’re looking for some sun.

As Egypt is located in the middle east, you will find that it is warm all year round. No matter what time you plan to visit Hurghada, you will be blessed with plenty of sunshine.

For families, we would recommend trying to visit in April and avoid the summer holidays. The flight prices can be quite expensive during the summer so it is worth trying to visit during the Easter holidays instead.

If you’re travelling as a couple then November and December is a great time to visit. This means that you will get to enjoy some beautiful winter sun. Equally, you will also get to enjoy the romantic vibe of the festive season in Hurghada.

We really enjoyed our trip to Hurghada during December and whilst at times it was a little cold, it was fully enjoyable.

If you’re looking to visit Hurghada to just relax in the sun then May would be a great time to visit. It is very warm during this time of year but much cheaper to fly than during summer months and also not too busy with tourists too.

For any travellers, due to the temperatures being still warm but not unbearable, the best time to visit Hurghada is between November – March. This is also a great time to avoid peak tourist seasons.

Hurghada Resources

Hurghada FAQs

Is it safe to visit Hurghada Egypt?

Hurghada is a particularly safe area of Egypt to visit. However, no matter which country you’re visiting, we would always advise you taking certain precautions to keep yourself safe.

We share more information on the safety in Hurghada and our experience in our Is Hurghada Safe? guide.

What is Hurghda Egypt known for?

Hurghada is mostly known for an up and coming destination in Egypt for tourists to enjoy. In particular, visitors flock to Hurghada to enjoy the dive spots it has to offer. There are also lots of great day trips to the Giftun Islands for travellers to enjoy as well.

Is it expensive in Hurghada Egypt?

No, Hurghada is not too expensive at all. You will find that during peak seasons, prices will increase due to this. However, as it is part of Egyptian culture to haggle, you will find that you can bring these prices down. Make sure to do your research before visiting Hurghada so that you know what the average price is for what you’re paying for.

Are there mosquitoes in Hurghada Egypt?

There is a high risk for mosquitoes in Hurghada so it is worth wearing clothing that keeps yourself covered. It is also worth using mosquito repellent to prevent any bites too.

Can you fly to Hurghada Egypt?

Yes, you can fly to Hurghada in Egypt. Hurghada has its own airport which you will be able to fly directly to. There are not too many arrivals into Hrughada airport so you will find that it is not too busy.

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