We get asked a few questions regularly and so we thought we would add some answers to just a few of these. We LOVE hearing from our readers so if you have any burning questions then don’t hesitate to slide into our DMs or contact us here.

How did you get started in blogging? It came more from Amy's side. Once she was out of university, she knew that she wanted to travel and write. Doing 2 things she loves. It wasn't long in the relationship that she enticed Liam in and he's not regretted it since. He's been able to see a completely different side of the world and improve on skills that he never thought would be possible.
Why did we start this blog? The first and most obvious reason is we are both really passionate about travelling. We've picked up so many tips and tricks along the way and we want to share this with people just like us. We wanted more from our lives and we want that for you too! Basically, we wanted to go from the mundane to the insane.
What is it like to work together and be in a relationship? At times it can be hard. We have big personalities and nothing gets unsaid. That is why our relationship works so well and why we make the best business partners. We can always be honest. We love working together because we get to spend more time together and make more beautiful memories.
How long do you stay in one place before moving on? Totally depends on the place! We will never stick around in places that we're not enjoying, life is too short. We generally just play everything by ear. Our motto has always been
Where's the best place you have been? Both of us have very different experiences of travelling from before we met each other. Amy swears that her heart belongs in Greece and it is her favourite country but she can't deny that Mexico stole a tiny piece of her heart too. Liam absolutely loved Tunisia but he knows that this will most likely change the more his countries add up.
Where's the one place you can't wait to visit? In honesty, it depends what day you ask us because it really does change daily. At the time of writing this, Amy is desperate to go visit Morocco and also Cappadocia in Turkey. It's too tricky to pick just one! Liam is most excited to visit Japan and immerse himself in their history and culture.