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Best Hotel in Hurghada: An Honest Travel Guide

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If it’s your first time visiting then no doubt you will want to find the best hotel in Hurghada. Egypt is such a wonderful place to visit with plenty of things to do so you want to make sure you’re getting the best quality for your money.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Hurghada for a romantic break away. We found that there were plenty of things to do in Hurghada for couples and the hotel we stayed in topped off the trip.

Christmas tree in Labranda Royal Makadi lobby. It was beautiful seeing the lobby decorated with tinsel, presents and twinkling lights.

When we visited Hurghada, we went during December which we loved seeing lit up with festive decorations. As it was the week before Christmas, it was really quiet which we thoroughly enjoyed.

It is always worth checking the best time to visit Hurghada when planning your trips. This way you will be able to enjoy your ideal temperature whilst swerving the peak seasons.

Below you will find details about the best hotel in Hurghada and our personal experience. We will also share plenty of tips and tricks along the way!

Where is Hurghada?

Hurghada is an upcoming destination for tourists planning to visit Egypt. It was originally a fishing resort but has since grown into a popular resort for tourists.

As Egypt is located in the middle East, you will find that the weather is good all year round here. During the winter season, you will find that the weather is a lot cooler but the sun still shines through.

Being close to the desert, Hurghada can sometimes feel a lot cooler than the temperature due to the winds.

Hurghada is located along the coast of the Red Sea making this a perfect location for snorkelling and diving. There are also plenty of shipwrecks nearby for more advanced divers.

There are now around 7 resorts in Hurghada for tourists to stay. The most popular resorts tend to be El Gouna and Makadi Bay. We chose Makadi Bay due to it’s beautiful golden sandy beaches.

Quad bikes on a private beach in Hurghada

Staying in Makadi Bay

Makadi Bay is a wonderful resort area to stay in Hurghada. It is around 30 kilometres from Hurghada itself but it is still easy enough to get into the town.

Even though the town is not far away, there is so much for you at the resort that you don’t need to leave if you don’t want to.

If you are to go all inclusive in Hurghada Makadi Bay you’ll have an incredible time. Makadi Bay is one of the best areas to stay close to Hurghada where you will get to enjoy relaxation whilst still being in close proximity to the centre.

A boat with the paradise sign in the background.

Most people worry when visiting Egypt as to whether it is safe. This is one of the reasons we love Hurghada and you can read more about safety in Hurghada here.

As Makadi Bay is located right on the coast, you will be able to have plenty of time in the Red Sea. There are lots of water sport options available to you too.

Another perk of staying in Makadi Bay is that there are plenty of boat day trip options available to you too. We would highly recommend going on a day trip to Paradise Island because it is exactly what it says on the tin!


If you’re visiting Hurghada then you cannot go home until you take a trip to Paradise Islands. This is one of the best excursions that we done whilst we were in Hurghada. You will be taken to a beautiful sandy island with gorgeous cocktail bars, shisha lounges and lots of props for those perfect Instagram photos!

Best Hotel in Hurghada

If you’re planning your holiday to Hurghada then we would highly recommend staying at Labranda Royal Makadi. In our opinion, it is the best hotel in Hurghada especially for couples.

We spent a week staying at Labranda Royal Makadi and below you will find plenty of information on why you should stay here too.

The remainder of this guide will share with you all the perks of staying at this hotel and also our own personal review from our time at Labranda Royal Makadi.

I love Labranda sign on the private beach of the hotel.

Staying at Labranda Royal Makadi

Labranda Royal Makadi is an incredible 5-star hotel located in Makadi Bay and is the perfect place for couples to relax in paradise.

This hotel is located directly on the beach so you won’t need to go far if you want to enjoy the Red Sea. This is the best hotel to stay in if you’re planning to do some diving or water sports whilst you’re in Hurghada.

Whilst you’re staying at Labranda Royal Makadi, you will find that you are catered for on every level. If you’re not used to staying in 5-star hotels then this is a really nice luxurious feeling.

One of the best things about looking to stay in this hotel is that for the quality that you receive, it is really good value for money.

We’ve shared more details on the rooms, amenities, food and activities available when you’re staying at Labranda Royal Makadi Hotel in Hurghada.

Amy & Liam dressed up for dinner on the balcony for their room. The balcony has beautiful pool views.


There are 505 rooms available for travellers in Labranda Royal Makadi so there is plenty of room if you’re looking for a getaway here.

In addition to standard rooms on the resort, there are suites and bungalow upgrades available to you. If you’re looking to spend a special occasion in Hurghada then this is certainly the best hotel to stay in.

The bungalows have direct access to the beach so this is a great spot to stay in particular for a honeymoon. You will be able to wake up, walk outside the door and be straight on the beach.

One of the reasons why Labranda Royal Makadi is the best hotel in Hurghada is that pretty much all the rooms have great views of either the pool, sea or garden. Our room had views of the pool which was amazing to wake up to every morning.

You can upgrade to a superior room which has a beautiful view of either the sea, poolside or gardens. There are 370 superior rooms available to guests so it is always worth checking if you can get yourself a nicer room whilst staying here.

We were lucky enough to stay in a superior room with a view of the pool. This was a beautiful way to wake up every morning and enjoy reading on the balcony watching the world go by at the pool.

Quick Facts:

  • 505 rooms available
  • 125 of these are family rooms
  • 370 of these are superior rooms (garden, pool or sea views)
  • 10 Bungalows (direct access to beach)
  • 2 rooms with no restrictions for disabilities

Room Facilities

Each room you will have your standard facilities such as a bathroom with a large shower and hairdryer.

Inside the room itself, you will find a very comfortable king size bed. Alongside this, you will have a TV available to you with both national and international TV channels. If you’re looking for a quiet night in before your return flight then this is a great way for couples to relax.

There will also be air-conditioning available in all of the rooms. This is imperative especially with how hot it can get in Hurghada during the summer months. Make sure you research the best time to visit Hurghada before your trip so that the temperatures are comfortable for you.

Our king size bed in our room at Labranda Royal Makadi.

Most rooms will have a balcony or terrace available to you which offers views of the pool, garden or sea. This is a great place to relax in the morning with a cup of tea and a good book.

Quick Facts on Room Amenities in Labranda Royal Makadi

  • Balcony or terrace with sea, pool or garden views
  • Large Shower
  • King Bed
  • TV with international and national channels
  • Hairdryer
  • Air-conditioning

Labranda Royal Makadi Hotel Amenities

One of the things that we loved about this hotel the most is that there are plenty of amenities available for guests. In our option, this is just one of the reasons why it is the best hotel in Hurghada.

First and foremost, the reception is available 24/7 so no matter the time of day, there is someone to assist you if you need something.

I love Labranda sign on the private beach of Labranda Royal Makadi.

For couples that are travelling together, there is also spa and wellness facilities available on the resort. This is perfect for any couples that are looking to have a relaxing holiday and want to come home feeling refreshed.

There is an additional charge for the spa and wellness facilities but they are extremely affordable. After you’ve had the treatments, you will realise that it was well worth the money.

Within the wellness centre, you will find a sauna which is great for a detox and will leave you feeling rejuvenated. You will also be able to enjoy services such as a massage or a Turkish Hamam on site too.

For further pampering, there is also a hairdresser and beauty salon on site. If you have a special occasion or want to enjoy getting glammed up for the evening then you have this at your fingertips.

Labranda Royal Makadi is also a great hotel for any families on vacation to Hurghada too. There is a children’s pool and playground available on site too.

There are plenty of activities for both children and adults to enjoy in the evenings.

The professional staff will be there to entertain everyone with a variety of shows, games and activities.

If you want to enjoy entertaining yourselves then you will be able to enjoy the billiards table and dart board too. This is great fun for you to have a few drinks and play a few games.

For adults, you will be able to visit Labranda’s own beach club, Coco Loco. This is great fun to enjoy dancing the night away. In the winter, they have a large fire lit too and the atmosphere is truly magical.

Amy, Liam and one of the friends they made at Coco Loco.

There are 3 pools available on site and if you’re visiting during the winter, one of them will also be heated too. You will also be able to use a free pool towel too which saves you bringing your own!

With plenty of shops available on site, you also won’t need to leave the resort if you don’t wish to do so. You can find a handbag shop, jewellery store, clothes shop, mini market and gift shop. Along with this you will have a pharmacy and doctors for any medical needs.

There is a regular shuttle bus into Hurghada town which is a great way to get off the resort and explore the local area. Although, with so much available to you at Labranda Royal Makadi, it will be hard to want to leave!

Quick Labranda Royal Makadi Hotel Amenities

  • Spa & Wellness Centre (sauna, massages, Turkish Hamam) – additional charges applicable
  • Children’s pool and playground
  • Hairdresser & beauty salon
  • Evening entertainment & activities
  • Beach Club
  • 3 pools onsite (one heated in the winter)
  • Shops (clothes, jewellery, handbag, mini market, gift shop)
  • Pharmacy & doctors available
  • Regular shuttle bus to Hurghada centre

Food at Labranda Royal Makadi Hotel

One of the things we like the most about Labranda’s Royal Makadi resort is that there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. There will be something for everyone if you’re planning on staying here!

Amy & Liam enjoying some cocktails after dinner at Labranda Royal Makadi.

If you’ve booked all-inclusive then there are only 2 restaurants available to you included with this. You will have access to Royal Restaurant and Sunset Beach Restaurant.

Never stayed in an all-inclusive resort before? Check out the pros and cons of an all-inclusive hotel here!

Both of these restaurants are absolutely excellent where you will have a choice of different foods from the buffet.

You will get to enjoy the Sunset Beach Restaurant during the day for breakfast and lunch. There is indoor and outdoor seating so you can choose where you prefer.

Liam enjoying a drink during lunch at the Sunset Beach Restaurant.

Royal restaurant is the main place to eat where you will find dinner served everyday. Sometimes breakfast and lunch will also be served here depending on hotel occupancy.

The food options for breakfast range from fresh fruit, pastries, eggs, cereal and continental options. For lunch, you can expect pizza, pasta, different meat selections each day and salad options.

Dinner does tend to vary and each night you will find that there is often a theme with the food. One evening there was an Egyptian style BBQ so the meat was served outside from the grill.

The food is delicious in both these restaurants and there will be something for everyone. We really enjoyed seeing all the fruit carved into different shapes every morning.

If you’re celebrating a special occasion or are wanting to try some different food then there are plenty of other restaurants available at the resort.

You can enjoy a range of cuisines including French, Greek, Asian, Italian, Indian and Egyptian. There are also restaurants that specialise in Seafood, Gelato and Shawarma.

The additional restaurants they have available are as follows:

  • The Wine House Restaurant
  • Syrtaki Taverna Greek Restaurant
  • Red Dragon Asian Cuisine
  • La Mamma Italian Restaurant
  • Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant
  • Del Mare Seafood Restaurant
  • Cairo Cafe
  • Shawarma World
  • Gelateria “Giardino Delle Rose”
Gelato restaurant at Labranda Royal Makadi.

As advised, some of these restaurants may have an additional charge than the board that you have chosen. To make reservations, you will be able to book with the receptionist at the hotel.

Activities at Labranda Royal Makadi Hotel

As Labranda Royal Makadi Hotel has its own private beach, there are lots of different options for activities to enjoy at the hotel and lots of day trips from Hurghada too.

If you are travelling with your partner then there are plenty of romantic things to do in Hurghada together. From enjoy a day trip visiting Paradise Island together, a quad bike safari in the desert to exploring local attractions in Hurghada centre itself.

Amy & Liam quad biking through the safari and arriving at the private beach.

This is easily one of the best hotels in Hurghada for snorkelling and diving because of its prime location. When you’re visiting Hurghada, you have to make sure you spend some time snorkelling in the Red Sea.

Some of our favourite excursions that you can enjoy are included below:

Labranda Royal Makadi Review

In our opinion, Labranda Royal Makadi is one of the best hotels in Hurghada. There are plenty of amenities available to guests and activities for you to enjoy.

Considering that it is a 5-star hotel, we think that this hotel is very good value for money and luxurious.

Amy & Liam in Labranda Royal Makadi lobby enjoying the festive decorations posing in front of the Christmas tree.

We visited Labranda Royal Makadi during December and was lucky enough to see this stunning hotel decorated for Christmas.

It was a phenomenal sight to see the twinkling lights and festive colours decorating the lobby. In particular, we absolutely loved the beautiful Christmas tree in the centre of the lobby which added to the festive spirit.

Another perk of staying at this hotel is that we found the bed to be one of the most comfortable beds in all of our hotel stays. The staff also ensured that everything was incredibly clean which we think is really important.

Whilst we were staying at this hotel, we got to enjoy a variety of activities including parasailing over Makadi bay, visiting Paradise Island and a quad biking safari through the desert.

Honestly, it would be really difficult to pick which was our favourite activity because they were all excellent and worth the money too!

We really enjoyed our time at Labranda Royal Makadi and feel that it is definitely worth it’s 5-star reputation.

If we had any criticism to give, we would say that the food could have had more variety for the all-inclusive buffet. With that being said, both of us are somewhat of fussy eaters.

We still really enjoyed the food at Labranda Royal Makadi but would have chosen different options for the dinner buffet. However, as there are plenty of restaurants available on site, this is not too much of a problem.

For the quality and value for money that you get whilst staying at this hotel, it is easily the best hotel in Hurghada.

We got to enjoy a good bit of shopping whilst we stayed at this resort and even left with an engraved necklace with both our names in hieroglyphs.

Most evenings, we spent our time dancing at Coco Loco or playing pool in the lobby with a few drinks which was perfect. There were plenty of entertainment and activities available for both couples and families on site.

Amy & Liam posed next to the Happy New Year sign.

For us, this trip to Hurghada was about reconnecting with each other as a couple after a long period apart due to work commitments. We got to enjoy plenty of activities together including quad biking, visiting Paradise Island and parasailing in Hurghada.

We were able to leave Labranda and achieve exactly what we went on the holiday for. It was a luxurious relaxing break away where we got to enjoy spending time together and take advantage of the hotel’s many amenities.

Top Hotels in Hurghada

Even though we feel that Labranda Royal Makadi is the best hotel in Hurghada, there are also plenty of other options that are really good too.

Amy & Liam parasailing in Hurghada. This photo shows when they were dunked into the Red Sea before being hoisted into the air again.

We’ve included a list of some other recommended hotels so that you can find the perfect option for you.

For us, this was a perfect holiday away where we were able to enjoy time together as a couple and explore what Hurghada had to offer.

We would highly recommend visiting Labranda Royal Makadi if you’re looking for relaxation, exploration and reconnection with each other.

Plan Your Trip to Hurghada

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Hurghada Resources

Hurghada FAQs

Can I leave my hotel in Hurghada?

You can leave your hotel in Hurghada and you will be perfectly safe. No matter what country you’re in, there are safety precautions that you need to take. You can read our ‘Is Hurghada Safe?’ Guide to find more information.

How many days is enough in Hurghada?

This will completely depend on the type of holiday you’re looking for. If you’re hoping for some relaxation we would suggest staying for a minimum of a week. If you’re backpacking and just wanting to do some exploring then we would suggest between 3-5 days. For divers then if you want to get a good amount of diving done we would recommend between 7-14 days.

How far is Hurghada from the airport?

Hurghada airport is actually really close to the city centre and will only take you around 20 minutes to get there.

Is Hurghada a good place to holiday?

Yes, it is an absolutely great place to go on a holiday. There is sunshine all year round, plenty of things to do, great diving spots and lots of culture.

Where is the best place to stay in Hurghada?

In our opinion, the best place to stay is Labranda Royal Makadi Hotel as it has absolutely everything you could need whilst staying in Hurghada.

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