The Best Time to Visit USA

The USA is a country that you can generally visit all year round.

Depending on which state you’re planning to visit will depend on when is the best time to visit.

Cities such as New York City are great to go all year round whereas other places such as Las Vegas, you would want to visit when the weather is cooler. The best thing to do is research the individual state you’re hoping to visit for an accurate answer.


There are a lot of areas in the USA that are incredibly safe. Some parts will even feel like home. However, like any country you visit, there are some areas that are not as safe and you will need additional precautions.

Before travelling anywhere in the world, research the location you’re visiting and areas to avoid.

As an example, for the most part, New York City is a pretty safe city. There are some areas that are renown for pickpocketing, muggings and more serious attacks. For the average tourist, you will find little to no problems travelling in the USA but just make sure to do your research.

Tips For Before You Go

Currency: US Dollar (USD)

Plug Types: A and B

Language: American English

Capital City: Varies depending on the State.