The Best Time to Visit Spain

Spain is a country that you can genuinely visit pretty much all year round. You will find that some months in Spain are hotter than others but it also depends which area of Spain you’re visiting too. To enjoy some hot weather and avoid the busy tourist seasons you’re best to visit Spain either between April – June or between September – October.


Generally speaking, Spain is quite a safe country to visit and it is quite unlikely that you will have any issues with your safety.

We would recommend that you keep your eye out for pickpockets within certain parts of Spain because they can unfortunately be quite common. Some areas in Barcelona in particular are renowned for pickpockets so you need to keep your belongings safe.

Whilst we have only visited a small area of Spain, we want to share as much as we can with you about this beautiful country. There are plenty of different travel guides below for Barcelona in particular and in the future we will share more about our time in other regions such as Ibiza and Fuerteventura.

Tips For Before You Go

Currency: Euro

Plug Types: C and F

Language: Spanish & Catalan

Capital City: Madrid