The Best Time to Visit Greece

If you’re looking for a hot break away then the best time to visit would be between end of June and first week of September. This is when most tourists visit for a summer holiday.

If you want to avoid the crowds then we would recommend travelling to Greece between April – June and September – November. This would be the best time to sightsee without lots of tourists around.

Collage of images in Greece showing boats docked up at Kalymnos & drinks at Lofaki with the sun setting behind them.


Greece is a fairly safe country but it is worth taking extra cautions around tourist hot spots and in particular Athens. Like most capital cities, Athens is known for pickpocketing so try to keep your belongings under a watchful eye.

The locals are very friendly and will be more than happy to help with any questions you have. The main tourist scams that you will find is people trying to put things like bracelets on your arms and then asking you to pay. This is quite a common tourist trap across Europe so keep your arms close to you in areas like this and give anything put on you back and refuse to pay.

Greece is ranked 39th of the world’s safest countries so it is unlikely that you will experience any trouble when travelling there.

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Tips For Before You Go

Currency: Euros

Plug Types: C and F

Language: Greek but most speak English

Capital City: Athens

Collage of images of our time in Greece including boat at Kos waterfront, us on Tam Tam Beach and views overlooking Kos.
Greece Bucket List
1. The Acropolis
2. Monastries in Meteora
3. Ancient Corinth
4. Mount Olympus
5. Navagio Beach Shipwreck
6. Melissani Cave
7. Parthenon
Things to do in Kos
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Things to do in Kos

Kos is one of our favourite spots in Greece. Amy considers it to be her second home. There is something about this island that just instantly relaxes you. If it is your first time visiting Kos or you’re looking for new things to do on a returning trip then you can check out our recommendations…