The Best Time to Visit Scotland

Scotland experiences a lot of colder weather so if you’re looking for a snowy break or winter sports then the best time to visit areas like the Highlands is between mid November until March.

If you’re looking to sightsee and get some snaps then outside of the Summer is your best change. Late Spring between March – May and Fall between September – November is the ultimate time to visit but be warmed that you may still experience a fair bit of rain so make sure you take a jacket!


Similar to England, Scotland is a very safe country to visit. The risk of pickpocketing and mugging is low but it is always worth being mindful in touristy spots like Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Scotland is a very low risk country to visit for travel scams too but as ever just be cautious especially with any strangers. The locals tend to be very friendly and happy to help. We live here so we may be a little biased but we have not had much trouble even living here so it is unlikely that you will experience any issues when visiting Scotland.

If you are planning on visiting areas in Scotland such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen then the times you need to be most careful is on weekends when everyone is out drinking. If you’re out around this time, this may be when you’ll stumble into a little bit of trouble. Worldnomads have made this easier for you though and created a guide with even the streets to avoid in these cities. Check it out here.

Tips For Before You Go

Currency: Great British Pounds (GBP)

Plug Types: Type G

Language: English

Capital City: Edinburgh