Just like everyone else, we have a bucket list and our plan is to tick it all off. We want to share some of our list with you and maybe you will find something new to add to your own. To be honest, as much as we will put our adventures on this blog if you want to see everything that we are up to then give our IG a follow so you can stay up to date 🙂

We have put together our own Bucket List that we want to achieve in our life. No doubt it will change every week but for now this is just some of the things so far. We hope you might use some of our ideas or it will give you inspiration for something we haven’t thought of yet. We find that the bigger the list, the better because no matter what you’ll always have something to look forward to doing in the year. Now go and tick off as much as you can don’t let anything get in your way because we know that’s what we will be doing!

Love, Amy & Liam

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