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Day Trips Hurghada: Tours for an Incredible Egyptian Experience

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If you’re looking for the different day trips Hurghada has to offer, Hurghada excursion prices and things to do whilst you’re visiting Hurghada then you’ve come to the right place!

Egypt is one of the most incredible places to explore and with so many day trips from Hurghada, it should be at the top of your list for exploration.

When you think about visiting Egypt, what comes to mind? The pyramids, the River Nile and Giza. However, there are a lot of safety concerns around visiting Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh.

Not just that but sometimes it is nice to enjoy some relaxation on your holiday as well as exploring everything that Egypt has to offer.

If you’re looking to enjoy a great break away and go to some of the best places to visit in Hurghada then you’ll find everything you need to know in this guide.

Amy walking along the beautiful golden sand on Paradise beach about to walk onto a bridge. This is one of the most Instagrammable Hurghada day trips.

Why Visit Hurghada?

For anyone that has not been to Hurghada before, we wanted to include some of the reasons why Hurghada is one of the best places for you to visit in Egypt.

From Egyptian culture, a sunny vacation is guaranteed, plenty of Hurghada excursions to enjoy and of course, the beautiful Red Sea only a stone throw away from you.

There are a few different areas that tourists tend to frequent when going to Hurghada which will go into a little more during our ‘where to stay in Hurghada’ section. However, we would recommend trying to stay in El Gouna or Makadi Bay so that you can do some day trips into Hurghada itself.

One of the best reasons to stay in Hurghada is, as we already mentioned, you can enjoy the popular attractions of Egypt whilst staying in a less crowded area.

It is great visiting Sharm el Sheikh and Cairo but you can find that as they are such tourist hotspots that you can have some concerns with safety.

It is also busy all year round in these areas whereas Hurghada, is a lot calmer. Despite that it is an upcoming tourist destination, you still get to enjoy a mixture of relaxation and explore in the busier areas.

There are a lot of great transport links to the popular tourist attractions in Egypt such as the pyramids, Luxor and Cairo. Even though it will take you a little longer to get there, you will get to enjoy the experience of visiting these crowded tourist attractions but to enjoy relaxing in a more peaceful area at night.

2. Safe area of Egypt to explore

We mentioned in the previous section that compared to visiting Sharm El Sheikh and Cairo, Hurghada is an incredible safe area of Egypt to visit.

We found that we had minimal issues with safety when visiting Hurghada and felt very secure. We stay in an all-inclusive hotel which had good security so there were never any unwanted visitors within our hotel complex.

Amy and Liam sitting on top of red quad bikes on the private quad bike tour. At this moment, they are on a private beach so you can see the golden sand and crystal blue sea behind them.

Equally, the staff around the hotel were friendly and helpful if you had any questions. A lot of people also worry about pickpockets and tourist scams in Egypt but we can safely say that we didn’t have any trouble at all when we were visiting Hurghada.

It always gives you a piece of mind to know that whilst you’re travelling to a destination that there is very little you need to worry about.

3. Beautiful Surroundings

It is unparalleled how beautiful Hurghada is to visit with stunning beaches that are worthy of Instagram alongside some amazing dive sites to enjoy in Hurghada.

In particular, the marine life was one of the main reasons that we visited Hurghada in the first place and it certainly did not disappoint. You will also find that there are plenty of diving excursions in Hurghada to keep you occupied too!

To enjoy even more beautiful surroundings, you can take part in day trips to Paradise and Orange Bay islands which are absolutely stunning.

Beautiful blue sea, golden sandy beaches and plenty of picturesque surroundings is one of the best reasons to visit Hurghada.

4. Fun Excursions

Amy was sitting on Liam's lap on one of the props on Paradise island. Behind them you can see the sun shining on the beautiful blue Red Sea.

The excursions in Hurghada are the main reason that you would have found this article and it is safe to say that there are plenty of things to do.

Whether you’re travelling solo, as a couple or even as a family, you will find a little bit of something for everyone. From watersports, Instagrammable spots, culture and bucket list items, you will never spend a moment bored.

In this guide, you will find plenty of tour options that are available from Hurghada with recommendations of where you can get these booked.

5. Great weather

One of the best reasons to visit Hurghada is that you will be blessed with amazing weather throughout the year. As it is located in the desert of North Africa, you will find that it has a very hot climate.

As a general rule when you’re travelling anywhere in Egypt, it can be quite windy during night and day so it often does feel a little cooler than the actual temperature.

Depending on what kind of temperatures you enjoy will determine what is the best time to visit Hurghada. If you like really hot temperatures then you may want to explore Hurghada in July or August. Whereas, if you prefer milder temperatures, December in Hurghada would be a very comfortable time for you to visit.

6. Stunning hotels

When you’re travelling to Egypt, you will find that most people will tend to stay at hotels with resorts. This is for a mixture of reasons including safety but also due to location.

A lot of areas in Egypt are in the desert so if you’re staying at a hotel on a resort then you will have everything you need just a stone throw away.

We stayed at an amazing hotel in Hurghada called Labranda Royal Makadi. This hotel served us really well with plenty of on-site activities, entertainment and relaxation.

Photo of the balcony at Labranda Royal Makadi.

7. Interesting Culture

Egypt has one of the most fascinating cultures in the world and is surrounded by plenty of history.

When you’re staying in Hurghada, you will get to enjoy plenty of the Egyptian culture whilst also still staying within a touristy spot. To experience more of Egypt’s culture, you will be able to take excursions to different areas of Egypt so you will have plenty of experiences.

Hurghada was originally a small fishing village but over time it has grown into a very popular tourist spot for people to explore Egypt. We hear a lot of the history of Egypt, the pyramids and mummies but staying in Hurghada gives you an opportunity to learn more about how some of the smaller destinations in Egypt have grown.

How to Get to Hurghada

For our UK readers, you will easily be able to get a flight to Hurghada from London. We live in Edinburgh and were unable to get direct flights from Edinburgh airport so we had to travel to London and fly out from there.

You can use our flight calculator below to work out which month is the cheapest time for you to fly to Hurghada. The flight from London will take approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes. This is quite an ideal flight length time so you won’t be getting too restless on your journey to Hurghada.

If you’re travelling from the USA, it will take you a little longer to get to Hurghada so you will want to make sure you’re comfortable on your flight.

It can take anywhere between 12 – 20 hours for you to arrive into Hurghada and you will need to take an indirect flight. For anyone flying from the USA, we recommend staying a good few weeks whether that is in Hurghada itself or exploring around Egypt.

To check and see which flights are best for you, use our flight calculator below entering your local airport. This will show you the best flights to Hurghada and which month is the cheapest for you to travel also.

Once you arrive into Hurghada airport, you will want to be able to get to your hotel easily. We would recommend trying to arrange your onwards transport before you arrive in Hurghada.

There will be a lot of taxi companies outside the airport but you cannot always guarantee which of these are legitimate. Therefore, it is best for you to arrange your travel before getting to the airport.

There are currently no public transport options to get from Hurghada airport to Hurghada itself. Therefore, your best solution is to arrange a private transfer in advance or you can get this sorted at Hurghada airport by visiting the transfer desk in terminal 1.

If you’re visiting any of the resorts such as El Gouna or Makadi Bay then you will want to either considering renting a car or arranging a private transfer too.

Where to Stay in Hurghada

The lobby of Labranda Royal Makadi. You can see beautiful fairy lights set up as we visited during Christmas and a big red curtain with Merry Christmas emblazoned upon it.

When you’re visiting Hurghada, you want to ensure that you’re staying in the best place to be able to take advantage of all these amazing excursions you can go on.

We stayed at an incredible hotel in Makadi Bay called Labranda Royal Makadi. We found that this was a really top tier hotel with great options for booking excursions, a shuttle bus to go into Hurghada itself and plenty of entertainment options on the resort.

We’ve listed a few different options of places for you to stay in Hurghada City, Makadi Bay and El Gouna so you can see what is best for you and within your budget.

Where to Stay in Makadi Bay

Where to Stay in Hurghada City

Where to Stay in El Gouna

Things to do in Hurghada

Hurghada has a plethora of things to do whilst you’re visiting from mosques, beaches, water activities and plenty of beautiful scenery to explore. You’ll be overwhelmed with choices so we’ve listed some of our favourite things to do in Hurghada that we think you should visit whilst you’re there.

Some of the activities below are free to do whereas others you will need to arrange for an excursion. You can find recommendations on excursions for these activities a bit lower down in this blog post.

  1. Parasailing
  2. El Mina Mosque
  3. Hurghada Waterfront
  4. Paradise Beach
  5. Orange Bay
  6. Diving
  7. Snorkelling
  8. Visit Zeytuna Beach
  9. Makadi Water World
  10. Hurghada Grand Aquarium
  11. Mahmya Island
  12. Sand City Hurghada
  13. Hurghada Museum
One of the best day trips Hurghada has to offer is going parasailing above the Red Sea. This image shows Liam and Amy being dunked into the water during their parasailing experience both in shock and laughing at the surprise.

Best Day Trips from Hurghada

Now, for the best bit and what you came here for; the best day trips in Hurghada.

We’ve split this into a few different sections with descriptions on what each tour generally entails and what you can expect, Hurghada excursion prices and recommendations for tours that offer the excursion from Viator and Get Your Guide.

This will help you plan your trip to Hurghada and decide which excursions you would most like to do whilst you’re there!

Liam on Paradise Island walking away from a large blue sign that says Paradise in huge blue letters in the background.

Hurghada to Luxor

If you’re visiting Hurghada on a budget then this is a perfect tour to explore other areas of Egypt without spending a fortune.

Costing only £34 / $43 for this full day trip from Hurghada, it certainly is amazing value for money.

You will be picked up from your hotel in Hurghada and transported to Luxor. It is an early start where you will set off at 4am but this is so that you can make the most of your day in Luxor.

During this tour you will get to see the Valley of Queens, the Temple of Hatshepsut and Karnak Temple. You will also be taken around a Papyrus factory which is really interesting to learn more about how it’s made.

Lunch is included with this tour and you’ll be taken around all these wonderful sights in Luxor by a local guide full of knowledge. This is a great way to learn more about Luxor, the temples and Egyptian culture.

You will be dropped off back at your hotel at the end of the day where you can enjoy some much needed rest after a long day exploring.

This tour is very similar to the small group tour but you will have a much more exclusive experience as it is a private tour.

Even for a private tour, it is very good value for money and perfect for being able to take things at a bit of a slower pace.

Your guide will pick you up from your hotel at 05:30am and as you’re driving you will get to see the mountains and Nile River Valley.

Similar to the small group tour we mentioned above, lunch is included. You will be visiting most of the same attractions with the exception that on this private tour, you will visit the Colossi of Memnon and the Valley of the Kings instead. Exploring the Temple of Hatshepsut and Karnak Temple, you will gain more insight and knowledge on the history of Egypt and Luxor.

At the end of the day, you will be dropped off back at your hotel with plenty of photos, memories and a new profound sense of knowledge of Egyptian history.

Hurghada to Cairo

If you’re visiting Egypt for the first time and Hurghada is your chosen destination then this day trip is an absolute must.

You need to see the pyramids before you head home so we highly recommend taking a visit to Cairo if you can. You will be in for a bit of a long day due to the distance but it is definitely worth it!

Covering everything in one day, this trip from Hurghada to Cairo will enable you to see some of the main sights in Egypt on your vacation.

You will need to leave at around 1am so we suggest getting plenty of rest the day before you go on this trip. You will be picked up from your hotel and transported to Cairo. This particular tour does only pick up from within Hurghada itself. If you are staying in El Gouna, Makadi Bay or Sahl Hasheesh then it will cost additional for pick-up and drop-off.

Even though you spend a lot of time on the bus to get to Cairo, you will get to experience some incredible sights on your way to Cairo from Hurghada. Once you arrive in Cairo you will be taken to the Egyptian museum. This is a great way to learn about Egyptian history before you encounter the most incredible sights.

You will then be taken to Giza where you will get to see the Great Pyramids and Spinx. This is truly a bucket list experience and you’ll be spellbound by the incredible architecture.

There are some optional activities that you can also enjoy whilst you’re in Giza such as entering the pyramids and riding a camel.

We would recommend not riding the camel because we have done this experience ourselves and it is a really awful experience to see how the camels are treated and completely unethical. We regret having taken part in this activity in the past and we don’t want you to do the same.

Once you’ve enjoyed your time in Giza, you will be transferred back to Hurghada where you can enjoy a much needed rest!

This tour is quite similar to the group tour but we do think that this is well worth the money as you will have a great private experience in Cairo.

You will be picked up from your hotel and taken to Cairo where you will get to enjoy tours of the pyramids and the Great Spinx.

As it is a private tour, you will be accompanied by a guided dedicated solely to you so you can ask as many questions as you wish to gain a deeper understanding of Egyptian history and culture.

This is a really good day trip from Hurghada in particular for solo travellers that want to have a good, safe experience whilst travelling around Egypt.

If you’re really wanting to make the most of your time in Cairo then instead of travelling by bus, this day trip will take you from Hurghada to Cairo by plane.

This tour is all-inclusive unlike the other ones we’ve mentioned where the flights, lunch, entrance fees and taxes are all included within the price.

Even though it is more expensive than the other tours to Cairo, it really is the best value for money as you will truly get to maximise your time in Cairo.

Explore around the pyramids whilst learning more about them from your guide on this private tour. You will then be taken to the Great Spinx which is a bucket list activity within Egypt.

You’ll then enjoy a wander through the Egyptian museum learning more about these incredible wonders that you have just seen. Lunch will be provided in Old Cairo where you will get to explore a bit more which is filled with history.

The tour finishes in the old marketplace of Khan El Khallilli Bazaar where you can wander around this bustling market and experience Egyptian culture for yourself.

You will be transferred back to Cairo airport to catch your flight to Hurghada before being driven back to your hotel safe and sound!

Combined Tours: Hurghada, Cairo and Luxor

If you’ve already booked your trip to Hurghada but you’re wanting to enjoy both Cairo and Luxor then this is one of the best ways to do it.

There is a lot of things included in this combined tour. Transfers from your hotel in Hurghada to the airport, flight tickets from Hurghada to Cairo, Cairo to Luxor, accommodation in Luxor, lunch in both destinations and admissions are included.

You will get to see the best sights of Cairo and Luxor including the pyramids, Great Spinx, Egyptian Musuem, Karnak Temples, Valley of the Kings and much more.

This is the ultimate tour to join if you are wanting a full Egyptian experience when you’re visiting Hurghada.

For anyone reading this post that has not already booked their trip to Hurghada, it may be worth considering joining this epic tour.

With this tour, you will experience the best of Cairo, Luxor and Hurghada in the space of 8 days. This gives you much more time to relax and enjoy the main sights of Egypt.

Your domestic flights, accommodation, some meals, transport, taxes and guide are all paid for with this epic tour. The only thing that you would need to pay for is entrance fees for the activities and drinks.

For the price of this tour, it really is well worth the money especially as your meals are mostly included.

This tour has the perfect combination of activities and free time so that you can enjoy the excursions but also get to explore in your own time too.

Activities on this tour include seeing the Giza Pyramids, luxurious dinner on a Nile boat with a show of Egyptian dancers. In Hurghada, you will get to see the Giftun islands and have free time to explore around Hurghada itself. Lastly, in Luxor, you will be able to see the Temple of Karnak, Luxor Temple, enjoy a hot air balloon trip over Luxor and so much more!

Whilst the entrance fees are not included, these are generally quite cheap so this is really good value for money.

Snorkelling Trips from Hurghada

The stunning view of the Red Sea with a boat and paradise island in the background.

It is a once in a lifetime experience where you will get to swim with dolphins in the wild. This Hurghada excursion gives you a chance to do just that!

This is such incredible value for money as it is a full day tour with 2 snorkel spots included. You will also get to try your hand at some watersports too.

A lunch buffet and drinks are included with your tour so for £15 / $19 for a whole day trip, you absolutely cannot grumble!

You will get to enjoy an adventure on the Red Sea by viewing the beautiful marine life through this Semi Submarine.

This tour includes hotel pick-up and drop off, snorkelling equipment and an awesome show with a diver from the submarine.

This is a really unique experience and a bucket list item for anyone that may not have been on a submarine before!

Orange Bay is an awesome place to visit whilst you’re exploring Hurghada so we highly recommend this tour.

With this tour, you will get to enjoy both breakfast and lunch included in the price as well as soft drinks.

You’ll get to snorkel around Orange Bay snorkelling through the bright coloured reefs. If you’re lucky, you may also get to capture sight of some dolphins.

On Orange Island, you’ll be able to explore some of the island and the golden sandy beach whilst you’re at it too.

No matter what you choose to do whilst you’re in Hurghada, this is a highly recommended tour and costs only £16 / $20 so it is certainly worth the money.

Paradise Island & Orange Bay Island Tours from Hurghada

We mentioned this tour in our snorkelling tours from Hurghada section but it is such an incredible trip and great value for money that we wanted to share it with you again.

This boat trip is for a full day and costs only £16 / $20 including breakfast, lunch, snorkelling equipment and soft drinks.

In our opinion, it is one of the best tours on offer to explore around Orange Bay and it’s marine life!

Paradise Island is definitely worth a visit when you’re in Hurghada. For us, it was the highlight of our trip to Hurghada and it really is what it says on the tin! If you’re travelling as a couple to Hurghada then Paradise Island is one of the most romantic things to do from Hurghada.

Included in the tour is 2 snorkelling stops, park fees for Paradise Island, watersports and lunch. This tour costs only £8 / $10 for a whole day enjoying a unique excursion in Hurghada.

With a sandy beach, Instagrammable photo opportunities and exploring the Red Sea, this is a perfect day trip for anyone looking to capture amazing travel photos.

Amy & Liam posing on one of the props on Paradise Island. Here you can see a thatched love heart seat where they are sitting in the middle.

Desert Safari Quad Bikes from Hurghada

Amy & Liam enjoying some tasty Egyptian tea at the Bedoun village from their quad biking safari.

If you’re looking for a buggy tour in Hurgada then this is the ultimate experience for you. You’ll enjoy this safari for 12 miles on your own ATV to a Bedouin village.

This is an epic way to learn a little bit more about Egyptian culture through the Bedouin village and experience the beauty of the desert.

You can choose to partake in a camel ride, smoke shisha and also enjoy some tea at the Bedouin village. This is an epic bucket list experience and something that everyone should try at least once!

Very similar to the small group tour, you will enjoy a journey through the desert on a quad bike to a Bedouin Village.

Here, you will get to enjoy some delicious authentic tea, ride a camel, try some shisha and learn more about the Bedouin life.

It is a really interesting tour in Hurghada and this experience is private and will take part at sunrise so you will get to see the sun rise over the desert. It is an absolutely beautiful experience and one that you will really enjoy!

Our quad bikes on this private beach after enjoying our safari through the desert. This is one of the best day trips Hurghada has to offer!

Water Activities & Parks from Hurghada

If you’ve never tried many water sports before or you want to experience a bit of everything then this is the perfect tour for you!

In particular, we really enjoyed our parasailing experience in Makadi Bay so we can definitely recommend that this is something you need to do before you leave Hurghada.

The Jet Speed Boat is really good fun, jetskis themselves are not allowed in Hurghada so this alternative is a good fun option!

For everything, this will cost you only £24 / $31 so it is a really good price for everything that is included. Whether you’re travelling to Hurghada as a family, a couple or even solo, you are guaranteed to have a good laugh on this Hurghada excursion.

Amy & Liam enjoying a speedboat experience in Hurghada. Behind them you can see the city of Hurghada and the mountains in the distance.

For a bucket list experience, you need to give flyboarding a try! This is a great adrenaline adventure where you will be flying over the Red Sea.

This particular tour includes a pick-up and drop-off from your hotel so you won’t need to worry about getting there either. You will enjoy around 15 minutes of flyboarding and have an incredible experience.

Water skiing is an ultimate water sport that you need to try before you leave Hurghada. You will have such a good time skating across the waves and enjoying the views in the process.

There will be a professional instructor on the speedboat to help guide you through this and ensure that you have the best time whilst also keeping you safe.

This particular excursion is perfect for any families that are travelling to Hurghada or any adults with big kids!

Makadi Water World has around 35 waterslides for you to enjoy with a dedicated section for smaller children too. With 14 outdoor pools, for those that don’t want to get involved with the slides, you will be kept very occupied!

A buffet lunch is included in the price of this excursion as well as hotel pick-up and drop-off so there is nothing that you need to worry about!

This Hurghada excursion prices up to £36 / $46 and it is certainly worth the money. You will have a great day out and plenty of adventurous water slides, waves and rafts for you to enjoy!

Diving Trips from Hurghada

If you’re looking to try something new in Hurghada then why not embark on a scuba diving adventure by gaining your PADI Open Water certification?

This course will take around 3-4 days for completion so it is perfect for anyone that is planning to spend a week or two in Hurghada.

Whilst you’re learning to scuba dive, you will be experiencing some of the best dive sites in Hurghada. You will complete some theory training before taking part in some confined dives and 4 open water dives.

This is one of the most beautiful places to learn how to dive and gain your PADI Open Water certification. This is something that we would highly recommend doing whilst you’re in Hurghada!

For anyone that has already completed their PADI open water certification, take it a step further and become certified in advanced diving.

Red and white boat ion the Red Sea where you can see Paradise Island and the large Paradise sign in the background.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to dive to depths of 30 metres and have much more knowledge on the marine life around you!

This course will take approximately 3 days to complete and is suited to anyone that is staying in Hurghada for a week or two.

When you’re completing your advanced diving course, you have 5 modules to choose from. By the end of the course you need to have completed a deep dive and a navigation dive but the other 3 modules are for you to choose from.

When you book this tour, you can speak to your instructor about the other modules that are offered and choose which ones interest you the most. This could be night diving, animal identification, wreck diving and much more.

If you’re already a certified diver, whether this is as an open-water diver or an advanced diver, then this is a great excursion for you.

With this tour, hotel pick-up and drop-off is included as well as lunch. You will get to explore 2 different dive sites around Hurghada experiencing the beautiful marine life of the Red Sea.

Bucket List Experiences in Hurghada

If you’ve skipped straight here then we have added some tours below that we’ve mentioned about in other sections that should be on your bucket list for when you visit Hurghada.

There are a few tours that are solely on this list for a bucket list experience as they are so unique. These are all tours that we would recommend trying whilst you’re visiting Hurghada for an unforgettable journey!

Cocktails that we purchased at Paradise Island with the palm tree parasols in the background. Our cups with the cocktails also came with bendy straws that have been bent into the shape of hearts which looks super cute.

Explore Hurghada

Hurghada is an absolutely stunning area of Egypt to visit and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there. We took part in quite a few of these tours and it truly made it an unforgettable adventure for us.

We hope that you have the same experience and we’re excited to hear what you got up to in Hurghada.

Hurghada Resources

Day Trips Hurghada FAQs

Can you do a day trip from Hurghada to the pyramids?

Yes, you can do a day trip to the pyramids from Hurghada. You can choose to take a bus day trip or you can choose a tour which includes airfare so that you can spend the whole day there! It is a little bit of a long journey so it will be an early start if you’re planning to visit the pyramids from Hurghada.

Can you visit the Valley of the Kings from Hurghada?

Hurghada is a very good base if you’re wanting to explore the popular attractions of Egypt without staying in these busy tourist destinations. You can easily visit the Valley of the Kings from Hurghada but it can be a long day trip so it will be a early start and late finish.

Is Hurghada Town worth visiting?

Hurghada Town is absolutely worth visiting with plenty of beautiful places to visit and things to do. Visiting Hurghada Town is also a great way to familiarise yourself with Egyptian culture.

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