The Old Tavern Faro

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When we got to Faro, we stumbled upon The Old Tavern but we weren’t really sure what to expect. It was one of those trips that we booked last minute. We did not do any research and just winged it the whole time. 

On the first day, we stumbled upon this incredible restaurant. The Old Tavern is a small traditional Portuguese tapas restaurant in the heart of Faro. After having a bit of a nightmare getting from the airport to the town, we were absolutely starving. That meant we were ready to settle for the first thing we could find. The atmosphere of The Old Tavern is what drew us in. It seemed as though it was exactly what we were looking for. There was outdoor seating, everyone chatting away but not too busy that you couldn’t breathe. For Liam, there was enough meat on the menu to keep any carnivore happy. The vibe of the Tavern showed us what we were to expect for the rest of Faro.

Old Tavern font entrance, Where some of the nicest people on this planet work.

We were greeted by the waiter who made us feel welcome straight away. Of course, we had to go for a tapas style meal, which consisted of different Portuguese sausages and beef. They are served with pickled vegetables. This is a common way to eat vegetables Faro. The food in Faro was incredible and by far one of our favourite cuisines.

The food in Faro, Portugal was one our favourite restaurants with such amazing hospitality.

The food came out crackling and sizzling with the smell enticing you. It would be hard to not salivate when the aromas reach your nostrils. After such a long day, we devoured the food and began to relax, enjoying some local beer too.

Some of the best drinks we have tried

The staff joined us for a drink and informed us of the local area and the best spots to visit. They gave us recommendations for the best nightclubs and bars to visit. We didn’t get as far as nightclubs because we were only there for a few days. However, we made our way though Faro exploring as much as we could with the time limit we had. We managed to have a good nightcap before bed from one of the bar recommendations.

They also bought some local Portuguese shots for us to try known as Beirão & some Portuguese gin known as Azor. We were absolutely obsessed with both of these drinks. We’re going to get a bottle of them ordered for when we are at home. If you visit Portugal then you need to try these alcoholic drinks!

If you are planning to come to Faro then we cannot recommend visiting this restaurant enough. The service was amazing! If you like a relaxed, fun place to have something to eat then it is the place for you!! We loved trying the different tapas plates that they have to offer and drinking beer until sundown.

Visiting Faro soon? Check out our guide to food in Faro to see some a ruff price for food or take a look at our things to do in Faro.

Love, Amy & Liam x

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