The Best Time to Visit Mexico

To avoid the rainy season, visit Mexico between December – April.

However, the weather is still generally pleasant in some of the states during the rainy season. This is the best time to avoid too many tourists.

Amy visited Mexico between May – August. Despite the rain, she had an incredible time and got an awesome tan whilst she was at it!


Mexico doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to safety. However, we would say to not believe everything that you read.

There are parts of Mexico that are not the safest for travellers to go to. Yet, the majority of Mexico is perfectly safe with limited trouble.

Amy spent 3 months travelling around Mexico on her own and had no issues whatsoever. That doesn’t mean that everyone will have the same experience. With plenty of research and taking precautions, you should not have any issues in Mexico at all. We’ve created more safety guides below.

Tips For Before You Go

Currency: Mexican Pesos (MXP) & US Dollars (USD) in some areas.

Plug Types: A and B

Language: Spanish

Capital City: Mexico City

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