Parasailing in Makadi Bay
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Why You Need To Go Parasailing in Makadi Bay

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Parasailing in Makadi Bay

This is one of the most amazing experiences you can have whilst you’re travelling. We have been parasailing a few times but this is our first time in Makadi Bay. Once you start sailing in the sky, you won’t want to come down. Parasailing was easily one of the best things we did in Makadi Bay; it didn’t cost too much and it was easy to get to. We booked the excursion through the tour representatives that worked on the beach just outside our hotel Labranda Royal Makadi. On the day we went we left the hotel and walked down to the beach to get a speed boat over to another part of Makadi Bay. After that it was as simple as getting on the boat and enjoying the ride from there.

The team that take you on this trip takes a photographer with them on the boat and you’ll have a chance to pay for them once the parasailing is finished. It can be a little expensive so the cheapest option is to take a GoPro with you but we’re so happy that we got pictures of our experience.

The Feeling Of Flying

Once hitting the sea all you can think of is getting up in the air. For first time parasailers, it can be a little bit frightening but try to keep your breathing even and trust us, you will love it when you’re up in the air. After a few minutes on the boat, the guides will start setting up. You will have a harness to step into and it will feel a bit tight between your legs. Once they hook you up to the parachute you will feel yourself slowly start lifting into the air. All the nerves will evaporate as you’ll be met with an amazing view! Every time we go parasailing, it always astounds us how unbelievably quiet it is once you’re in the air.

Heading into the water after flying
swimming with the fishes

When we went parasailing, it was in December so Makadi Bay was a little colder than it usually is. Once we got up in the air, it can be quite chilly. So when the boat began to lower us towards the water, you can see the fear in Amy’s eyes. It is so comical to look back on the photos at Amy’s reaction and Liam just loving every moment of it!

Why Should You Do It?

flying high enjoying the view

Parasailing is one of those things you should do at least once in your life. It is such a great experience for everyone! Even if heights frighten you, it is still worth doing. It’s important to face your fears and this is perfect for it. Even if you like extreme adventure and decide that you want to go parasailing, this can give you a good look into what it’s like to be floating in the air. We ticked this off our bucket list and if you get stuck for ideas, you can check out our bucket list here to get some inspo!

We had an incredible time parasailing in Egypt and recommend it to anyone. We’ll be looking forward to taking it to the next level by doing a parachute jump in the future!

Love, Amy & Liam

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