20 Romantic & Unforgettable Christmas Date Ideas for Couples

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Christmas is the most wonderful time of year to spend time with your loved ones. We’ve created these Christmas date ideas for couples to make spending time together that little bit more unique!

Depending on where you are in the world, you could have a white Christmas or a sunny one. For us, having a white Christmas just brings a little more magic to the holiday. As we live in Scotland that means we’re more likely to have some crisp snow for Christmas.

We thought talking about Christmas date ideas would be good for couples that are looking for a special way to spend the holiday together.

We have our own little Christmas traditions that we do just for us before seeing the family and what not. We think that other couples like us will be looking for their own way to make Christmas that bit more romantic for you both.

Coming up with new ways to enjoy Christmas can be hard as there is already so much going on during the holiday.

We are here to tell you that it doesn’t need to be as hard as you think to make it special for you both. There are so many fun Christmas activities for couples out there just waiting for you to try.

Here you will find 20 unique date ideas for you to enjoy during the festive period. Make sure to tag us on Instagram if you’ve enjoyed recreating one of the dates. We have our very own date jar which we use all year round for unique dates which you can purchase below!

Date Ideas for Couples During Christmas Period

1. Gingerbread making

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a gingerbread house and people? This is the best time to do that!

Sometimes you can get stuck in the house and have a good few hours to chill so why not learn something new whilst you have the time?

Not only do you learn a cool new skill but you also get to make it your own. Not to mention that it also tastes pretty damn good!

It is quite easy if you’re using a kit and most of it will be more about how you want to decorate the house.

If you’re not using a kit and making it from scratch, it is a lot harder and you’ll need a day or two beforehand to be able to prepare everything. Time management is key if you want to do it all for yourself.   

This is a great way to spend some quality time with your partner and sharpen up your baking skills. The best part about it is decorating it together and using your imagination.

2. Christmas Markets

One of the best parts about Christmas time is the Christmas markets. There is something special and magical about the markets. You will find that Europe in particular is really common for Christmas Markets.

We go to the Christmas Markets in Edinburgh every year and we absolutely love it!

Most places will have some kind of Christmas markets going on so no matter where you’re from, you should be able to find a market local to you.

Christmas Markets are one of the best Christmas Date Ideas for Couples. This photo shows some of the beautiful Christmas Markets in Bruges.

Some of the markets will have rides for people to enjoy, bars serving food and festive drinks like mulled wine to keep you warm in the cold.

This is a great place to take your partner to enjoy all the lights and the small markets where you can get some Christmas shopping done. It just makes for a lovely day out and there is nothing more romantic than this time of year.

In our opinion, it is best visiting the Christmas Markets late at night because it has more of a magical feeling to it. Seeing everything lit up at night is such a beautiful view.

If you don’t have any Christmas Markets close by then why not look at travelling abroad for a day or two so that you can enjoy them? One of our favourite spots is the Christmas Markets in Bruges especially because it is open from November – January.

3. Fake Christmas Day

Sometimes you have a lot of plans for Christmas day or you may even be spending it apart from your partner as they are with their family and you are with yours.

Whatever the reason, Christmas day might be a bit to busy for you to enjoy it just as a couple. We found that having a “Fake Christmas Day” works really well on theses occasions.

You could plan it for a random day in December, Christmas Eve or even Boxing Day. By making a day where you can just spend it with your partner is awesome.

 For us it has become a tradition to do it anyway because Liam would sometimes be away working on Christmas day. We made this day up so that we could do presents and just spend the day together.

You would usually find us watching Harry Potter or Christmas movies, eating plenty of great food and playing some board games.

We create a fake Christmas Day every year so that we can spend some quality time together before the craziness of Christmas itself. This image shows our own roast dinner that we made on one of our fake Christmas days.

Planning a day like this is just a special way to show that you care even if life gets in the way, you can always find some time to celebrate together.

If your partner is like Liam he / she may be away for a while before Christmas. This has happened to us before and we had our “Fake Christmas” in August because of how long Liam was going to be away for.

This is one of our favourite Christmas date ideas even if you don’t do it in December. Why not celebrate Christmas in June just for a unique date idea? It’s good fun either way!

4. Walking Through the Countryside

Simplicity is sometimes best when it comes to Christmas date ideas. When the snow is falling and it’s a clear day, taking a walk through the countryside can be all you need with your partner.

Enjoy a beautiful walk through the countryside together to spend some quality time and enjoy each others company.

The best thing about the countryside is that you wont see a lot of people on a normal day so going for a walk around Christmas time is even better.

Just thinking of all the untouched snow where it is just a beautiful blanket of white in front of you. You will be looking over at the hills that are pure white untouched by anyone.

Make sure that you’re wrapped up warm and maybe take a flask of tea or hot chocolate to help keep you warm. If you’re both feeling up for it then you can even add a little alcohol twist to spice things up!

Christmas is normally overrun by presents and eating a big meal but even just having a beautiful walk in nature with your partner can be more than enough to enjoy your Christmas date together. It’s a perfect way to walk off all the chocolate too!

5. Christmas Shopping Together

Some people don’t like the whole Christmas shopping idea especially as it can get pretty busy this time of year.

It can be stressful buying presents for your family and friends. The worst part is always trying to figure out what everyone will like.

It doesn’t have to be like that though! You can make a day of it or even a couple of days by taking your other half out to the local town.

Whether you’re just window shopping or actually looking to get some of your Christmas shopping ticked off, it can still be good fun to do together. You don’t need to just look for other people either but have a look at something for yourselves.

Have a bit of fun by spending the day with your partner and maybe even take them for a nice lunch. If your partner loves brunch as much as Amy does then this may also be a good shout!

This can make for a perfect day date during Christmas plus you can get a lot of your Christmas shopping done and that always helps in the end!

Go into the shops and try some silly costumes on, hunt for some bargains and maybe even venture into some lingerie shops too. Whatever you decide to do, this is a perfect opportunity to bond together!

6. Movie Marathon 

Like a lot of places North of the equator, we sometimes get snow during the Christmas period. When this happens you have a perfect opportunity to have a SNOW DAY!

This is a day in the house where you don’t go anywhere, stay in the warmth of your home, eat food and drink something warm. What is a better way to continue the day by having a movie marathon with your other half?

This is a great Christmas date idea for couples by finding a bunch of Christmas movies that you both want to watch or maybe a movie box set.

For example, we love to watch Harry Potter during this time of year as we think it makes for a perfect day together.

Whilst it is an oldie, it is an absolute classic date to have a movie marathon. One of our movie marathon included a run through of a load of marvel films such as Spiderman.

We stock up on plenty of snacky foods and have the board games on standby too! As it’s the festive period, you will find that a lot of the snacky foods are on offer too!

It could be anything, it doesn’t even need to be a movie it could just be your favourite TV shows to binge watch. The point is that you will have a day where you’re cuddled up under a blanket, doing nothing but enjoying each others company.

7. Christmas Quiz

A good Christmas couple activity to do whilst you’re at home is a Christmas quiz!

You don’t have to do it at home either, you could make a date of it by going to a local bar that might be having a quiz night or something like that as well.

If you do decide to do it at home, then you can test each other by creating a quiz for each other. Alternatively, get your family involved and schedule a zoom call (it’s like going back to Covid times!)

You may have some card or board games at home so you could make a whole evening of it with some Christmas movies in the background.

Failing that, why not try to make up your own game too? By just spending 10-15 mins looking at Christmas games at home online you could find so many different fun activities to get involved in. We are sure you’ll find one to play with each other and enjoy the festivities.

8. Ice Skating

Why not try a festive date by getting out of the house? Its fair to say that being indoors is a good way to spend Christmas but there are some great activities to enjoy outside as well.

Ice skating is a wonderful Christmas date for couples to have some good fun together. Get yourselves wrapped up warm and enjoy skating around with your partner.

This is such a magical feeling and that is what Christmas is all about! Even if you cant skate like Liam, you will still have a lot of fun falling all over the place like Bambi on ice.

Ice skating isn’t for everyone but it really is worth a try! It makes for a nice day out because after skating you can go out for a meal and drinks if you want to. We recommend getting yourselves hot chocolates or mulled wine so that you can warm back up after being out in the cold for a few hours.

9. Seeing Christmas Lights

Most towns have a small show when it comes to turning on the Christmas lights and it is a nice thing to go out and see.

Visit your local town and watch the Christmas lights turn on together. We love to visit Edinburgh's Christmas lights especially seeing the ferris wheel all lit up at night.

Heading out with your partner down town and the whole place is dark with just the shop lights on. You’ll be standing next to other people who have ventured out to see the lights turn on which creates a sense of community.

You can pick up a hot drink and watch as the streets go from darkness to a beautiful display of colour. There will be hues of green red and blue making your usual town look much more magical.

It is such an awesome thing to see and worth going to if you’re looking for something to do that night. Sometimes small things like this can make for a really nice Christmas date as a couple.

10. Go Carolling

Carolling is not as much of a big thing in the UK as it is in the USA. However, it can be a fun thing to do to spread some joy in the world.

Even if you can’t sing, it’s the the taking part that matters. Not a lot of people get carollers come to the house anymore so if you were to do this, alot of people will be interested in watching and listening to you.

Carolling isn’t something that people get to see every year or maybe have never seen it at all.

If you want to go all out with it, you can even dress up in vintage clothes just to make it more of an enjoyable experience as you can all laugh about it. You never know, you may even earn some tips to pay for your hot chocolate and marshmallows after!

11. Making Christmas Ornaments

If you want to have a more chilled day then maybe listening to some Christmas music and making some Christmas ornaments for your tree is the perfect date for you both.

If you’re making Christmas ornaments, they don’t have to be anything special but just something that you made together.

Simple activities like this can make the day feel amazing and this can just be a fun Christmas project for couples to do together during the day.

It’s just a fun thing to do whilst being stuck in the house plus you can decorate your house and get it ready for Christmas. Make it even more fun by adding some festive alcoholic drinks too!

12. Weekend Break Away

Why not just get away for a while? A weekend break away just before the craziness of Christmas or even after, could be just what the doctor ordered.

We would recommend an off the grid romantic getaway such as a cabin surrounded by nature for just you and your partner. If you’re lucky, you can enjoy the snow around you and maybe get a bottle of prosecco to share.

You could even go all out and find a place that has a hot tub so you can sit out looking over a beautiful view. If you’re lucky, you may even have a blanket of snow and maybe some deer or sheep.

It will make for a nice peaceful weekend away to give you a break from the craziness of Christmas or spend it how you want to.

If it's in your budget, take a weekend away together. We enjoyed a great cabin break together with no wifi or signal and we played board games all weekend and just enjoyed some beautiful time together.

Make sure to pack plenty of board games, hot chocolate and marshmallows too!

13. Going Abroad

Not everyone likes the snow and the cold weather when Christmas comes so why don’t you look at having a Christmas break away from the cold?

If you're looking to spend some festive time together then why not look at heading abroad? We enjoyed a week before Christmas in Hurghada, Egypt. It was still really warm and the hotel was decorated with plenty of festivity.

Find a hot place to visit and get planning a winter retreat! This is a great romantic Christmas date idea which can be for a day or even as long as a few weeks.

What is more romantic than going away to a new place and making new memories with each other? For places like Scotland, you will have to fly South for the winter to get any kind of heat. The travel is worth it when it means you can have sun and come home with a nice tan.

Everyone would love to get away for Christmas and if you book it early enough you can get the holiday pretty cheap depending on where in the world you want to go.

We decided to do this ourselves and went on a winter holiday by heading to Hurghada in Egypt. If you’re looking for inspiration, Hurghada is a great place to visit as it is hot all year round and there are plenty of romantic things to do in Hurghada too!

14. Making Eggnog

Why not try to make something you never made before like eggnog? Not everyone likes eggnog but the good thing about making it yourself is you can make it to your liking.

Just because you may have tried eggnog before and not liked it doesn’t mean you wont like your own. You can always have fun with your partner trying to make something new and making a mess of the kitchen while doing it.

In the end, if you don’t like eggnog. you can always give it to a member of the family or a neighbour and just say it is an extra Christmas gift from you both.

15. Hot Chocolate Crawl

If you and your partner are hot chocolate fans then try to find the best in your local area. Head out and sample as many different hot chocolates as you can stomach!

Loads of places will do hot chocolate so it’s fair to say it’s a full day date that you can do whilst shopping for presents.

You can stop off for a cup every so often looking for that perfect cup of hot chocolate.

Whether you add a flake, whipped cream and marshmallows is completely up to you! You and your partner can spend a good amount of time enjoying each other’s company, people watching and maybe having some food as well.

You can always have a good day chilling and taking your time with not a care in the world. Days like this are some of our favourites to have with each other.

Enjoy a hot chocolate crawl together to spend some time and sample some delicious hot chocolate. This image shows some hot chocolate we made at home on our fake Christmas date. The hot chocolates have flakes, whipped cream and crumbled chocolate on top!

16. Making Christmas Cookies

Whilst having a day of trying new things at home, why not throw in making Christmas cookies? Who doesn’t like some good freshly made Christmas cookies?

We love to make our own baked goods at home because you can make it your own by adding what you like and getting creative. Once you know how to make, them you can throw all sorts of different things in it.

You can go crazy and try to make a monstrosity of a cookie or just keep it simple with some good old chocolate chips. Either way, they are always best when made at home.

If you’re interested in baking then there are plenty of other things you can make besides cookies. We really love cheesecake so we often make this around Christmas time and experiment with the best toppings. Biscoff is one of our favourites for making the cheesecake. Get creative and enjoy making some baked goods together!

17. Christmas Tree Shopping

You cant have Christmas without a Christmas tree so make a day of it by trying to find the perfect one together.

You have so much to choose from that if you’re picky, it can take all day. It could be a traditional real tree or a fake one.

The good thing about the fake trees are that they don’t make as much of a mess and come in so many different colours. Once you picked the tree you both want, you will have to get everything that goes with it like lights, tinsel and baubles etc.

It’s always a fun time getting things like this especially for a couple that are spending their first Christmas together. Make sure that you both have a say and enjoy the process of picking these things out together.

18. Skiing / Snowboarding Break

If you’re an outgoing kind of couple then why not go off for a skiing/ snowboarding getaway?

Even if you have never done it before, you can take a beginners class together and learn how to do it. It can just be the basics and then take a day or two to practice your new skills.

Skiing and snowboarding is a great way to get into the festive spirit. This image shows lots of people enjoying the slopes in Bansko, Bulgaria.

You can spend the rest of the time doing what you want such as sampling some beers, enjoying a massage after working those muscles and relaxing in a spa.

Doing things like this can help keep the relationship exciting as well because no one wants to have a boring life together. You will work together learning a new skill and helping each other to get better. People need adventure and excitement every once and a while and this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

19. Make Your Own Advent Calendars

A cool thing to do at home is making your own advent calendar together or even making each other’s advent calendars.

This doesn’t just mean making something with 25 different chocolates in it. Well you could do that but you could also make one with things to do that day with each other after work.

You could tick some of the things off your couple bucket list by planning dates together. Alternatively, you can add some of the dates from this list such as making Christmas cookies, arranging a fake Christmas day and ice skating.

If your budget allows then you could get small gifts for each other every day to show that you care. They don’t need to be anything expensive, just small items that make you both laugh. It really is whatever your heart desires and it will help make everyday that bit better on the countdown to Christmas.

20. Game Night

If you’re wanting a chilled Christmas date night in together then this is the perfect festive date for you.

Put some music on and if you have a fire or a fake one you could have that on to make the room all cosy. You could even put one on your smart TV if you have one! Not quite the same but might set the mood.

All of this can set a nice relaxed mood whilst having a game night with each other. It could be a board game or card games that you enjoy together. Anything like that just brings a lovely feeling of relaxation to you both.

Just having this time together talking, laughing and loving each other makes for a great date night. What more do you need for Christmas?

Spending Christmas Together

Not everyone can spend Christmas together and that’s why its important to enjoy it when you can and not get stressed out during this time of year.

Everyone will get stressed out at some point, it could be because of gifts or where to even spend the holiday. No matter what, always remember that you’re lucky to have that special someone to spend it with.

One of the roast dinners that we made at home include pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, pork, crackling, cabbage, broccoli, carrots and a yorkshire pudding.

This time of year makes you think that you need to try for that “perfect Christmas” and people put so much pressure on themselves to list out everything that makes for a typical Christmas.

In all honesty, you don’t need to have that typical Christmas. It is often perfect just having that time together.

We have had years when we don’t have a Christmas tree and decorations because we would rather get a nice gift for each other instead and spend within our budget.

The perfect Christmas comes from the people that you’re with. We feel that some people can get caught up in the holiday and forget this.

If you ever get overwhelmed just take a minute and remember that it is the people make Christmas.

5 Travel Tips For Traveling During Christmas

  • Book in advance – A lot of people like the idea of going away for Christmas. Even though having a spontaneous holiday is a really nice feeling and a fun thing to do, we would recommend you book in advance. You will have more options of where to go in the world. Most importantly it will be a lot cheaper for you. Most flights go on sale around 9 months in advance so that gives you so much time to get ready for it. It also gives you something to look forward to and you can slowly pay it off over a few months instead of paying all at once. If you have the money to do so then great but it is just a little perk if you can choose how to pay and when to pay.
  • Research the place you’re going to – Depending on if you’re looking for a white Christmas or a sunny one, you will have to do some research to know what places are hot or most likely to have snow. Not only that but some places are very popular to travel to during Christmas. If you’re looking for somewhere that’s not as busy or maybe you want somewhere that a lot of people are going to so you can meet new people. Either way, it is always a good idea to look into the place that you’re planning on going to so you know its the right holiday for you and your partner. 
  • Understand it may be busy – As we said, Christmas is a popular time to go traveling and it may not be far to travel for some people, they might just be flying domestic to visit family. Either way, the airport will be busy and you need to be ready for this. Airports are normally busy but at this time of year it doesn’t matter if you are on the very first flight of the day or the very last, you will see a lot of people waiting to go wherever it is they’re going. Another thing is that your plane will most likely be full or at least very busy. If you’re wanting to sit next to your partner because it may be a longer flight then you might want to think about paying for your seats to make sure you are next to each other. If you don’t mind where you sit then we wouldn’t waste your time paying extra for a seat, you’ll see your partner when you land! Haha!
  • Use it as a present to each other – Going away on holiday even when booking in advance can still cost a fair bit of money. Use this as a gift to each other for Christmas. We have done this a few times with our trip to New York City and Egypt. In our opinion, they were some of the best presents we could’ve got each other. Not only were they awesome holidays but its the memories that will last a lifetime and to us this is so much better than any gift you could get. Obviously if you get your partner a little something else, its a nice add on but you shouldn’t feel like you have to do that as well as a holiday with each other. After all, what an amazing Christmas you’ll have by spending it in another country and maybe taking part in a different way to celebrate this holiday.
  • Pack for the holiday you want – Packing can always be a pain no matter where you go you’ll always need the essentials. After that it all depends on where you go and the weather that you’ll have when you get there. This goes back to doing your research on the place you’re going to and knowing what the weather will be like. Also consider what kind of activities you’ll get up to whilst you’re there. This is a MUST because the last thing you want is to get to where you’re going and realising that you need something is the worst feeling ever. Don’t get us wrong, everyone forgets something we have done it so many times that’s why we made the packing list to help with making sure you have the important things. If you do your research, you shouldn’t go wrong when it comes to the big day and you’re off to enjoy Christmas somewhere else.

Christmas is special no matter what as long as you relax and arrange things that you like to do and not what you’re expected to do.

Even if you can’t be together for Christmas day, you always have the build up to Christmas to make your partner feel special. Use these dates as inspiration especially if you can’t be together for Christmas.

Don’t put all this pressure on yourself just to make it “perfect” because at the end of the day nothing is perfect. Just try your best and we know that you and your partner will love every minute of it no matter what.


What can I do on Christmas day with my girlfriend?

A lot of people get worried about getting the “right gift” for your partner but in all honesty the thought really does count. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and remember that you don’t need to get a gift. You can treat her to a night out dancing or something like that it doesn’t have to be fancy. Always remember you know her best that’s why you’re with her so you’ll know what she likes even if you feel like you don’t. 

What do I do for my boyfriend on Christmas?

Guys are very easy most of the time but sometimes that can be the problem when it come to doing something for them. By just showing them that you care goes a long way! Small things make a big impact so it could be a simple as getting him his favourite takeaway and watching his favourite movie or getting him a new game for his Xbox or Playstation.

How to make Christmas special for 2?

Making a “special Christmas” doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money or go to crazy lengths for it to be special. All you need is to be there together and doing something you know you both love to do together. That’s a special Christmas! Spending it together doing the thing you love most.

How do you make a romantic Christmas?

Romance is different for everyone so by making you and your partner’s Christmas romantic it all depends on what you both enjoy as people. No one knows your partner better than you so we would recommend thinking about what your partner like. You may have seen something on our list that you think they will enjoy and just do it. The romantic part comes from the atmosphere that you will create together.

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