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Cheapest Europe Destinations That Won’t Break The Bank [2024]

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It can be hard to find the cheapest Europe destinations. Travelling is not a cheap hobby to have! You need to make sure that you’re travelling on a budget that suits you. It is quite easy to find cheap flights and accommodation as long as you’re not expecting 5 stars for nothing. However, when you get there for a good price, it can be expensive for activities, food and drink. We’ve composed a list of cheapest places to visit (in no particular order). Make sure you add these to your budget wishlist.

1. Slovenia

Slovenia have so many beautiful parts to visit that you cant be stuck for choice. Amy has visited Ljubljana and Lake Bled previously and it is stunning! You will be gobsmacked by the town and the beautiful views of the lake. This is not the cheapest place to visit within Slovenia. In comparison to other Europe destinations, it is the more budget friendly location. There’s so much nature and scenery throughout Slovenia. If you’re interested in long walks, hiking or cycling then this is definitely the destination for you. There will be no shortage of lakes or nature valleys to visit. It is also one of the most romantic European cities to visit for Valentine’s Day so it is perfect for any couples travelling together.

2. Poland


This country is so rich in history and is budget-friendly. Krakow, Poland’s capital, is not the cheapest to visit but you can take a trip to smaller parts of Poland. Gdansk has enough to offer for a 3-5 day trip and is a beautiful place to visit. Spots like this will give you a different outlook into World War II history. This is especially as Gdansk was one of the main ports where items were shipped during the war. It is astounding the amount of history and culture that is within Poland. You can go to locations like Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclow and Katowice whilst sticking to a decent budget. You will still have an amazing trip away but for much cheaper.

3. Czech Republic


Czech Republic is mostly known for its capital Prague it is a wonderful city to visit. It may seem a little pricier than some of the other destinations that we have mentioned in this article but whilst you’re there, you can easily stay on a small budget. As there are less tourists that visit places like Brno, Pizen and Olomouc that means that it is a lot cheaper too.

4. Bulgaria

There are some parts of Bulgaria that are cheaper than others just like any other country. Amy visited previously to go snowboarding in Bansko and that is one of the pricier places to visit because of the amount of tourists that go and also because it was during prime snow season. However, you can look at destinations like Sunny Beach. It’s not somewhere that we have ventured ourselves but we have heard to be mindful when booking accommodation as whilst some of them are cheap, they are not particularly the cleanest. It’s best to always check reviews to see what other travellers thought.

5. Romania

The cheapest destinations in Romania (South East Europe) can include Arad, Braila and Pitesi. There are plenty of cathedrals, churches and tours that you can attend so there is lots to do. There is also enough free attractions that will keep you occupied. One of the most popular things to do in Romania is to visit Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania. From most of these destinations in Romania, you are able to do a day trip instead of staying closer. Then you won’t be spending more money by being in a touristy area. You will have to weigh up the costs at the time but it is definitely food for thought.

These are all recommendations on the cheapest Europe destinations to visit. Of course, travel prices change all the time so one destination that is showing up as quite cheap today may change in a few weeks time. These countries that we have included are generally the cheapest to travel to, eat, drink and go sightseeing whilst you’re there. If you’re looking for somewhere to go in Europe that is more of a relaxing get away then consider Greece and check out our 5 FREE things to do in Kos. Are we missing something from the list? Let us know! Drop us a DM on IG, we would love to hear your opinion!

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