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Edinburgh Solo Travel Guide: Everything You Should Know

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Edinburgh is an incredible city to visit for solo travel. The city is filled with plenty of things to do and an atmosphere unlike any other. You will find history, culture and nature all on your doorstep.

If you’re new to solo travelling then you may not know what to expect and even be tempted to cancel. That’s how we felt the first time we went solo travelling.

One of the best reasons why Edinburgh should be the next city for your solo travels is that it is very safe too. Despite that it is a major city, you will find little to no problems whilst you’re exploring.

One of Amy’s first ever solo trips was actually to Edinburgh where she met Liam, the other half of Plain2Plane. The city has so much delight for you to explore and experience that you will wonder why you never solo travelled before!

Why Edinburgh is Great for Solo Travellers

One of the safest cities to visit

As we’ve already mentioned, Edinburgh is actually an incredibly safe city to visit. Some even consider that it is the safest city to visit within the UK.

View of one of the streets in Edinburgh

Even though it has a very low crime rate, we would always recommend exercising caution no matter which country you’re visiting.

Pickpockets in Europe can be quite common so make sure that you look after your belongings. Even though there is less risk for this in Edinburgh, you still want to make sure that you’re being safe at all times especially during busy periods.

Plenty of Social Opportunities for Solo Travellers

Even though you’re in a great big city, it is rare that you will actually feel alone. As Edinburgh boasts plenty of attractions for tourists, there are plenty that you can join in on your own.

One of the biggest worries for travelling solo in Edinburgh is how to meet other solo travellers. Trust us when we say this that you will find plenty of friends along the way.

Many Different Things To Do

There is never a boring moment whilst you’re in Edinburgh. There is always something going on in the city that you will be sucked in by the atmosphere.

No matter what interests you have, Edinburgh is certain to have something to cater for you. Whether you’re a foodie love, history buff or culture fanatic, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained.

Nature Enthusiasts

Despite Edinburgh being such a large city, there are also plenty of nature areas to enjoy. For any hiking enthusiasts, we recommend taking on the 7 hills of Edinburgh challenge. We really enjoyed this ourselves but it is definitely a challenge.

View of Edinburgh City.

If you’re looking for a day away from Edinburgh to enjoy nature then take the bus to Penicuik. Here you will find the beautiful Pentlands which is perfect for anyone that wants to enjoy their solo travels with nature.

Free walking tours

One of the best way to meet people whilst you’re solo travelling is by joining on a free walking tour. This is an easy way to get talking to people because you’ve experienced something together.

Not just that but it is also a fantastic and free way to explore and learn more about the city.

It is also worthwhile looking at some of the more niche walking tours such as the Harry Potter location tours. If this is something that you’re interested in, you will find other people that share the same interest. There’s not better than getting to know people than this.

Greyfriars Bobby Kirkyard

Everything Within Walking Distance

Especially if it’s the first time you’re solo travelling, Edinburgh is one of the best cities to do so. As everything is within walking distance, you won’t need to worry about getting public transport if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.

Not just that but if you make friends, you won’t have far to go to get to where you want to explore next.

It is a fairly easy city to navigate and if by chance you get lost, the locals are friendly and happy to help point you in the right direction.

Lots of Day Trip Options

Amy exploring Haddington.

Edinburgh is a great city to use as a base to explore other local areas. You will find plenty of organised tours to the Highlands, Glasgow, Isle of Skye and popular Harry Potter locations.

If you’re looking to step off the beaten track then there are plenty of smaller areas of Edinburgh to explore. You will be able to easily get to Haddington, Penicuik and Falkirk.

We have explored all of these areas ourselves and thoroughly enjoyed our time. You can find our guide of things to do in Haddington here.

You’ll Never Feel Alone

Unlike other areas of the UK, the people of Edinburgh are very friendly and welcoming. Often if you’re travelling alone, you will find people strike up conversation with you which is a great way to make friends.

Even when the city is booming, you will never feel isolated. There is something about the city that just makes you feel part of a community.

When is the Best Time to Visit Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is one of those cities where there is something going on all year round. To visit Edinburgh at the best time really depends on what you’re hoping to do whilst you’re there.

View of some of the graves in the Kirkyard.

As you can expect, the summer period (June – August) is a lot busier so you will find more tourists than usual. As Scotland is known for the cold weather, this is the best time to visit Edinburgh for some sun.

During August, Edinburgh hosts the infamous Fringe festival where there are plenty of events for you to enjoy. It’s a wonderful time to experience the city and great for solo travellers to meet new people.

In the winter period, you will find that the city begins to set itself up for Christmas and Hogmanay. Edinburgh is so beautiful at this time of year with lights and decorations filling the streets.

This is a great time to visit Edinburgh and experience the festive period a bit differently. The Christmas markets usually begin late November up until early January.

If you’re looking to visit during the festive period then definitely try to stay around the last weeks of December. This way you can experience Hogmanay and the Christmas markets too.

Of course, you can’t forget that on the 25th January, there is also Burns night. You will find tourists flock from all corners of the globe to experience this Scottish tradition.

If you’re visiting Edinburgh for Burns night then you can expect to eat lots of haggis, enjoy some poetry readings, plenty of dancing and laughter. It’s a great night and a wonderful way to understand Scottish culture and traditions.

However, if you’re hoping to avoid tourists as much as possible then you’re best to visit between February – May.

Amy enjoying the Christmas Markets in Edinburgh with the teddy they won from some of the games.

We weren’t lying when we said that there is always something going on in Edinburgh.

A word of warning that if you’re visiting during this time, you can expect lots of typical Scottish weather. That means plenty of rain showers so make sure to pack an umbrella and some warm clothes.

Even when the weather is bad in Edinburgh, that just adds to the city’s gothic vibe. This is especially true for those that are big fans of Harry Potter.

Reasons to Visit Edinburgh

Unbelievable food

Scottish food is incredible and something that you need to try whilst you’re visiting Edinburgh. As the weather is never the best in Scotland, you can expect plenty of hearty food.

Tasty brunch in Edinburgh with a mimosa.

During your time in Edinburgh, you will find lots of haggis, tatties and neeps and plenty of friend food. It is an absolute delight for carbs especially after all the walking you’ll be doing. In our opinion, Edinburgh is a foodies delight with plenty of different things to try.

If you’re looking to get a taste of Edinburgh’s food scene then there are plenty of different tasting menus in Edinburgh to try! This is a great way to get to sample plenty of different foods that some of the best restaurants in Edinburgh have to offer!

Literary Inspirations

Edinburgh is a great city for many reasons but there is not denying how inspiring it has been for authors. Whilst you’re in the city, you can find literary references all over the place.

It is well-known that Edinburgh has been an inspiration for some of J.K Rowling’s famous Harry Potter series. There are Harry Potter shops, escape rooms and even Harry Potter cocktail making experiences.

Harry Potter is not the only literary inspiration in Edinburgh. You will find plenty of pubs named after famous authors and can even join a literary pub crawl.

There are plenty of museums, monuments and buildings dedicated to these wonderful authors. Edinburgh is easily the perfect location for solo travellers that have a love for books too.

Steeped in History

There isn’t just literary history in Edinburgh but also cultural history too. Even just walking around the city, you can feel how much the city dates back.

As you wander down the cobble-stoned streets, you will be able to soak in the history of the city. There are some parts of the city that date back to the middle ages such as the Palace of Holyrood.

One of the beautiful cobble streets in Edinburgh.

Whilst you’re visiting Edinburgh, you will be able to venture around plenty of the free museums to learn more about it’s history.


It is rare that in such a major city, you will also find plenty of nature. This is one of the reasons why we love Edinburgh so much.

Whether you’re wanting to climb Arthur’s Seat, wander round Holyrood Park or even take a longer walk around the Pentlands, there is plenty of nature to keep you occupied.

Always Something Going On

There are plenty of festivals and events hosted in Edinburgh throughout the year. We’ve shared a complete guide to all the events that you can enjoy.

You can purchase our Ultimate guide to Edinburgh here. You’ll find our recommendations for food, drinks, hotels and even more tips from two locals for exploring the city.

How to Get To Edinburgh

Edinburgh Sign at the airport.

Edinburgh has it’s own airport which is quite easy to navigate. If you’re a first time solo traveller then this will be a great place to start.

When you arrive into Edinburgh Airport, you will be able to exit and catch the 100 airlink bus straight into the city. The Airlink 100 departs the airport every 10 minutes between 04:30 and 01:00.

It will take you around 30 minutes to get into the city and from there you will be able to catch another bus, walk, get a tram, taxi or uber.

Getting Around Edinburgh

Most main attractions are within walking distance in Edinburgh so you shouldn’t need to use public transport too much.

However, if you’re looking to head to areas such as the zoo or the Roya Botanical Gardens then the bus service is really easy to use. You will be able to check bus timetables on the link below and ask for either a single journey, a return or a day ticket.

The bus service is really cheap and an easy way to get around. It runs late into the night too so you will always have an option for getting where you need to go.

Alternatively, the Uber service is very good in Edinburgh. You would just need to download the app and request a car.

There are plenty of black cabs around the city that you can use too. However, these can become quite expensive so we would recommend using this as a last resort.

View of Edinburgh Waverley Monument that Amy took when she was enjoying her solo travel to Edinburgh the first time.

Hostels for Solo Travellers in Edinburgh

Staying in a hostel is one of the best ways to meet other solo travellers. When choosing a hostel, you will want to choose one that is sociable but also quiet enough so you get a good night’s sleep.

If you’ve never stay in a hostel or not then make sure to read our Should I Stay in a Hostel? guide.

Greyfriars Kick Ass Hostels

This hostel is in a great location for you to explore the city and plenty of social events. The hostel hosts events such as pub crawls and pub quizzes.

Events like these are perfect for meeting new people and making friends whilst you’re in the city. There is also a 24 hour reception which helps add the safety element.

Not many hostels realise how imperative it is to have curtains that pull across the bed. It is a small thing but helps for you to feel more secure and safe.

Last but certainly not least, there is also a bar on site which is perfect to have breakfast before starting your day exploring.

Castle Rock

This is one of the best rated hostels within the city and a favourite with travellers. Unsurprisingly, the hostel is also located right next to the castle so it is a great location.

The hostel has plenty of amenities including a jukebox, pool table, big screen movie lounge, a piano and even free tea and coffee.

Another selling point for this hostel is that it has great views of the city and is a pick-up location for the free city walking tour.

Edinburgh Castle from below.

Castle Rock is a great place to stay for solo travellers in Edinburgh. You will feel safe, secure and enjoy the sociable atmosphere of the hostel.

Royal Mile Backpackers

As you can expect, this hostel is located right on the Royal Mile so you’re in a perfect location for solo exploring around Edinburgh.

Royal Mile Backpackers runs different social events every night of the week. You will always have plenty of opportunities for meeting new people and having new experiences.

Another bonus of staying at this hotel is you will be able to order a cheap breakfast with your stay. There are also discount codes given to you so that you can enjoy discounted food and drink within the city.

Hotels for Solo Travellers in Edinburgh

If you’re not certain that hostels are for you then don’t worry, there are plenty of hotels that are great for solo travellers.

Whilst hotels don’t tend to be as sociable as hostels, you will still find that there are plenty ways to meet people staying there.

When choosing a hotel as a solo traveller, have a look out for any that have a good few communal areas. This way, you can strike up conversation with fellow travellers if you want to.

Virgin Hotels

Virgin Hotels has a gorgeous rooftop and it is well worth visiting one of their sunset sessions during the summer. This image shows Amy posing with the view from the rooftop.

This is an absolutely stunning hotel right in the centre of Edinburgh City. You will get to enjoy this 5-star hotel’s many amenities including free wi-fi, access to the fitness centre, restaurant and bar.

Edinburgh’s Virgin Hotel is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for our fellow Instagrammers out there.

If you’re visiting during the summer then keep a watch out for their sunset sessions. On the rooftop of the hotel, they host a free session where you can watch the sunset and enjoy an acoustic session.

Motel One

This hotel is also centrally located so that you won’t need to be wandering too far on your own to get back. You’re about a 5 minute walk from Edinburgh Waverley Station.

Mote One is also great for solo travellers as it is close to the Grassmarket. Here you will find a range of bars and restaurants so you’ll be right in the thick of things.

There are plenty of common areas around the hotel so you will be able to enjoy company if you wish to do so. For us, we really enjoy hotels with spaces like this so that you can enjoy reading and watching the world go by.

Moxy Fountainbridge

If you’re like us and love a good viewpoint then Moxy Hotel is for you. This hotel is located in Fountainbridge, near the castle and boasts incredible views of the city from the rooftop.

On a quiet evening, you will be able to sit at the rooftop bar drinking in the view of the castle and the city. Another perk is that a continental breakfast is also included.

What we enjoy about this hotel for solo travellers is that there is also a games room and a live music space. These communal areas make for a great place to meet other travellers. There is also a fitness centre and co-working spaces for our solo travellers that need to work and want to stay active.

Best Tours for Solo Travellers in Edinburgh

1. City Walking Tours

View of Edinburgh City from above.

There are plenty of walking tours around the city that you can enjoy. This is a great way to know the city and meet people at the same time.

There are both free and paid tours that you can join depending on what you’re looking for. We’ve listed about the free walking tours further below.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a specific tour of some of the attractions then there will be a cost to this. They are well worth it and a great way to get some in-depth information on the different attractions.

There are some really unique experiences where a local tour guide will take you around on a private tour. This is a great way to get to know someone local to the area and plenty of tips.

As Edinburgh also has some dark history, there are plenty of walking tours to give you an insight into that (we won’t leave any spoilers!). We’ve shared some of our favourite walking tours below for you…


2. Food Walking Tours

What better way is there to experience a city than by trying the food that it has to offer?!

Edinburgh has plenty of different restaurants for you to try some of the Scottish cuisine. These experiences last for a few hours so it is great for solo travellers in Edinburgh.

You will be able to sit down and enjoy some delicious food and some drinks, getting to know other people and Scottish food at the same time.

Avocado toast with bacon & rocket.

There are plenty of generic food tours where you can try Scottish food around the city. Alternatively, there are some more unique food tours too. How about a secret doughnut tour? What about a cheese lovers tour?

No matter what food you enjoy and your dietary requirements, you will find something suitable for you in Edinburgh city.


3. Bar Crawls

Cocktails that we enjoyed at Cocktail Geeks.

If you enjoy a drink then pub and bar crawls are definitely the way to go whilst you’re enjoying your solo travels in Edinburgh.

You may want to join one of these pub crawl tours with some friends you made at your accommodation. Alternatively, you might be wanting to make some friends on the tour.

This is definitely the best place to do it and to get to know the city whilst you’re at it. There are some pub crawls that also contain elements of history so it’s not all about getting drunk!

One of the things that we love the most about these crawls is that they are not too expensive either. There are a lot of different pub crawls that include drinks, shots and discounts.

When you’re travelling solo, always be cautious with how much alcohol you consume. This is especially true for female travellers. No matter how safe a destination is, we always recommend exercising caution.

This is not something we want to scare you with so make sure to have fun. Just be careful is all we’re saying!


5. Literary tours

We mentioned earlier that Edinburgh has a lot of literary references throughout the city. These tours are incredible for solo travellers that have a passion for books.

It’s hard to get around all those sights by yourself in a city you’ve never visited before. You can either arrange a self-guided tour of these sights if you’re feeling confident.

Potterrow Port. This area looks very similar to in the Harry Potter film where Harry and Dudley are attacked by deatheaters.

Alternatively, there are guided tours that will save you the hassle. It is a pub tour that will take you through different literary references and discussions about the much loved literature.

This is really recommended for any solo travellers that love books as you’ll meet other like-minded people on your journey.

6. Day trip to Loch Ness

Most travellers tend to use Edinburgh as a base to visit the city and other areas of Scotland too. If you’re looking to tick some items off your bucket list then you NEED to head out on a day trip to Loch Ness.

You will find that there are various combinations of the tour to Loch Ness. These include full days in the Highlands or visiting Glencoe and Pitlochry along the way.

We personally recommend trying to head to Pitlochry whilst doing this day trip. It is an incredibly beautiful area of Scotland and so much fun.

The best thing about these day trips are they are not too expensive so perfect for anyone travelling alone. They’re a great way to explore different areas and know whether they are places you want to spend more time without fully committing.

If you’re planning to visit Loch Ness then make sure to check out our guide for exploring Inverness whilst you’re at it!


7. Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours

This is a cheap way to explore Edinburgh especially if you’re on a time limit too. Not just that but it will also save your feet from a lot of aches!

You will find these Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tours in most major cities. This will take you around the different highlights of the city and you can get off any time you like.

These bus tours come with an audio guide giving you information as you go. We like to do a full loop of the bus tour to get to know the city. After this, we then decide which areas we’d like to get off and explore more.

The tickets for the tour are not too expensive either so you will enjoy 24-hours of cheap transport.

8. Underground Ghost tours

Edinburgh has plenty of spooky history and you will be able to tour the city learning all about it. This is perfect for our horror fanatics out there that like a little jump scare.

One of the most interesting things about this tour is that you can also get a tour of Edinburgh’s Underground Vaults too. If you’re travelling on your own then this is a great tour to join on.

Image taken from the underground vaults on the ghost tour.

You’ll be able to share this spooky experience with fellow travellers and bond over the tour together. There are many different companies that offer these tours so we’ve shared the best ones below.


9. Chocolate Tour

Whilst Edinburgh is not necessarily known for it’s chocolate, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go and see how it’s made?

In this particular tour, you will see how the chocolate is made and even get to make your own chocolate for a souvenir from Edinburgh. If you fancy it, you can even try haggis chocolate!

This is one of the best things to do in Edinburgh in the rain. We all know how pesky that Scottish weather can be!

10. Castle Tours

Edinburgh Castle from below.

You can’t visit Edinburgh without taking a trip to the castle. If you’re staying at the Castle Rock Hostel then you will only be a small walk away from the popular tourist attraction in Edinburgh.

As a solo traveller, it is a great experience to learn more about the castle with others in a group. There are plenty of different tour companies that offer this.

You will walk around the castle on a guided tour and learn more about the incredible history that you’re walking on. The tours usually include admission to the castle too.

Even if you join one of the guided tours of the castle, we recommend going there at night. Edinburgh castle is lit up at night and is absolutely stunning.

We’ve popped our favourite recommendations for guided tours of Edinburgh castle below:


11. Whisky Tours

This is not something that you would usually consider as a solo traveller but you can’t visit Scotland without a sample of their whisky. It is one of the things that they’re famous for after all!

There are over 140 distilleries in Scotland so that is a lot of whisky! In Edinburgh city, you will find 2 distilleries and then there are 2 located in Leith.

The Scotch Whisky Experience building.

These whisky tours are a really great way to step off the beaten track and understand Edinburgh from a unique perspective. During the tours, you will enjoy walking around to understand how they’re made and of course getting to taste them too.

The tours are usually within small groups which means that you’ll be able to meet new people within the city. If you’re new to whisky then we recommend the second tour below which is an introduction.


12. Glenfinnan, Glencoe & Fort William Day Trip

If you’re still wanting to explore Edinburgh but also make the most of your time in Scotland then this is the perfect tour for you.

This tour is perfect to be able to make the most of the Highlands even when you’re short on time. You will get to explore some absolutely beautiful areas and learn about the Scottish history too.

For our Harry Potter fans out there, you will also get some fantastic photos of the infamous steam train crossing the Glenfinnan viaduct too.

Equally, even though you’re travelling on your own, it is also incredibly affordable too. It is a tour that should be on everyone’s bucket list to really make the most of your time in Scotland.

13. Silent Disco

This is one of the BEST things to do in Edinburgh if you’re travelling alone. The Silent Disco experience is somewhere that you absolutely won’t feel on your own.

Whilst you’re visiting Edinburgh, you may notice a big group of people walking with headphones on singing their heart out. Yep, that is the Silent Disco and it is so much fun!

At first you may feel a bit hesitant but everyone on that tour is going to be singing their heart out too. It’s something that the locals actually really enjoy seeing.

One of the things that we love the most about this tour is that it truly is a unique way to see the city. You will find lots of people to bond with over this experience.

FREE Things To Do For Solo Travellers in Edinburgh

Just because you’re travelling to Edinburgh on your own, it doesn’t mean that you need to join paid group tours all the time. However, these are great ways to see the city especially if you have specific interests on what you want to see whilst you’re in Edinburgh.

Below we’ve shared some of the free tours that you join in Edinburgh. You will also find plenty of options for free things to do in Edinburgh too so that you can make the most of your solo break away.

1. Harry Potter Walking Tour

If you’re a big Harry Potter fan then you’ve got to take advantage of visiting the different locations whilst you’re in Edinburgh. Whilst you’re walking around the city, you can easily see why it gave J.K Rowling so much inspiration for her books.

J.K Rowlings hands imprinted into the ground. Amy took this photo when she was solo travelling to Edinburgh and joined the Harry Potter Walking Tour.

The tour will take you around different areas that J.K Rowling based Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade on. You will be shown different locations where she is said to have written some of the books. Also, you can find her handprints and locations where J.K Rowling is said to get inspiration for names of some of the characters in the novels.

This is a really interesting tour in Edinburgh and good fun. If you’re passionate about Harry Potter then it is a perfect tour for you to join as a solo traveller as everyone else on the tour will be a fan too!

The best part about this Harry Potter Walking tour is that it is also something you can do for free in Edinburgh. After you finish the tour, if you enjoyed it, you can leave a tip to the tour guide.

As a lot of travellers visit Edinburgh due to Harry Potter, you will find plenty of shops to buy merchandise too!

There are many different Harry Potter walking tours that you can pay for. For us, this makes absolutely no sense as it covers the same locations and information as the free walking tour we recommended above.

2. City Walking Tour

If Harry Potter is not your thing then why not head out on a city walking tour?

This will give you a good general overview of the city’s highlights and a great introduction to Edinburgh for solo travellers.

You will also meet other people on the tour with you and get to know them as it progresses.

Liam enjoying the view from when we were hiking the 7 hills of Edinburgh.

3. Hike Arthur’s Seat

Amy enjoying the view from Arthur's Seat during her first solo travel trip to Edinburgh.

For our solo travellers that like a bit of a challenge, Arthur’s Seat is a hike that you NEED to do whilst in Edinburgh.

Tourists come from all over the world to climb to the top of this inactive volcano. Once you reach the top, you will have some beautiful views across the city.

Arthur’s Seat is just one out of 7 hills in Edinburgh so if you really feel like a challenge then why not try to climb all 7? We’ve done it ourselves, its hard work but it is definitely worth it!

4. Wander Round Holyrood Park

Close to Arthur’s Seat, you will find Holyrood Park which is a beautiful place to relax after a big climb! Whilst you’re travelling solo in Edinburgh, we recommend visiting both Arthur’s Seat & Holyrood Park. Let’s just hope that the weather is in your favour.

It is a stunning area to wander round with lots of wildlife too. After you’ve climbed Arthur’s Seat, treat yourself to an ice-cream at the bottom before wandering around the park.

View from Holyrood Park.

Read our guide for exploring Arthur’s Seat and Holyrood park here!

5. National Museum of Scotland

Most of the museums within Scotland are free to visit and the National Museum of Scotland is no exception.

The building to this museum is impressive in itself. You will be able to spend a good few hours exploring the museum and learning more about history.

We recommend also heading to their rooftop for some beautiful views of Edinburgh City.

Animals in the National Museum of Scotland.

6. Explore Calton Hill

Calton Hill monument.

Calton Hill is another famous area of Edinburgh to visit and it is a really easy walk to get there too. It will take you around 5 minutes to get to the top by using the staircase on Regent Road.

The views from the top of the hill are absolutely phenomenal and well-worth your time. Calton Hill is actually an extinct volcano too and draws tourists from all over the world.

When you reach the top of Calton Hill, you will find plenty of beautiful monuments. This is the perfect location for any solo travellers that want to get those beautiful snaps for their Instagram.

For any art lovers, the Scottish National Gallery is where you NEED to go. It is free to enter the museum and you will find it on The Mound, close to Princes Street.

The building itself is so impressive that it is hard not to miss the gallery. You will find many different exhibitions of fine art and impressionist paintings.

The beauty within this building is absolutely breath-taking and is not to be missed whilst you’re in Edinburgh.

8. Royal Botanic Gardens

You could spend all day wandering around the Royal Botanic Gardens. There are plants from all around the world within this Botanic Garden.

It is free to enter the garden and you’ll be able to enjoy panoramic views of Edinburgh whilst you’re here too. Most visitors enjoy visiting the Rock Garden and the Woodland Garden whilst they’re here.

Royal Botanic Gardens.

9. Wander around Leith

Leith Waterfront.

Leith is a beautiful area of Edinburgh to visit and one that you can’t miss whilst you’re there.

There are plenty of beautiful places to stop and enjoy some food or drink whilst watching the world go by. The biggest reason that visitors go to Leith is to get a glimpse of the famous Royal Yacht Britannia.

You can enjoy a walk down the Water of Leith Walkway where you will find plenty of hidden gems along the way.

10. Dean Village

Another highlight of Edinburgh is visiting Dean Village. It is a stunning area of Edinburgh that transports you back in time.

When you wander around the cobble-stoned streets, you will be able to admire the carved stone plaques along the way.

Dean Village offers beautiful views of the quaint picturesque houses and the waterway. If you’re a keen walker then you will be able to join the Water of Leith Walkway from Dean Village.

Dean Village.

11. Princes Street Gardens

Last but certainly not least is the Princes Street Gardens. Here is where you find a lot of Edinburgh’s main events take place.

During the winter period, you can find Edinburgh’s Christmas Markets here with rides and food stalls. However, in the summer, this area is used for people to rest and relax in the sunshine.

It is a beautiful area and one that you can’t miss whilst you’re enjoying your solo travels in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Solo Travel: Amy’s Experience

If you’re still uncertain as to whether you should solo travel to Edinburgh then you’re in the right place.

Ravioli that Amy enjoyed on one of her solo travel trips to Edinburgh.

The first time Amy visited Scotland was actually a solo trip to Edinburgh. When first arriving in the city, she was amazed at the gothic charm that it held and excited to explore the Harry Potter locations.

On the first night, Amy went for dinner at a small trattoria down the High Street in Edinburgh Old Town. Enjoying a beer and some delicious pasta, she headed to a few small local bars to make friends.

She got chatting to some locals and headed back to the hotel before waking up the next day to finally join a Harry Potter walking tour. On this tour, she got to finally experience the charm of the city.

It was easy to make friends on the walking tour and she ended up heading to a cocktail bar with one of those people. After a few (many) drinks, they joined a ghost walking tour in the evening. It was a spooky experience and a great insight into a unique perspective of Edinburgh. In particular, exploring the vaults underground was a highlight of the tour.

They agreed to meet up the following day and hike Arthur’s Seat. Thankfully, the weather was absolutely glorious in Edinburgh which we all know is a rarity.

Following the hike, they decided to wander around Leith and got to try Bloody Mary Oyster Shots! Yep, they really taste like how they sound!

Bloody Mary Oyster Shots.

Paying a small amount, they went to Monkey Barrell Comedy Club. This was the moment that changed Amy’s life and where she met Liam, her now Fiancé.

Roll forward 3 years later and we live together in Falkirk, just outside of Edinburgh enjoying travelling the world together. It just goes to show that you never know where a solo trip can take you.

You might meet your best friend, your future husband or find yourself on the trip. For Amy, her solo trip to Edinburgh changed everything and she found a friend for life and her future husband.

Should I Travel to Edinburgh, Scotland alone?

Amy enjoying a pint at the Ship Inn, Leith with her friend that she met from the Harry Potter tour.

If you’ve read everything in this blog post then you should know that the answer is ABSOLUTELY! Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities we’ve had the privilege to visit and we know that you’ll feel the same.

Edinburgh city has so much to offer for solo travellers along with the additional perk of safety. If this is your first time solo travelling then this is the perfect city to begin your adventures.

Plan Your Solo Trip to Edinburgh

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How long should you spend in Edinburgh?

This entirely depends on what you’re hoping to do whilst you’re visiting. In general, 3-4 days are a good amount of time to spend in Edinburgh. We’ve been living near hear for 3 years now and we’re always finding more things to do though.

Is Edinburgh good for solo travel?

Edinburgh is one of the best places for solo travel because there is always something happening within the city. There are plenty of events for social experiences, everything is within walking distance and it is a really safe city.

Is Edinburgh safe for solo female travel?

Absolutely! Edinburgh is very safe for solo female travellers. We recommend taking usual precautions that you normally would as a female. Keep an eye on your drink, don’t walk on your own too late at night etc. However, this is advice we would give for any city you’re travelling to. It is a very safe city with little to no problems.

Should I travel to Scotland alone?

YES! Scotland is one of the best countries for solo travel. The locals are really friendly and helpful if you’re ever needing a hand. Not just that but it boasts some of the most beautiful sights in the world. You will find history, culture, nature and of course plenty of great food.

Which is more beautiful Glasgow or Edinburgh?

Both Glasgow and Edinburgh are really interesting cities and it’s hard to compare the two as they’re very different. In our opinion, Edinburgh is more beautiful purely because it has much more things to do around the local area. Why not visit both and decide for yourself?

Is Scotland expensive as a tourist?

It can be expensive visiting Scotland but this entirely depends on where you’re visiting. Some of the less touristy parts of Scotland, you will find much cheaper than let’s say Edinburgh or Glasgow. However, generally speaking, Scotland is quite affordable to travel around. Do your research to make sure that you’re always getting the best deal.

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