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6 Safest Countries to Visit in the World [2024]

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Even in 2024, there aren’t many countries that are completely without problems but there are a select few that are the safest to visit in 2024. With covid pretty much behind us, we have taken a look at the countries that are safest to travel to in terms of scams, pickpocketing, crimes and travelling on your own. When you’re travelling, you want to be able to relax and have an enjoyable experience. The last thing you want to do is worry about everything and how you’re going to keep yourself safe. Especially if you’re a solo traveller, it is important to search for places to go where you will feel safe and explore freely.

These are not the only destinations that are safe but especially if you’re new to the travel world, they are a great way to begin your journey! We also find that there are a lot of destinations that have a bad reputation for being unsafe but in reality there are a few regions in that country that are not the safest. Essentially, don’t believe everything you hear and try each country with an open mind but guarded with your safety consistently in mind.


Whilst Switzerland is not the cheapest country to visit, it is certainly high on the list for one of the safest. In 2022, Switzerland was ranked as the safest European destinations to visit for travellers. With low crime rates, a stable economy and low risk for natural disasters, it is no wonder that it is such a great location to visit for new travellers.

Switzerland hilltops

The only thing that you may need to worry about in Switzerland is the possibility of pickpockets. Even though the risk is low for becoming prey to pickpockets, it is still always worth being careful. There are plenty of measures that you can take in order to prevent being pickpocketed as much as possible. Like you would even in your own country, don’t leave any belongings unattended and be mindful when paying by credit card.

When you’re travelling as a female, you will find that your travelling experience is much different than if you were travelling as a male or with other companions. You’ll be happy to learn that it is a very safe destination to travel to as a female which is why it is ranks as the top spot for safest countries to travel to in 2024! No matter where you are travelling, we always suggest taking additional care with your drinks and watching out for someone spiking them. Over the past couple of years, spiking drinks has become more common everywhere so always keep yourself on guard.

Safest Countries to Visit in 2023 - Switzerland

Whilst You’re In Switzerland…

Switzerland boasts plenty of beautiful nature for you to be able to explore and enjoy. In particular, Switzerland is famous for the scenic train rides that take you through the mountains and marvel at the stunning views along the way.

This country is one of the best places to visit for hikers as you will have your pick of hills, mountains, countryside and lakes to wander through. If you’re looking for a lot of beautiful nature then there are plenty of amazing things to do in Grindelwald.

During the winter, many travellers venture to Switzerland to enjoy the ski season and enjoy the slopes that the Alps has to offer. Let’s not forget that Switzerland is most famous for its delicious chocolate and cheese too. There is something for everyone here so along with its incredible reputation for safety, you are set for a great trip away!

Planning a visit to Switzerland? Read all the reasons why you should visit here.


Home to tapas, fiestas and siestas, Spain is a very popular country to visit for travellers. What more can you ask for than good food, parties and much needed rest? With this in mind, it is also one of the safest countries to visit in 2024. Most families like to visit Spain each year for their annual holiday so this is just one sign that it is a safe location to visit. Like any country, Spain also has its low points.

For example pickpocketing is very common down Las Ramblas in Barcelona but if you take precautions and follow our tips for Barcelona, you will find that it is pretty safe. However, for the majority of Spain, you can expect to not have any issues whilst you’re visiting. The crime rate across Spain is pretty low but it is worth taking the usual measures when visiting that you would with any country. Try to avoid walking around on your own late at night, keep an eye on your drinks and your valuables protected.

When visiting Spain, you will get to enjoy beautiful cities steeped in culture, stunning golden beaches and of course warm temperatures throughout most of the year. Most tourists will flock to Spain during the Summer but we’ve found that it’s actually best to visit around the Winter.

Safest Countries to Visit in 2023 - Spain

There are so many incredible places to explore and visit and when Spain is less crowded with tourists is definitely the time to visit. Whether it’s Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia or the historic Seville, you will find that Spain has got something for everyone.


Safest Countries to Visit in 2023 - Portugal

Portugal is actually one of our favourite countries to visit with its laid-back attitude and beautiful views. It is also another great country to visit in 2024 if you are looking for a safe destination. In Portugal you will find that the people are very friendly and love welcoming tourists into their culture and to understand their history. Portugal has very low crime rates so you will just need to take the usual precautions that you would for even in your home country. Despite this, the islands of Madeira and Azores are well-known to be very safe. That is not to say that the mainland isn’t safe but just that you will expect less petty theft and minor crimes on the islands.

Enjoying Portugal view

One of the biggest reasons that people visit Portugal is to explore the historic Lisbon and ride the famous tram 28. However, on the tram itself is one of the most common places for pickpockets to target. As with any crowded public space, keep a firm hand on your belongings and if you have a backpack, try to wear this on the front of your body so that you have a good sight of your belongings.

Don’t Let This Put You Off!

Don’t let this dampen your time in Lisbon though because as long as you’re careful, you won’t have any trouble. Lisbon is such a beautiful place to visit and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our time there so we are certain that you will too. There are so many great things to enjoy in Lisbon that even if you didn’t ride the tram, you wouldn’t be missing out on much.

We also spent a good amount of time in Faro and we felt incredibly safe during our time there too. It is a really tranquil area of Portugal and the people are very friendly that you will always have lots of offers of help when you need it. It is an upcoming destination to travel and is becoming well-known as a safe place in particular for solo female travellers. There are plenty of things to do and most tourists tend to visit to take a day trip to the Benagil caves but Faro has so much more to offer than that. If you’re taking a trip out to Portugal then we really recommend stopping in Faro for a day or two! Find places to stay in Faro using Booking.com below!


Most people will find that this is a surprising location to have on our list of safest countries to visit in 2024. Australia tends to have a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to creepy crawlies and dangerous animals. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a safe country to visit. Despite being home to many dangerous species, Australia is equipped for this and has measures put in place to help keep you safe. That is as long as you put measures in to keep yourself safe too. When it comes to crime, Australia has very low rates of muggings, pickpockets, scams and terrorism threats. Keep yourself safe and watch your belongings but generally speaking you will be able to travel around the country with little to no problem.

Safest Countries to Visit in 2023 - Sydney

Being the 6th largest country in the world, Australia has plenty of places for you to visit and hosts some of the most incredible beachers. The one thing that also helps is that as it is an English speaking country, if you do need help for any reason, you won’t need to worry about any issues with translation. In our opinion, Australians are some of the friendliest people out there and we know that you will have an absolutely incredible time exploring their country.

If you’re a solo female traveller than pop a little message on one of the many solo female traveller groups on Facebook to find friends along your journey in Australia. We always find many solo travellers exploring their way around the country and looking to find buddies along the way.


Another country that you wouldn’t expect to see on this list is Japan. We’re not sure why but most people seem to not expect Japan to be that safe. However, in actuality, most consider Japan to be one of the safest countries in the world. You will find that in some areas across Japan that pickpockets and credit scams are a bit more common but even then this is still a rare occurrence. Same as any country, that does not mean that Japan is completely free of any crime or issues. However, it is far less frequent than most other countries making it a great location to explore on your own. It is generally considered quite safe to walk around at night time but we still wouldn’t recommend walking alone late at night just to keep yourself safe.

Most people tend to visit Japan so that they can explore Kyoto, Tokyo and the islands. There are so many great areas to explore that it is no wonder that Japan has so many tourist visitors throughout the year. The whole country has so much incredible history, unique food and many world heritage sites to spend your time so you won’t have a boring moment during your time there.

If you’re exploring around Japan then search for your accommodation below…

Safest Countries to Visit - Japan


Yet another one of our favourite countries has to be Greece but we are a little biased because we got engaged there! Greece is separated between islands and mainland so you will find that they are very different from each other. Each island region also has different things to offer you as well so it is truly a unique country to visit. The islands are incredibly safe and you will soon adapt to the easy, relaxing way of life whilst you are spending time there.

Safest Countries to Visit in 2023 - Greece

When you are visiting the mainland areas, you may need to have a bit more caution in Athens and Thessaloniki. For the most part, you will be completely safe there but both places do pose some risks for scams and pickpockets. You would need to take the usual precautions when travelling in these areas just like you would in other countries.

There are plenty of ways that you can avoid falling victim to scams or pickpockets whilst you’re travelling. Don’t leave your belongings around and try to store them in places that are not easily accessible. Also, before you travel to any country, it is always worth researching common scams and areas that are known for pickpockets.

Athens in particular is a very popular area of Greece for tourists to visit. It is steeped in history, beautiful views and a great introduction to Greek mythology being named after goddess Athena. To find more safety tips for Athens, make sure you check out Two Tickets Anywhere’s guide.

Always Look For The Next Place!

There are so many countries that are completely safe to visit and you should consider for your next trip away. Most countries do not come without their issues but all of these ones that we’ve listed pose little to no risk for tourists. Before travelling anywhere, research the destination and any potential issues that you may encounter. The best advice we can give you is to not be put off by everything you read. Every traveller’s opinion is different and whilst one person may find the area safe, another may find that they had issues whilst they were travelling there. The most important thing to do when you’re researching is to take on board the advice and take measures based on that to keep yourself safe.

Couple on a adventure

Most of the countries we’ve visited that you find on our blog, we have had little to no problems. We have both done our own time of solo travelling as well so we try to always consider what it would feel like to be travelling on your own in that country especially as a woman. We hope that this article has helped you to decide on your next trip away. Comment below where you decided to travel to after reading this article…

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