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7 Faro Old Town Restaurants You NEED to Visit

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The food in Faro, Portugal was one our favourite restaurants with such amazing hospitality.

During our time in Portugal, we were lucky enough to experience many different styles of their cuisine. Whilst walking around the Old Town in Faro we came across a handful of small restaurants to stop off for something to eat and drink. We had an amazing time meeting some very interesting locals. They gave us plenty of recommendations and taught us a bit about their culture. In particular, The Old Tavern staff were very helpful in educating us on where we should be visiting.

Restaurants to try in Faro Old Town

1. The Old Tavern

Portugal has a very flavoursome cuisine from seafood to a variety of meat. We started off our journey at the Old Tavern where we got to try both the beef and sausage cooked in a traditional style which Liam took a shining to. The Old Tavern was by far one of our favourite restaurants to eat in Faro town. The staff were nice and helpful, plus they are fun people. They have a lot of banter with their customers and making you feel very welcome. 

We included this image so that you can have an insight on the prices of different tapas dishes at The Old Tavern.

We have added a photo of their prices so that you know what to expect when you visit! We found that the prices were quite reasonable but would not be ideal for solo travellers. As The Old Tavern mostly serves tapas dishes, you will want to order a few of these to get the best experience. Therefore, this is one of the best restaurants in Old Town Faro for sharing food and trying different dishes.

There are plenty of things to do in Faro so you want to be able to relax with some great food after a busy day of exploring.

2. Well Vale do Lobo

Sitting right next to the beach, Well Vale Do Lobo is not only a restaurant but also a beach club with its own pools. It has an amazing list of food and drinks to choose from with a top rate service.

After a long day exploring this is how you need to end a perfect day by sitting poolside with your other half enjoying the sun and good food what more do you want?

The only problem with this restaurant is that it is around a 30 min drive from the centre of Faro but it is that good we still needed to include it. If you have rented a car then it is easy enough to get to and there are always taxis around if you fancy a few drinks with dinner.

Even though it is a bit out the way we would recommend it as it makes for a romantic night out in Faro. We promise after this recommendation that the rest of the restaurants are situated in Faro Old Town but it was just too good to not mention.

3. Restaurante Sol e Jardim

Restaurante Sol e Jardim is another one of our favourite restaurants to visit in Faro. Liam ordered the Portuguese-style steak which was topped with a fried egg. Amy had the traditional pork that came out on a massive plate. There was so much that Amy had to take a doggy bag home with her. No way she would have finished it all in one night, maybe Liam could have!

This was a gorgeous dish that Liam had in Restaurante Sol e Jardim. It consisted of steak, potatoes and then topped with a fried egg.

Once again, the food was delicious and full of flavour. At one point, the chef even came out to see if everyone was enjoying their food. The staff are very friendly and are more than happy to help if you have any questions.

4. Tertulia Algarvia

Sitting in the middle of Faro Old Town sits this lovely restaurant. They are so proud of the food they make and serve you can even learn from them to make your own.

Just like most places in Faro they have a good amount of seafood to choose from on the menu. Whilst you’re in the Algarve, you need to try some fresh seafood. There is also plenty of land meat to choose from if seafood isn’t your thing. They also cater to vegetarians as well so there really is something for everyone.

The food itself isn’t expensive either so you don’t have to worry about prices if you’re travelling to Faro on a budget. With the location being in an ideal place you can enjoy the town after a nice meal here.

5. Taberna Modesto

This tavern restaurant is located in the town of Faro so this is a good place to chill out and enjoy some good simple Portuguese food done well.

The staff are very friendly and there is a good range of food and drink to choose from. This is a good place to come and relax after a long day exploring plus with the location you will have your pick of where you want to go next with everything just a short walk away.

6. Vila Adentro

Sitting in a beautiful location on a nice square where you can sit outside and watch the world go by seeing other people exploring taking photos or the locals just getting to where they need to be.

Serving up a good menu to choose from and local drinks with the sun out as well, it makes for a perfect meal. It is also sitting right next to the cathedral so either before or after you can take a visit and get some nice photos.

A plus note is they have English menu for people that don’t speak Portuguese but we do think its best for people to try and learn some common phrases when ordering.

7. Restaurante Cidade Velha

Next door to Vila Adentro is another perfect restaurant to sit and enjoy the weather. Since the two restaurants are right next to each other you have a good opportunity to try both on different nights or even on the same day one for lunch and one for dinner.

Only a short walk from away from the marina where you can have a lovely walk to end your night. This is a great spot for any couples travelling together to enjoy some romance in Faro.

Food Prices

Faro is not the cheapest place in Portugal to visit but it is much cheaper than Lisbon. There are plenty of cheap places that you can eat if you’re on a budget in Faro.

The restaurants we went to in the Old Town was more around the average price range. On the first night, we spent around 30 euros for dinner but that was because we had beers and shots too!

On average, the price of beer in Faro is around 2 euros. An ideal daily budget for food would be approximately 30 euros per person. Of course, this will depend on where you eat and the kind of food you would like as well!

Our Experience in Faro

Pork Sausage in The Old Tavern

There’s many places to eat and visit in Faro so you will be spoilt for choice. We recommend spending 2 days in Faro to make the most of everything it has to offer but you could easily spend 4-5 days by taking your time with everything. Whilst being there you’ll find yourself trying to pick which ones to try. The whole experience was amazing and you’ll have a great time trying new foods. Our biggest advice is to make sure you try the Portuguese-style food and don’t just stick to what you know. Not just that but also trying each restaurant’s variation of the traditional food because they have some top quality tasting dishes. 

We can confidently say the Portuguese cuisine is the best reason to visit Faro. There are so many choices of restaurants with their unique variations of traditional dishes bringing a blend of spices and herbs.

If you’re staying in Faro’s Old Town then you will have chosen the best spot because there will be plenty of delicious restaurants around you to choose from. The food alone will leave you wanting more from Faro, never mind the area itself. There are also lots of choices for boutique hotels in Faro Old Town so you will be close enough with some stunning accommodation.

You’ll have so much to choose from when it comes down to what to do around Faro, that when the day comes to an end and you’re ready for some good food it will hit the spot just right. It can get quite busy during peak seasons in Faro so it’s always worth heading out earlier during the busy tourist seasons so that you can get a table.

If you’re coming to Faro then you may need a helping hand on what to do and where to go. Check out our guide on what to do in Faro. This is a small article for anyone who wants to get around the area with ease.

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