3 Generic Packing Lists You Need to Download For An Easy Trip!

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Packing for trips doesn’t need to be stressful. Everyone packs differently, we know some people that like to be organised and pack far in advance whereas there’s other people like us that do everything last minute. We’ve created this travel packing guide to help aid you with everything that you need to remember to bring with you!

It is even harder for women to pack because it is true, we do usually need more items. We wear more clothes than men, may need feminine products, make-up and remember that we use shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. We’re not as fortunate as men to have these combined into one! Veganderlust has got you covered though with a specific but minimalistic list of what to take for females! You can check out the minimalist packing list for women here!

If you’re travelling alone, especially if it’s your first time solo travelling then it can be even harder to know what you need to take with you as you don’t have anyone else to rely on in case you forget anything.

Short Trips (up to 4 nights)

We’ve created this generic packing list suited for any short trips that you have coming up. This is our recommendations for if you’re planning to travel as hand-luggage only or adding an extra carry-on. We don’t recommend using everything for this list for just hand-luggage and we do have a separate list of what to pack for hand luggage and tips for packing hand luggage only.

Generic Packing Checklist for a short trip that will last between 1-4 days.

Remember with the toiletries these all need to be under 100ml and fit in a clear medium sized ziplock bag. There are plenty of substitutes for preventing taking as many liquids as possible and we have recommendations for these type of products here. We also often use refillable bottles or travel pouches and share these during our trip to help keep costs down.

Medium length trip (4 days – 2 weeks)

This is a generic list that we recommended packing for if you’re going on a holiday for around 2 weeks. These recommendations are based on if you have 10KG – 20KG baggage and hand-luggage. As this is only a generic packing list, we have tried to accommodate everyone as much as possible!

Generic Packing List for medium trips between 4 days to 2 weeks.

If you’re unsure about what plug adaptors you may need then no need to fear because we also have you covered here. Remember that things like hairdryers may come with the hotel rooms so make sure to check before you travel. Things like jewellery if you wish to have can just be worn instead of taking up room in your bag. Spare carrier bag may also be handy to take with you just for you dirty clothes to keep them separated.

Long-Term Travel or Backpacking (2 weeks+)

This is a generic packing list that we recommended for if you’re going on a longer trip or planning to backpack.These recommendations are based on if you have 10KG – 20KG baggage and hand-luggage.

Generic packing list for long-term or backpacking trips. This checklist can be used for any trips that are more than 2 weeks.

If you’re going for a long trip then you may also want to think about having hiking boots with you depending on what trip you’re doing. microfibre towel are also very handy to have as they dry faster. things like money belts, playing cards, ear plugs and a small purse are all things that can help make you travels a bit easier for those longer adventures.

9 Main Essentials No Matter How Long You Are Travelling

Everyone will have their own idea of what they need to take with them when going abroad but our lists will give you some idea of a more efficient way to travel as light as possible.

We have had that moment abroad when we released we have brought more than what we needed so we have a small list of essentials then you can know you at least have the important things.

  1. Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, etc.) 
  2. Underwear
  3. Passport 
  4. Travel card (for spending money safely)
  5. Mobile phone 
  6. Comfortable shoes 
  7. At least 2 days worth of clothes 
  8. Money belt (to avoid any pickpockets)
  9. First Aid kit

Backpacking is one of the most amazing adventures that you can have but it does take a good bit of planning. If you’re only just starting to plan your backpacking trip then check out our 10 tips on how to save money for backpacking.

Remember that this is only a generic packing list that you should pack. We may have missed a few things that are personal for you. We have tried to add as much as we possibly can and we hope that you find this useful!

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