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Best Tours in Cancun for Fun, Adventure and Exploration

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Visiting Mexico soon and looking for some of the best tours in Cancun? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Being a popular destination for spring break, it comes as no surprise that Cancun has some of the most incredible adventure tours!

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush then its worth giving ziplining in Cancun a go? You can try something new and drive around the jungle on an ATV.

Adventure tours are not the only thing that Cancun has to offer. If you’re looking for some more relaxation then you can arrange for a day trip to the idyllic Isla Mujeres.

With so many activities on offer in Cancun, it can be difficult to know which tours are the best ones to choose. If you’re spending 3 days or more in Cancun then chances are you will want to head on at least a few of these tours. We’ve created a break down below of the different excursions that you can go on and our recommended choices to make it easier for you!

Amy ziplining through the Mexican jungle

How To Get To Cancun

The easiest way to get to Cancun is to fly into the international airport. Most locations in Mexico with an airport can fly into Cancun so this is a great way to travel with ease. It is also one of the reasons why it is worth visiting Cancun for a day or two.

If you’re travelling from the UK then you will need to get an indirect flight to Cancun which often includes a stop off at Mexico City.

These flights are not always the cheapest so make sure you keep checking the prices to get the best value. We’ve included a flight checker below with flights travelling from London so that you can see which month is the cheapest for you to fly to Cancun.

Alternatively, if you’re flying from the USA then you will find that flights are a lot easier to come by (and much cheaper than the UK too!)

Depending on the state you’re travelling from will dictate whether you can get direct flights or not.

Another way to get to Cancun is by public bus, this is the best option if you’re travelling in different destinations in Mexico.

The closest locations for you to get the bus to Cancun includes Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Merida and Bacalar.

The buses in Mexico are pretty cheap and have a really good running service. They’re a great way to travel to multiple locations within Mexico and explore more.

Where to Stay in Cancun

Cancun can get very busy with tourists especially during Spring Break. Most tourists tend to stay in the hotel zone of Cancun where you will find tons of options for hostels and hotels.

Depending on your budget and the type of traveller that you are will depend on what accommodation is best for you. If you’re travelling alone to Mexico then you may find that a hostel is a better fit but if you’re in a couple, you may want a bit more luxury.

We’ve included some of our favourite hostels and hotels below so that the search for good accommodation becomes less overwhelming.

Hostels in Cancun

Mayan Monkey Party Hostel

If you’re looking to enjoy the party scene in Cancun then this is definitely a great hostel for you to stay in.

This hostel is located in the hotel zone and has a great social atmosphere with plenty of events and activities for you to enjoy. From beer pong, live music, salsa classes to free walking tours, you will have lots of options.

If you’re a solo traveller looking to meet new people then this is one of the best hostels to achieve that goal. One of the things that we love the most about this hostel is that they also offer an excellent coworking space for those digital nomads among us.

Not to mention that there is an incredible pool available to you which overlooks the lagoon. If you’re lucky, you may occasionally see a crocodile in the lagoon below you. You’ll soon know when you see everyone run over to the edge of the pool to snap some photos!

If you’re on a budget, looking for an amazing atmosphere and to take part in free activities then this hostel is the one for you.

A warning sign about the crocodiles that rest in the lagoon near Mayan Monkey

Nomads Party Hotel & Hostel

Nomads have some of the best hostels across Mexico and you will find a lot of travellers recommending to stay here.

This is another great hostel for anyone that is travelling on a budget but wants to have the full experience.

In our opinion, this hostel has the whole package for travellers looking to party, explore and unwind.

Amenities include a pool table, sauna, steam room, a great coworking space and even a cinema! Let’s not even mention the beautiful rooftop terrace that is available to you with a bar and pool to match! Why would you even want to leave?!

For anyone looking to work and explore during the day, party at night and stick to a good budget, we would recommend this hostel to you.

Hotels in Cancun

When searching for hotels in Cancun, you will find a lot of results hitting your screen and it can be overwhelming with the amount of choice available.

There are private rooms in hostels, bnbs, guest houses, villas and some beautiful hotels to choose from.

We’ve added some of our favourite accommodation below which will help you decide where is best for your stay in Cancun.

Residence Inn by Marriott

When choosing a hotel to stay in, you can’t go wrong with a Marriott hotel and the Residence Inn is no different.

Located in the popular hotel zone, you will be close to where all the action is in Cancun.

For anyone that is travelling on a budget but wants to avoid hostels, this is a really great choice.

All rooms have air conditioning, TVs and a private bathroom. Whilst the rooms are basic, you will have a beautiful balcony to enjoy and some of which come with sea views.

Another perk about staying at the Residence Inn is that it also includes an American breakfast so that is one less meal to come out of your hard earned spending money.

Cancun beach

Hotel Nyx

Coming at a slightly higher price, Hotel Nyx is a beautiful hotel with lots of luxury for you to enjoy.

Breakfast is usually included within the price but you can also upgrade to an all-inclusive option too. If you’re looking for a relaxing break away with a sprinkle of exploration then we would recommend getting yourself upgraded.

Everything in this hotel is done to high quality, from the food in the two restaurants, beautiful sea views and a luxurious infinity pool for guests to enjoy.

This is truly a beautiful hotel for you to stay in with an affordable price. It is located in the hotel zone on the seafront which opens up plenty of water excursions.

You can take part in scuba diving at the coral reefs or Mayan excursions in Cancun.

This hotel is a wonderful choice for a little bit of luxury and a great location to match.

Turquoize at Hyatt Ziva

Last but certainly not least is one of the most beautiful hotels in Cancun which screams luxury.

At Turquoize, there are only adults allowed at the resort which means that you won’t be woken up by screaming children. There is nothing worse than when you’re recovering from a hangover around the pool and all you can hear are kids running around. Harsh but we’ve all been there! 

There are beachfront suites reserved solely for guests at Turquoize with private hot tubs.

You can book to stay at this hotel on an all-inclusive basis so you won’t need to worry about any additional expense for food.

Easily, our favourite part about this hotel is the exclusive access to the infinity pool and stunning rooftop bar. From here, you will have stunning views of Cancun’s seascape with a cocktail in hand.

Enjoy luxury on a whole different level from rainfall showers, a relaxing spa and butler / concierge services.

Where to Book Excursions in Cancun?

Now that you know how to get to Cancun and where you’re going to stay, it’s time to get down to where you can book excursions in Cancun.

Like most countries, haggling is common in Mexico too so if you’re looking to book an excursion from a tour operator whilst you’re there then be sure to try and haggle down the price.

You will find that for most things you purchase, there is a tourist price and a local price. To prevent this scenario, it may be best to book your excursions before you arrive in Cancun.

One of the best tours in Cancun is ziplining through the Mexican jungle

There are some exceptions where you will need to book through either your hotel or a tour operator. This will generally be if there is a specific tour that you have in mind that you can’t find offered elsewhere.

However, these days pretty much everything you want can be found online. Below are some of our favourite companies that we use to find the best tours in Cancun.

Save Money on Attractions & Excursions in Cancun with a Tourist Pass

Whilst it is great to get your day trips in Cancun booked through Viator, Get Your Guide or local tour operators, there is an even better way to make the most of your money & time.

If you’re visiting Cancun for a few days then we highly recommend purchasing a Go City Tourist Pass for Cancun.

You have a choice between an all-inclusive pass or an explorer pass with Go City.

With the all-inclusive Go City pass, you will receive unlimited access to all the attractions in Cancun included with the pass (see a full list here) for a number of days. You will save money by choosing this option on some of the best things to do in Cancun.

Alternatively, if you have certain excursions in mind, you can select the explorer pass where you will choose how many attractions you would like to do. You can see a full list of the attractions included in the explorer pass here.

In our opinion, the all-inclusive Go City pass for Cancun is the best value for money. You can spend a few days smashing out the attractions that you want to visit and make the most of your purchase.

If you’re not sure that this will save you money, you can check on Go City’s website to see how much the attractions would cost you booking separately and weigh up the cost of the pass.

There are some activities that are premium so they are only available if you have selected a 3-7 day all-inclusive pass. This includes XCaret excursions in Cancun, Manatee encounters and extreme adventure park admission

We’ve created an itinerary of what you can use the all-inclusive pass for and how much it would normally cost in comparison to the price of the pass.

Go City Cancun All-Inclusive Pass Example

If you purchase a 3 day pass then this will cost approximately $229 (£181) with Go City without including any discount codes you may have.

To get the most out of the pass we would recommend the following activities:

Day 1

  • Chichen Itza, Cenote and Valladoid Day Trip – usually costs $150 (£118) per person. Lunch included.
  • Lucha Libre, Tacos & Beer – usually costs $65 (£51) per person. Dinner included.
  • Open Bar at Congo Bar Cancun – usually costs $47 (£37) per person. Open Bar for 6 hours including liquors such as vodka, tequila, brandy, rum and much more.

Total – $262 / £206

Even with just one day on the pass, you are already saving money! This sample itinerary includes all meals except breakfast too so you won’t need to purchase much either.

Day 2

  • XCaret Park Admission & Cancun Scenic Tower – usually costs $140.99 (£111) per person.
  • Columbus Romantic Dinner Cruise with Steak or Veggie option – usually costs $89 (£70) per person. Dinner included.
  • Sky Wheel Cancun – usually costs $19.90 (£16) per person.

Total – $249.91 / £197

A beautiful cenote on one of the tours in Cancun

Day 3

  • Tulum Express Tour with Hotel Pick Up – usually $68 (£54) per person.
  • Reef, Turtle and Shipwreck Snorkelling Tour – usually $60 (£47) per person.
  • Parasailing Adventure in Cancun – usually costs $70 (£55) per person.

Total – $198 / £156

As you can see, you get a lot of value from using the all-inclusive passes. We quite like to jam-pack our days full of adventures to make the most of the passes. However, you only need to do around 3-5 attractions to make your money back and get value.

The grand total for all 3 days per person is $709 / £559 so if you purchased an all-inclusive Go City pass you would be saving a whopping $480 / £378!

The other thing that we love about the all-inclusive passes is that you can visit the same attraction again on another day if you want to. For example, if you enjoyed the open bar at Congo Bar Cancun then you can come back another day with the pass to do it again!

What are you waiting for? Get your all-inclusive Go City Passes booked for Cancun now!

Is it Safe to do Excursions in Cancun?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe to do excursions in Cancun but just make sure that you’re booking with a reputable operator or company.

Monkey in the trees

We have tour companies that we regularly use for our own travels that you will find within this article. These are all companies that are trustworthy but if you have any questions then you can always reach out to their support team.

If you purchase something through one of our links, we will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This is what helps us to continue to provide great travel content on this blog for you.

Best Tours in Cancun

If you haven’t decided to go with one of the Go City Cancun passes then there are still plenty of options available for you.

If you’re only in Cancun for a short period of time or have an idea on the type of activities that you would like to do whilst you’re there then it would be best to book them individually.

However, we would recommend weighing up the cost of these activities compared to the Explorer or All-Inclusive Go City Passes to see which would be the best value.

There are a lot of different things that you can do whilst you’re in Cancun so we’ve broken these down into the different activities we would recommend.

With each activity, we have recommended 2-3 tours that will give you the best value for your money.

Cenote Excursions Cancun

You can’t go to Mexico without visiting some cenotes whilst you’re there. There are plenty of cenotes around Cancun for you to enjoy.

Cenotes are natural underground chambers filled with water which are perfect for swimming and snorkelling. You will generally find most of the cenotes around the Yucatan area so it is worth visiting as many cenotes in Cancun as possible.

If you’re looking to visit some of the incredible spots then there are options for you to either join a full tour of cenotes or you can combine this with another activity like ziplining or driving ATVs.



In this tour, you will head into the Yucatan jungle to explore Sac Actun. Hotel transfers are included from Cancun as well as lunch with a Mayan ceremony.

You will be able to enjoy 3 ziplines through the jungle including an aquatic zipline too. Your adrenaline will pound as you rappel into Yax-Muul cenote. Not to forget that you will then go snorkelling through the underwater caverns.

This cenote excursion in Cancun will explore both an open and closed cenote.

With the open cenote, you will see the beautiful sunlight hitting the water and can jump into the cenote itself. If you want a bit more of an adrenaline rush, you can also take a zipwire into the cenote too.

When you’re enjoying the closed cenote, you will be able to swim through the caverns and often you will be able to see bats too.

To end the tour, you will enjoy some tequila tasting and enjoy lunch in the small fishing village of Puerto Morelos. Explore around the village speaking to locals and enjoying some shopping.

For a cheaper excursion in Cancun, this combination tour is a great way to take advantage of some of the activities Cancun has to offer.

You will be able to enjoy some ziplining through the Yucatan jungle, drive an ATV through the dirt tracks. Finally, you will be able to enjoy a zipline into an open cenote and replenish yourself in the fresh water.

This tour includes hotel pick up and drop off so it is the perfect tour to get the full experience whilst you’re in Cancun.

Whale Shark Tours Cancun

Mexico is one of the greatest places to swim with whale sharks and is an ultimate bucket list experience. However, just make sure that you’re visiting during the peak season for the whale sharks.

You will usually be able to see the whale sharks between mid May and early September. The best time to see them though is July and August.

Whilst this experience is not the cheapest, it is certainly one of the most memorable. We would highly recommend ticking this off your bucket list before leaving Cancun.

Whale Shark under the water with a boat close by.

This is a full day tour where you will have a guide teach you more about the whale sharks, their environment and help you have the best chance to see the sharks.

With this tour, you can meet the guide at a selected meeting point or request a pick up which is included in the cost of the tour. You will then head out on the boat to start spotting the whale sharks.

You will have a few opportunities to snorkel in the waters and swim with the whale sharks. This is a great memorable experience for you to enjoy.

After your experience with the whale sharks, you will be taken to Isla Mujeres to enjoy the beautiful Playa Norte beach. Isla Mujeres is one of our favourite spots to visit so it is guaranteed that you will enjoy it here.

When you’re in Isla Mujeres, you will get to enjoy some more snorkelling around the local reefs and a traditional Mexican lunch.

Whilst this tour is more expensive than the group tour, it is a great way to have maximum time seeing the whale sharks.

When you’re on a group tour to see the whale sharks, you will have only have 2 jumps with 10 minutes each to snorkel with the sharks and it is not guaranteed that they will be near you either.

With a private snorkelling tour, you will have exclusive access to the guide to ask as many questions as possible. This also mean that you will have more time swimming with the sharks and more photo opportunities too.

This is also a great option for any groups that are travelling together as it may work out cheaper once you split the cost.

Won’t have time to see the Whale Sharks whilst in Cancun? If you’re planning a stop to Isla Mujeres then you can also see the Whale Sharks there too. Check out our 2 day Isla Mujeres itinerary for more information.

Snorkelling Tours in Cancun

You can’t take a trip to Mexico without trying some snorkelling in the beautiful sea. Cancun boasts gorgeous beaches with beautiful seascapes so this is the perfect place to do it.

There are plenty of amazing marine animals to see whilst you’re snorkelling in Cancun. Keep your eyes peeled for turtles, manta rays, nurse sharks, barracudas and moray eels.

Snorkelling whilst you’re in Cancun is an absolute must do activity! We’ve popped below some recommendations on tours that are great prices and hit some of the main marine areas to visit around Cancun.

This tour operates with a small group so you won’t feel overwhelmed with too many people on the boat. You will be picked up and dropped off at your hotel in the hotel zone so it is easy to get to the marina.

There is a choice of either a morning or afternoon snorkel sessions where you will visit 4 different snorkelling spots around Cancun. All the snorkelling equipment is included within the price so you won’t have any hidden fees to worry about.

There is a range of coral reefs for you to explore and see the local fish full of vibrant colours. The best part about this tour is to swim around some of the underwater statues where turtles often frequent.

Spending time snorkeling around the shipwreck is also a wonderful experience which is surrounded by beautiful blue water and sand which is a bit like a pool.

Boats in the sea near Cancun

If you’re not wanting to snorkel all day then this is the perfect combination tour. You can experience the beauty of Cancun’s marine life and also explore the gorgeous nature in the jungle.

Driving the boat yourself through the lagoon looking out for land animals whilst you do so.

Once you’ve driven the speedboat through the lagoon, you will then venture to the reef area to start your snorkelling. Another highlight of this tour is that you will also get to see some of the underwater museum too.

Isla Mujeres Excursions from Cancun

We may have mentioned it once or twice but Isla Mujeres is one of our favourite places to visit in Mexico. If you’re spending time in Cancun then it is absolutely not complete without a trip to Isla Mujeres.

If you take a day trip then it will also save you arranging how to get to Isla Mujeres by ferry. On the island, you can enjoy the beautiful Playa Norte and one of the best things to do is rent out a golf cart.

These tours below take you on a day trip to Isla Mujeres. These are great excursions to go on especially if you’re considering visiting the island for longer but want to sample it first.

This tour lasts 4 and a half hours which also includes pick up and drop off from the hotel zone in Cancun.

You will get to experience plenty of snorkelling in and around the reefs of Isla Mujeres. Snorkelling and diving in Isla Mujeres is one of the best experiences so we highly recommend it. Lunch will be provided of some chips, salsa and guacamole. The best part about this tour is that there is also an open bar waiting for you.

After lunch, you will head onto the shore of Isla Mujeres and get to enjoy everything that the island has to offer. For some inspiration on things to do make sure to check out our Isla Mujeres guide.

Isla Mujeres sunset boat trip

To see Isla Mujeres in a different light literally, this sunset tour is a great way to explore this wonderful island.

Not to mention, that this is also a perfect tour to go on if you are travelling with your partner and looking for some romantic things to do in Cancun.

Lasting around 4 hours, this tour will cruise around the beautiful island and learn about some of its history. You will head onto the shore of Isla Mujeres and watch the sunset from the Playa Norte beach.

Whilst you’re in Cancun, you want to let your hair down and enjoy those spring break vibes.

This party cruise is one of the best ways to do that! Not only will you party the day away but also get to enjoy some snorkelling around the beautiful coral reefs.

With this tour, you will have access to an open bar and buffet lunch too so it is well worth the money. You’ll also get to explore downtown Isla Mujeres too.

Not only is this a party cruise but it’s also great for exploring the island and the seas.

Best Day Trips from Cancun

There are some incredible day trips from Cancun that you can embark on. If your time is limited in Mexico but you want to visit other places than just Cancun itself then these private tours are well worth the value.

Whether you’re looking to explore Mexico City, Holbox or Tulum, these tours are sure to knock your socks off!

Tulum is another popular destination for Spring Breakers to visit in Mexico. If you’re in Cancun then there is no reason why you can’t visit both.

This tour will introduce you to the Mayan history through the ruins in Tulum and explore the archaeological site.

After you’ve explored the Mayan ruins, you will be taken on a boat where you will enjoy a relaxed snorkel around the reefs. The marine life is incredible with lots of bright, colourful fish complimenting the waters.

If you’re lucky, you may also see some turtles and rays during your snorkeling experience.

Before finishing the tour, you will go into the Yucatan jungle to swim in one of the stunning cenotes in Tulum.

Walk down the beach admiring the picturesque pink waters as if you’ve just stepped into the Barbie movie.

The waters of Las Coloradas are absolutely stunning and this is truly a bucket list experience that you need to check off.

Our favourite part about this tour is that you will get to experience plenty of wildlife. You will be looking for the pink flamingos and then through the mangroves, watch out for alligators, crocodiles and local birds.

The trip will take you to the infamous Valladolid where you can marvel at the historical churches and the colonial city. This will give you a great insight into Mexico’s deeper history.

No tour is complete without a trip to the tequila factory. You will get to sample some local tequila and learn how it is made. The perfect way to end the perfect day.

Valladolid Church

Among backpackers, Isla Holbox is certainly a favourite among the Mexican islands. Visiting Isla Holbox will definitely be a highlight of your time in Mexico with it’s bohemian aura and variety of activities.

This private day tour is the best way to explore a new island and experience a different side of Mexico. You will be picked up from your hotel and dropped off so you won’t need to worry about a thing.

Boarding a private boat at Chiquilia heading over to to the beautiful Isla Holbox. Here, you will get to explore some of the wildlife that frequents the island.

As it is a private tour, everything will be done in your own time and if there is something that you specifically want to do then you can request this.

You’ll be able to explore the beautiful island at your own pace. Lunch will be served at a local seaside restaurant where you will be able to take in the magnificent sights of the island in peace.

This is a beautiful trip and as it is private, you will be able to choose what you would like to do whilst on the island. If you’re travelling with a group then this is the best day tour in Cancun as you will be able to split the cost between you.

Whilst this is a more expensive day trip from Cancun, it is also one of the most rewarding.

Spending some time in Mexico City, we can really credit how amazing it is. This is truly a bucket list adventure from Cancun and is well suited for anyone that wants to explore other areas of Mexico but only has time for Cancun on their itinerary.

You will head to Cancun’s International airport and fly into Mexico City early in the morning. Your local guide will take you around the sights of the city and introduce you to some of the history about the local attractions.

Some of the biggest highlights from this day trip is visiting the Catedral Metropolitana, the Presidential Palace and Paseo de la Reforma.

After exploring the zocalo, you will be taken to the Zona Arqueologica Teotihuacan to learn more about the infamous pyramids and Mayan history.

The thing that we love the most about this day trip from Cancun is that it is so personal and private. You will get to wander around the city in your own time with a guide filled with knowledge to educate you along the way.

Truly a bucket list experience and one that can’t be missed if you otherwise won’t have time to visit Mexico City on it’s own.

Chichen Itza Excursions Cancun

No trip to Cancun is complete without taking some time to marvel at one of the most beautiful wonders of the world; Chichen Itza.

Take some time to wander around these famous Mayan ruins and learn more about the history and culture. Most of the tours are combined with another activity such as a trip to a cenote or visiting Valladolid.

Whichever combination you decide on, you will have a wonderful time and check another item off your bucket list. Find the best tours to Chichen Itza from Cancun below:

For anyone that is travelling to Cancun on a budget, this is the best tour for you to be able to see one of the wonders of the world.

Chichen Itza is the one thing that you can’t miss in Cancun and once you see this wonder, you will know exactly why.

On this particular tour, you will be transported to the site of Chichen Itza and learn more about the Mayan history from a local guide.

A Mexican buffet-style lunch will be provided for you to enjoy before you are taken to a cenote site.

Before ending the tour, you will be taken to Valladoid to wander around the area. This is a beautiful area for you to take in the sites of the town.

Chichen Itza in Cancun

On this tour, Chichen Itza is not the only Mayan ruin that you will explore. You will also be taken to Ek Balam to learn more about the Mayan history and culture.

This archaeological site will give you a great insight into Mayan civilisation and their practices.

After spending a hot day exploring the ruins, the best way to finish this experience is by taking a dip in a cenote. You will be taken to the infamous cenote Samuul which is a beautiful underground cenote.

Samula is located near Valladolid and has some great jumping spots for anyone that wants a bit of adrenaline.

A light breakfast and lunch is included with the tour as well as hotel pick up and drop off.

If you are travelling in a group or want to have more of a personalised experience then we would recommend this private tour to Chichen Itza.

You will get to explore around the Mayan ruins and marvel at the magnificent Chichen Itza. As this is a private tour, if you have any requests then it is worth asking the guide so that you can make the most of your experience.

Some of the beautiful Mayan ruins at the Chichen Itza park.

You will be taken to cenote Ik Kil which is close to Chichen Itza and is an absolutely beautiful spot. There is no better way to cool off after wandering around in the heat all day.

Additionally, you will be taken to a small local restaurant where you can try some of Yucatan’s specialties. We would recommend trying some cochinita tacos in particular as they are popular within the region.

Zip Line and ATV Excursions in Cancun Mexico

Lastly, whilst you’re in Cancun, you should try and head out to one of the adventure parks to zipline and drive ATVs through the jungle.

You can find these experiences on their own or as a combination so we’ve popped a couple of recommendations below.

ATV excursion in Cancun

This is the best tour that we can recommend as it covers all the experiences that you could possibly want within the jungle.

Start your day off right by driving an ATV through the dirt track of the jungle taking in the scenery as you go.

You will fly through the Mexican jungle on an assortment of 3 different zipwires. This is a truly wonderful experience that you can tick off your bucket list and perfect for any adrenaline junkies.

After spending a hot day in the jungle, there is nothing better than freshening up by taking a dip in a gorgeous cenote.

You’ll finish your adventure tour in Cancun by sampling some tequila at the tasting. This is a great way to get to know Mexican culture a bit better and learn more about how tequila is made.

Different tequila liquors that you can try

Experience Cancun

There you have it, these are the top tours for you to enjoy whilst you’re in Cancun. We would highly recommend heading out on some of the adventure tours as they are truly bucket list experiences.

Don’t forget that a lot of these tours are possible if you purchase an all-inclusive Go City pass too and will save you a lot of money.

If you’re exploring a few destinations in Mexico then head over to our guide for Palenque which is another unforgettable location for explorers.

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