Making Harry Potter themed cocktails in Edinburgh has been one of our favourite experiences. It came with so many different ingredients like this image
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Harry Potter Cocktail Making Edinburgh

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Making Harry Potter themed cocktails in Edinburgh has been one of our favourite experiences. It came with so many different ingredients like this image

If you love Harry Potter then you definitely need to try the Escape Room & Cocktail Making experience in Edinburgh. Edinburgh absolutely screams Harry Potter all the way from the gothic vibe of the streets making you feel like you’re in Diagon Alley all the way up to finding the cafes where J.K Rowling wrote some of her books.

You’ll find that most of the locations for Harry Potter sights are within the UK but you may not have realised how many are within Edinburgh itself! If you’re exploring the Harry Potter sights then you need to consider going on this cocktail making and escape room experience.

Of course, in a real-life Diagon Alley, you’re going to find a dedicated Harry Potter Escape Room & the cocktails were a bonus! The Escape Room & Cocktail Experiences are ran by the Department of Magic and are suitable for couples or families.

Harry Potter Cocktail Making Experience

If you’re visiting the Escape Room in Edinburgh then you NEED to partake in the Harry Potter Cocktail Making experience too. It has the best themed cocktails in Edinburgh. After the Escape Room, you can chill out in the tavern and if you’ve already booked the cocktail experience you can decide what drinks you would like. We loved how the cocktails came with fun syringes, vials and themed glasses. You really felt like you were making potions in Snape’s classroom (RIP Alan Rickman).

Amy enjoying the presentation of the Harry Potter themed Cocktail Making Experience

We would recommend booking both the Escape Room and the Cocktail Making experience in advance. They can get booked up pretty quickly! We opted for the Magical Potions and Smoking Shots for 2 and it was so worth it. The shots came out in a treasure box filled with dry ice and it was a magical experience.

The Dark Lord Cocktail Making Kit - Harry Potter Themed

Making the Cocktails

Alcoholic Butterbeer from the Harry Potter Cocktail Making Experience

We opted for the Magical Potions and Smoking Shots for 2 and it was so worth it. The shots came out in a treasure box filled with dry ice and it was a magical experience. Each cocktail comes with a recipe that you need to follow. It is great fun for you to channel your inner witch or wizard. We got to try the Liquid Gold, The Dark Lord & some alcoholic homemade Butterbeer. In our opinion, the Butterbeer was better than the one you get at Harry Potter World (and less expensive!).

All of these were incredibly tasty. We can’t wait to go back again and try our hand at making some of the other Harry Potter cocktails. Next time we may give the escape room a miss though as that is clearly not our forte!

How much will the Harry Potter Cocktail Experience in Edinburgh cost?

Depending on where you choose to go for your cocktail making will depend on the price. When we went to the Department of Magic in Edinburgh, it was £17.50 per person. With this you can choose any cocktail to make and a shot to have which will come in a smoky box filled with dry ice.

After that you are more than welcome to order more drinks like Butterbeer and many others on the menu. You can also go for the escape room that is an additional £25 per person and is a lot of fun if you have a group of at least 2 people.

How To Book The Harry Potter Cocktail Experience

The best way to book is online by using their website as you can get a good look at everything they offer. With the place we went to, the Department of Magic, they offer a lot of different packages for different sizes of groups. For this reason we would recommend going onto the website and having a look to see what best suits you.

They also have an email address if you have anything you want to ask before going. If you would rather you can just go into the bar and talk to the staff to help you in any way they can and you can get all the info that you want. As it is a popular attraction in Edinburgh, you may find that it is quite busy so it is best to book it in advance.

How To Find The Department of Magic Harry Potter Bar

The Department of Magic is an easy bar to find as it is just off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh as it is a very popular location. There are 2 different Department of Magic spots in Edinburgh. You can choose either Cowgate or Blair Street. We went to Blair Street Department of Magic and we liked that it was hidden away as if it was down Knockturn Alley.

Both Department of Magic spots are equally great but the one on Blair Street is a little bit smaller. We really enjoyed our experience at Blair Street but we are yet to try the Cowgate version.

The best thing is that the Royal Mile is right next to the Edinburgh castle and the bar is located at the bottom of the street from the castle so you can’t miss it. If you’re new to Edinburgh you can always use map below to help you out.

Harry Potter Escape Room

On our way to the Harry Potter themed Escape Room and Cocktail Making Experience in Edinburgh

The Escape Room won’t test your knowledge on Harry Potter. Even if you’re not a fan you can still partake and enjoy it just as much. It is really good to take kids too because they will be able to help out with the puzzles. Whereas some of the other escape rooms you come across are not always kid friendly.

You will have a fun-filled hour with magic, puzzles and a little bit of role-play. One bit of advice that we will give you is to not over-think the escape room. Remember that kids can play it too so it’s not always as complicated as you first think!

The Escape Room really is good fun and we have to admit that we were definitely overthinking things so we ended up not completing it. Please let us know if you completed it because we love to know how foolish we have really been!

Is It Worth Going to The Department of Magic?

We would say that it is 100% worth visiting but if you are going to go to do it then you have to go all out. We would recommend doing the escape room and finishing off with the cocktail making experience. Everyone will have a fun time and it makes for a good day out and they even offer non-alcoholic versions for children and non-drinkers.

It is best to go when you have a group of people as you will have more heads to think on the escape room. However, if you’re looking to do it as a couple, it is one of the best date ideas for couples in Edinburgh and is still manageable and just as fun.

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