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17 Cheap Things to do in Barcelona Spain

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With Barcelona becoming more popular over the years and thereby more expensive, you may be wondering if there are cheap things to do in Barcelona Spain.

Well, you’re in luck because as couple budget travellers that is exactly what we look out for. Having been to Barcelona a few times now, we have learnt different ways to save money in the city.

Most tourists will tend to come to Barcelona to visit the popular Gaudi buildings such as the Sagrada Famila. As the completion of the Sagrada Familia gets closer, the price of visiting this infamous Gaudi building has been increasing.

At the time of writing this, it currently costs around €26 (£22GBP / $28USD) for an adult to visit which is not the cheapest attraction in Barcelona but one that most tourists will visit in Barcelona anyway. For this reason, we decided not to include the Sagrada Familia on our list of cheap things to do in Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia with the garden greenery nearby.

Instead, we have included 17 different things for you to do on your next visit to Barcelona. All of the items on this list cost less than €26 (£22GBP / $28USD) at the time we put this article together except from the hop-on hop-off bus €34 (£28.62 /$36.80).

Without further ado, read on to find some of the cheapest things to do in Barcelona and also plenty of unique things to do in the city too.

1. See a Flamenco Show (€25.47)

The first time Amy visited Barcelona, she went to a Flamenco show and it was an extremely affordable thing to do in Barcelona. Not just that but it was also a great way to get to know the Spanish culture a bit better too.

If you’re looking for a fun evening, appreciating the Spanish culture and good vibes all round then a Flamenco show is definitely for you.

Sometimes, tickets for the Flamenco shows can be expensive in Barcelona depending on where you’re going to see the show within the city. 

At the end of the Flamenco show where the dancers and musicians are doing their finale for the audience.

If you want to see a show at The Gran Gala then this is one of the most infamous places to see Flamenco in Barcelona so it is understandably a bit more expensive.

However, you can get tickets to see a Flamenco show in Barcelona starting from €25.47 (£21.68GBP / $27.88USD). We’ve included some of our top picks below for you.


2. Montjuic Outdoor Cinema (€7.50 – €10.50)

If you’re looking for unique things to do in Barcelona then the outdoor cinema at Montjuic is what you want to do!

The Montjuic Outdoor Cinema begins on the 28th June 2024 and ends on the 2nd August 2024.

As tickets are not on sale yet, we can’t be sure on what the price will be for the outdoor cinema this year. Tickets in the past have cost around €7.50 (£6.39GBP / $8.21USD) or €10.50 (£8.94 / $11.49) if you’re renting a deck chair.

Included in this price is a live music performance, you can bring your own picnic and booze and then the showing of the movie that you’ve chosen to see.

If you’re planning to go to the Montjuic Outdoor Cinema then it is worth booking this in advance as it is a very popular thing to do in Barcelona for tourists and locals alike.

3. Hop-on Hop-Off Bus (€34)

One of the best ways to make the most of your time in Barcelona is by purchasing tickets to the hop-on hop-off bus. We’ve used these buses not just in Barcelona but multiple destinations and they really are worth the money.

Hop-on Hop-off Barcelona Bus

When we purchase these bus tickets, we often run a full loop to listen to the audio and learn more about the city. We also find that we can then have a little look at the attraction and make a decision on what we would like to see a bit more and takes our interest.

The price of the hop-on hop-off bus is the one of the most expensive things on this list but we would say that it really is worth the money as you will also have transport for 24 hours too.

Barcelona is also one of our favourite places to use the hop-on hop-off bus because it has a couple of loops and is quite large so you really do get great quality for money.

The prices for hop-on hop-off bus tour in Barcelona starts from €34 (£28.62 /$36.80) for 24 hour access.

If you’re planning to purchase the Hop-on Hop-off tickets and tickets to some other attractions then it might be worth considering purchasing a Go City Pass for Barcelona or the Hola Barcelona Card. This can often be a great way to save money on attractions and public transport too!

4. Sightseeing Cruises (from €9.68 – €24.96)

If you’ve seen a lot of Barcelona by land then you may want to see Barcelona in a unique way by sightseeing from a cruise instead.

There are a lot of different options for cruises that you can enjoy. Some of the cruises are 40 minutes long so that you can enjoy the sightseeing whereas others are a few hours and include live music.

They are all great options for if you’re on a budget and want to explore Barcelona from a different perspective.

Barcelona Marina with plenty of boats on the water.

We’ve included a few sightseeing cruises in Barcelona below with the cheapest starting at €9.68 (£8.24GBP / $10.59). The most expensive sightseeing cruise we’ve included costs €24.96 (£21.25 / $27.32) but this cruise does feature live music so it is a little more expensive.

You can check out the different options of cruises that we recommend for sightseeing in Barcelona Below.


5. Big Fun Museum & Museum of Illusions (between  €10.19 –  €30.56)

Liam posing on a pink highland cow at the Big Fun Museum. This is one of the most fun cheap things to do in Barcelona Spain.

Whilst it’s not specifically for Barcelona, one of the most fun things we did in Barcelona was visit the Big Fun Museum and the Museum of Illusions.

You can visit either one of the museums separately or you can purchase a ticket that combines the two which works out a bit cheaper.

We would recommend visiting both the museums if you have the time because they are both really good fun. If you’re travelling with your partner, as a group of friends or as a family, there is something for everyone at these museums.

In particular, it is a really great activity in Barcelona for kids because they can let off some steam and have some fun!

The Barcelona Museum of Illusions costs only €10.19 (£8.67 / $11.15) on its own and the Big Fun Museum costs €25.47 (£21.68 / $27.88). Whereas if you book a combination ticket of both museums then it will cost only €30.56 (£26.01 / $33.44) so it is slightly cheaper than purchasing them separately.

Amy having fun at the illusions museum posing with a machine gun shooting at the alien character.

However, if you’re planning to visit multiple attractions within Barcelona then it is actually much cheaper for you to use the Go City passes. The Big Fun and Illusions museum is included within the Go City Pass and you will be able to visit lots of other Barcelona attractions too.

6. Erotic Museum of Barcelona (€14.26)

For something a little cheeky and unique to do in Barcelona, you will want to take a visit to the erotic museum.

Located in Las Ramblas, you will often see ladies dressed up as Marilyn Monroe persuading tourists to enter the erotic museum that has become a bit of a novelty within Barcelona.

Learn more about how human sexuality has evolved throughout the years through plenty of art and artifacts. For skip-the-line tickets, it will cost you around €14.26 (£12.14 / $15.61) so it one of the best cheap things to do in Barcelona, Spain.

If you decide to go to the erotic museum, you will also receive a complimentary souvenir and a glass of champagne too!

7. Museo Banksy (€14.26)

Over the course of 3 floors, you will be able to see recreations of famous Banksy works from around the world.

Nearly everyone in the modern age has heard of Banksy and it is almost impossible to see all his artwork because there is so much of this. In this museum, you will be able to view around 800 pieces of Banksy artwork within one go.

To visit the Museo Banksy, it will cost you around €14.26 (£12.14 / $15.61) which makes it a fairly affordable experience within Barcelona.

8. Enjoy some Tapas

Whilst you’re exploring around Barcelona, you will see plenty of signs for restaurants offering tapas. This is something that you must do in Barcelona because it is a great way to sample their culture through your stomach.

There are a lot of affordable restaurants that offer amazing tapas options so it is worth researching what is close by to you at that time.

Liam looking at the menu at one of the rooftop bars we went to in Barcelona.

This is an amazing thing to do in Barcelona and you can really take part in the casual dining that is ever so popular within Spain.

9. Mirador Torre Glories (€15.28)

There are plenty of amazing viewpoints in Barcelona but one of the most popular places to visit for a beautiful view is the Marador Torre Glories.

You will get 360 degree views over Barcelona city and try marvel at how phenomenal this city really is! Whilst you’re visiting Mirador Torre Glories, you will also get to walk through an interactive museum showcasing artwork of Barcelona.

This is a really incredible experience for you to enjoy in Barcelona and it is great for anyone that is visiting Barcelona on a budget too. 

It will cost around €15.28 (£13.01 / $16.73) to visit this fantastic viewpoint. If you’re planning to visit lots of other Barcelona attractions then you might want to invest in a Go City Pass which includes access to the Mirador Torre Glories too.

10. Paddlesurfing (€16.29)

Another unique and cheap thing to do in Barcelona is to partake in some paddlesurfing. This is a great way to develop a new skill and have some fun in the Barcelona sun.

You will get to see Barcelona from a perspective unlike any other and it is an amazing activity for our active travellers too.

This is also a really romantic activity for couples to enjoy in Barcelona together too. There is nothing like seeing the Barcelona skyline from the sea and enjoy the tranquility of paddlesurfing.

Paddlesurfing lasts around 2 hours and costs approximately €16.29 (£13.87GBP / $17.83USD) so for an experience like this including equipment rental, we think that it is a really affordable thing to do in Barcelona.

11. Teleferic Montjuic (€16.81)

For anyone that wants to soak up as many viewpoints in Barcelona as possible then you will need to take a ride on the Teleferic Montjuic.

In our opinion, this is one of the best things that we got to do in Barceona and it offers such a beautiful experience. You will be able to catch the cable car which will give you stunning views across Barcelona city.

If you're looking for cheap things to do in Barcelona Spain then you will want to head up to Montjuic Castle using the Teleferic Montjuic where you will get beautiful views across Barcelona.

You will be able to walk around Montjuic castle when you get to the end of the cable car ride which offers another unique viewpoint of Barcelona.

On the way back, we recommend getting off at the other stop so that you can get some beautiful views of Barcelona Marina. This is a really fun thing for couples or families to do together and experience Barcelona from a unique perspective.

It costs around €16.81 (£14.31GBP / $18.40USD) for a round trip ride on the cable car which is well worth the money. If you’ve never been in a cable car before then it is also a great thing to do for a unique experience.

As this activity is weather dependent, you will need to check online in advance to make sure that the cable cars are running.

12. Street Food Tours (Between €18.34 –  €19.36)

Often when you’re visiting a new city, you may find that food tours are usually quite expensive. However, you do have to bear in mind that as you’ll be eating on the tour, this also counts towards your food budget too.

There are lots of different areas within Barcelona that all offer different types of Spanish food and their own twist on Barcelona classics.

If it is within your budget then we would recommend visiting one of the market food tours where you will get to see the locals hustle and bustle getting their weekly groceries.

We’ve included a few different street food tours in Barcelona below and all of them include food tastings whilst you’re on the tour. The prices for these tours range from between €18.34 –  €19.36 (£15.61GBP / $20.07USD – £16.48GBP / $21.19USD). As this includes food as well, we think that this is a really cheap thing to do in Barcelona.

Taking part in a food tour in Barcelona is a great way to get to know Spanish culture a bit more. This is especially true because food is a large influence in Spanish culture too.


13. The Ice Bar Experience (€19.36)

If Barcelona is a bit too warm for you then you may want to head to the Ice Bar to cool off.

In this experience, you will get wrapped up warm and cosy before entering the first ever ice bar that is on a beach. This is a really unique thing to do in Barcelona and really good fun for couples or friends travelling together.

For the cost of €19.36 (£16.48GBP / $21.19USD) you will gain admission into the Ice Bar and receive a complimentary drink too as well as a jacket and gloves for you to borrow.

For anyone that is looking to get those quality snaps in Barcelona for Instagram then this is definitely the place you need to be!

14. Parc Guell (€23.43)

Parc Guell is not the cheapest thing to do but it is certainly one of the main tourist attractions in Barcelona. This image shows the buildings in Parc Guell and plenty of crowds too with Barcelona City in the backdrop.

Surprisingly, visiting Parc Guell is also on our list of free things to do in Barcelona. Technically you can get into Parc Guell for free but you will have to visit really early hours of the morning. The park is open all year round and you need to have an admission ticket between 09:30am – 06:00pm. 

However, there are hours where only locals and residents can enter for free exclusively which is a few hours before the park officially opens and a few hours after. These times change often so it is best to visit the official Park Guell website to see when you can enter for free but it is usually early hours of the morning and late at night.

If you would like to save yourself some hassle though, entrance to Park Guell is quite affordable for tourists still. When we went to Park Guell, we found that it was helpful to have a local guide with us that can explain parts of Gaudi’s architecture that we would have otherwise missed if we had gone on our own.

These guided tours of Parc Guell cost around €23.43 (£19.96GBP / $25.63) which is still fairly affordable considering that you will have access to a knowledgeable guide and skip-the-line access into the park too.

15. Tango Lessons (€25.47)

To really embrace the Barcelona, enjoying tango lessons on a rooftop is one of the best ways to do it. This is not something we have done ourselves because they were fully booked the last time we went to Barcelona but it is absolutely on our bucket list for Barcelona.

Even though Tango is Argentinian, Barcelona is believe to be one of the most common places to dance the tango. You will learn more about the tango and get to enjoy some spectacular views of Barcelona as the sun sets.

This is a really fun activity in Barcelona for couples and friends to enjoy together. This experience costs around €25.47 (£21.61GBP / $27.88) for your dance instruction and it also includes a drink of either beer, sangria, white wine or soda.

16. Columbus Monument Viewpoint (€8.40)

The first time Amy visited Barcelona, she went to the top of the Columbus Monument and it is still to this day one of her favourite viewpoints in Barcelona.

Even though it seems like quite a touristy thing to do in Barcelona, it is surprising how many people don’t realise that you can go to the top of the statue.

Image of the viewpoint from the Christopher Columbus monument showing some of the beautiful buildings in Barcelona.

For only €8.40 (£7.15GBP / $9.19) you will be able to take the elevator to the top of the Columbus Statue and bask in this unique Barcelona viewpoint.

17. Montserrat (Between €28.54 – €44.84)

Montserrat is one of the most awesome day trips from Barcelona and we highly recommend taking a trip out here if you can. It is quite easy to get from Montserrat to Barcelona and it is a really affordable day out.

There are a lot of different day tours from Barcelona to Montserrat through a variety of companies. If you’re wanting to use a tour company then this is probably one of the most expensive things to do on this list.

Montserrat Monastery

We’ve recommended a few different tours below which range in price from €28.54 – €44.84 (£24.28GBP / $31.24USD – £38.15GBP / $49.08USD). You will be transported to the top of the Montserrat mountain and will choose to enter the monastery or not.

With some of the tours, the cost of the funicular is not included so it is best to check the small print before booking anything. However, this is something that you need to do if you’re visiting Barcelona.

Alternatively, to save on costs a little more, you can arrange for your own transport to Montserrat. You will need to take the train from Barcelona and then catch the Furnicular to the top. Prices for the train can vary depending on your age (under 26 is cheaper in Europe), if you’ve purchased a Barcelona travel card and how far in advance you book your tickets.

This is certainly a cheaper option to visit Barcelona if you’re able to plan in advance but if you’re an anxious traveller then you may prefer to have the peace of mind of having all the transportation taken care of for you.


Save Money on Attractions in Barcelona

Barcelona Go City Passes

If you’re on a tight budget but want to visit quite a few different attractions that you need to pay for then it may be worth considering purchasing a Go City Pass for Barcelona.

We’ve used the Go City Passes for a few different destinations now including Barcelona and they really are worth the money. We prefer to purchase the all-inclusive passes so then we’re not limited on the amount of attractions that we can visit.

However, if you have a number of attractions in mind that you’re planning to visit in Barcelona then you can also purchase an Explorer Pass for that amount of attractions.

Sagrada Familia

To have an all-inclusive pass for 2 days will cost you around €144 (£122.44GBP / $157.51) per adult where you will be able to visit unlimited attractions during those two days. You are able to purchase the all-inclusive pass for up to 5 days and you will receive more savings the more days you purchase it for.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a Go City All-Inclusive pass then it is worth calculating the cost of the attractions you want to visit if you didn’t have the pass and then compare how much the pass costs to work out whether it is worth the money for you.

There are also the Explorer Passes where you can choose the amount of attractions you would like to use the pass for which will save you money too.

The Explorer Pass starts at 2 attraction options at the cost of €69 (£58.67GBP / $75.48USD) per adult. Once again, you will save more money if you increase the amount of attractions you’re visiting.

Hola Barcelona Pass

When we were visiting Barcelona, another way we saved money was by using the Hola Barcelona Travel Pass.

If you’re planning to use public transport a lot whilst you’re in Barcelona (and you may want to so that you can save your feet!) then we would highly recommend purchasing one of these passes.

The Montserrat Mountains in Barcelona.

You can choose between 48 hours (2 days) – 120 hours (5 days). We honestly found it such a great investment because we used the metro so much whilst we were there so that we could really make the most of the time we had in Barcelona.

The price for the 48hours Hola Barcelona Travel pass starts from €20.90 (£17.78GBP / $22.87USD) and the 5 day pass costs approximately €48.42 (£41.19GBP / $52.99USD).

Whilst this may seem like quite a large upfront cost, if you’re planning to use the public transport then it is well worth the money. This is one of the options you can use to get from Barcelona airport to the city centre too!

One of the best tips for visiting Barcelona on a budget that we can give you is to purchase one of these travel cards and do it in advance so that you can ensure that you get the cheapest price.

Now You’ve Found Some Cheap Things to do in Barcelona, you’re ready!

Barcelona is one of the most incredible cities that we have visited in Europe and you really will have an amazing time.

Even if you’re travelling on a tight budget, that shouldn’t hinder you too much from enjoying your time in Barcelona. There are plenty of cheap things to do in Barcelona Spain that you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything.

We really would recommend that you consider saving money in Barcelona by using a Go City Pass and / or the Hola Barcelona Travel Pass.

Arc de Triomf

They really saved us so much money whilst we were there and we didn’t feel like we had to negotiate between having a good time and watching the pennies!

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