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What To Do On Isla Mujeres

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You’ve made it to the island and now you’re wondering ‘what is there to do on Isla Mujeres?’. Well, you’re in for a right treat as there are a lot of different things to do in Isla Mujeres for any type of traveller.

It is a beautiful island that prides itself on a mix between relaxation and partying. You can choose to have one or the other or even both if that is what you feel.

Due to the placid nature of the island, this is what makes Isla Mujeres worth visiting and adding to your Mexico bucket list!

After Amy spent around 3 weeks exploring the island, we knew we had to create this list of what to do on Isla Mujeres all in one place.

We’ve also shared some of the best things you can do when it’s raining in Isla Mujeres as well as things that you can do at night.

Whether you’re looking to do some sightseeing, relax on the beach, enjoy some of the many water activities or party the night away in Isla Mujeres, you will find everything you’re looking for.

One of the beautiful churches on Isla Mujeres

Where to Stay in Isla Mujeres

Best Things to do in Isla Mujeres

We’ve started off this guide with a general list of the best things to do in Isla Mujeres for any type of traveller. After spending a lot of time exploring some of the best sights on the island, you will find everything you need to know in this section.

However, if you’re on the island and specifically looking for things to do at night or when it’s raining in Isla Mujeres then scroll down a bit further for more information.

Snorkelling with whale sharks

One of the best things to do in Isla Mujeres is to go snorkelling with whale sharks. You can do this activity in a few different places in Mexico but in our opinion Isla Mujeres is one of the greatest places to do it.

These friendly giants of the sea are amazing creatures and you should definitely not pass up the opportunity to see them. This is truly a bucket list experience and a memory that will stay with you forever.

If you're not sure what to do on Isla Mujeres then swimming with Whale Sharks is an epic adventure. This image shows a whale shark feeding off plankton from the surface of the water.

The whale shark season in Isla Mujeres is usually between May – September but it is always worth checking the best time to visit Isla Mujeres as this does fall in with the rainy season too.

You can also have the opportunity to see them if you’re doing some diving on the island too but the snorkelling tours are the most common.

Best Whale Shark Tours in Isla Mujeres


There are a lot of incredible dive sites in Isla Mujeres so it really is one of the best spots to go diving. From shipwrecks, national parks and drift dives, there are plenty of amazing underwater places to see.

Amy with her diving instructor Kai in Isla Mujeres from Sea Hawk Divers.

One of the main highlights that people tend to go diving in Isla Mujeres for is the underwater museum which we’ve shared more information about below.

Isla Mujeres offers a really diverse marine life which is exciting for divers of any ability. You can look out for different species of turtles, barracudas, eels, stingrays, manta rays and much more.

It is a really awesome island to visit for some diving experiences. If you’ve never been diving before then you can complete your PADI here too just like Amy did. Alternatively, there are also options to do your advanced diving course too.

Best Diving Tours in Isla Mujeres

Sing Karaoke

Even on a small island, there are plenty of opportunities to sing karaoke. A personal favourite of ours is visiting Stingray for karaoke and their nights are just epic.

This is a really fun thing to do in the evening especially if you’re travelling with a group of people or you met some new people at your hostel.

Alternatively, even if you’re travelling solo, we would recommend heading to Stingray just for the entertainment purposes alone!

Party at Nomads Beach Hotel

For any other party travellers out there, Nomads Beach Hotel is one of the best places to go in Isla Mujeres. This hostel, hotel and beach club is located on the way to Punta Sur from the zocalo.

You will need to purchase a wristband in advance to be able to enter the party unless you’re staying at the hotel or hostel section. This is an awesome party to go to and there are resident DJs to party the night away.

Nomads Beach Club, Hostel and Hotel in Isla Mujeres

Sunrise at Punta Sur

Punta Sur is the Southernmost spot on the island and this is where you will get some of the most beautiful photos in Isla Mujeres.

Before sunrise, head over to Punta Sur to see the most spectacular sunrises you will have ever seen. This beautiful point on the island is also a popular spot for lizards so this is a great space to see some of the wildlife too.

For any couples travelling to Isla Mujeres, this is one of the ultimate spots to go to. If you’re thinking of proposing in Isla Mujeres then head to Punta Sur for sunrise with a breakfast picnic in hand and you’ll find one of the most romantic spots.

Relax on Playa Norte

Playa Norte beach in Isla Mujeres.

Playa Norte is one of the most popular beaches on Isla Mujeres and is well loved by tourists and locals alike.

At Playa Norte there is a volleyball court with a net on the beautiful white sand. Across the beach, you will find a lot of different beach clubs but we recommend visiting Green Demon in particular as it has really great vibes.

On this beach most of the area you will need to pay for sun loungers. However, just before the Green Demon beach club, close to where the volleyball net is, there is an area of the beach called the 420 beach. Hopefully you’ll know why it is called that!

A lot of the locals hang around on the 420 area of the beach and bring food and drinks with them. Another thing we love about Playa Norte is that there are a lot of locals that will walk the beach with delicious goods such as fresh pineapple, mango, cans of beer and more.

Rent a Golf Cart

One of the things that most tourists are not accustomed to about Isla Mujeres is that the best way to get around the island is by golf cart.

When you’re visiting Isla Mujeres you need to rent a golf cart especially if you’re planning to hit up Punta Sur. This is the easiest and the best way to get around Isla Mujeres.

If you’re visiting Isla Mujeres on a day trip from Cancun then you will want to be able to explore as much as possible in a short space of time. Renting a golf cart is one of the best ways to do that so that you can see everything on the island.

See the MUSA

The Museum of Underwater Art (MUSA) is one of the main reasons that tourists come to Isla Mujeres and take part in diving and snorkelling trips.

When Amy was learning to dive in Isla Mujeres, her last lesson for her certification was around MUSA and it was an amazing experience.

These underwater statues draw tourists from all over the world and it is no wonder why. Whether you plan to do this experience in Isla Mujeres or Cancun, you will have a different experience every time.

The unique part about this museum is not just that it is underwater but also that it is spread out over multiple locations too. We don’t want to say too much and spoil it but this is something that you absolutely need to do before leaving Isla Mujeres.

Party at a beach club

This is another one for the party travellers or potentially the spring breakers in Isla Mujeres but partying at a beach club is an epic experience.

One of our favourite beach clubs in Isla Mujeres is the Green Demon based on Playa Norte. With amazing music and a great party vibe, you will be set all day long. Not to mention that they have some amazing cocktails too!

There are plenty of choices though when it comes to beach clubs that you could visit one beach club every day for a few weeks. Other options that you may want to look at include Luxury Beach Club, Zama Beach & Lounge and Amazona Beach Club.

No matter which one you choose, you will have an amazing time and can party until the sunsets before heading on to your next destination!

Partying at Green Demon beach club

See live music

For anyone that is looking for a more chilled vibe when visiting Isla Mujeres then seeing some live music on the island is a great option.

There is nothing that screams vacation like traditional live music shows. Imagine the sun has just set but you can still feel the warmth kissing your skin, the sounds of a beautiful acoustic guitar fills the air and you’re holding hands with your loved one tapping along to the beat.

In particular, we recommend visiting the live music shows at El Patio. This spot is located on a rooftop in Miguel Hidalgo and has such a romantic, relaxing vibe about it.

Alternatively, if rock is more your style then another great live music option is the Rock Bar located on Miguel Hidalgo too. It has cheap beers, is a small intimate spot but plays more rock and alternative music.

Stroll through the Zocalo

Even if you’re just on a day trip from Cancun, you will want to take some time wandering around Isla Mujeres’ Zocalo.

Walking into the main town in Isla Mujeres.

The town is a beautiful area with plenty of life, charm and character. It can get very busy in the evenings so one thing to be careful of in Isla Mujeres is watching out for pickpockets taking advantage of this busy period.

This pretty little town is worth taking some time to explore and take in the sights. Stop off at some of the little bars to enjoy a beer or a cocktail and people watch.

Not to mention that there are a lot of amazing restaurants in Isla Mujeres too and the Zocalo is one of the best places to start trying as many as possible.

Day trip to Isla Contoy

If you’ve realised that Mexican islands are made for you after your experience in Isla Mujeres then why not take another day trip to Isla Contoy?

Isla Contoy is another small slice of paradise similar to Isla Mujeres with white sandy beaches and stunning blue waters. It may sound cliche but it really is the truth!

It is a great island to visit for peace and relaxation and is also a natural park. If you’re interested in wildlife in particular then this is the place that you want to visit.

The island is protected and attracts many different wildlife species including migratory birds and marine life.

Note that as Isla Contoy is a protected area, suncream is not allowed on the island so it is best using a rashguard instead. However, it is a beautiful place to visit and this should hopefully not put you off.

Yoga on the beach

What is more zen for a relaxing break away than enjoying some peaceful yoga on the beach?

If you’re not certain on where to go then The Treehouse Yoga is a great spot that overlooks the beautiful Playa Norte. You will find sessions early in the morning which are a great way to start your day and then there are sometimes sunset sessions too.

No matter which one you choose, you will love this experience and it is a great way to relax and truly let your vacation in.

Deep Sea Fishing

If you’re someone that enjoys fishing then this is a relaxing way to spend your time in Isla Mujeres. There are a lot of different companies that offer deep sea fishing tours in Isla Mujeres so you will be spoilt for choice.

If you’ve never been fishing before then the instructors will teach you how to do it and guide you through the process of catching the fish.

Often when you’re booking these tours, all the fishing equipment and drinks are included as well as a professional guide. This is a great experience for families in Isla Mujeres as well so that you can teach your children new things in one of the most beautiful settings.

Best Fishing Tours in Isla Mujeres

Street Art

One of the things we love the most about Isla Mujeres is all the beautiful street art that is hiding around every corner. If you’re renting a golf cart on the island then you should run through a self-guided tour of the street art in Isla Mujeres.

There are also homages to the beautiful marine life that can be found to raise awareness for these creatures that need protecting. A group of street artists came together to create these pieces and show the animals that need protecting.

Some of the murals were created by sea walls which you can find more information about on their website here. The other murals were led by PangeaSeed which you can find a small map of the murals here.

Some of the street art in Isla Muejres

Sunset Cruise

Seeing the sunset in Isla Mujeres is one of the most epic things to do on the island.

One of things that you can’t miss in Isla Mujeres is going on a sunset cruise. Amy can honestly say that this is one of the most beautiful sunsets that she has experienced so far.

Imagine sailing around the sea as the sun sets, enjoying a few beers and ceviche with some music. It is an amazing experience that you need to do before leaving.

If you’re travelling to the island as a couple then this is one of the most romantic things to do in Isla Mujeres together. If you’re planning to pop the question in Mexico then this is one of the best spots to do so.

Mercado Municipal

To have a slightly more authentic experience in Isla Mujeres, you will want to take a visit to Mercado Municipal. This incredible market is open from 6am until 2am and is where a lot of the locals hang out when they’re not working.

This is where you will find some of the tastiest authentic food in Isla Mujeres. There are plenty of choices of different Mexican tacos and an amazing break from the tex-mex food that is popular around Yucatan.

Here there will be live music and a lot of festivity which makes this one of the best authentic spots to visit. Head to the Mercado to pick up some groceries as well, especially if you’re on a budget in Isla Mujeres and want to cook your own food too.

Isla Mujeres Sign

Before you leave Isla Mujeres, you have to take a picture with the Isla Mujeres sign. If you follow Calle Abasolo then you won’t be able to miss it. The area is absolutely beautiful too so its a nice area to stroll around.

Isla Mujeres sign.

Ixchel Ruins

There’s not much of the ruins remaining now but this is still a really important sight to visit before leaving Isla Mujeres. Take a golf cart out to the Ixchel ruins and embrace some of the history of the island.

These ruins honour the goddess Ixchel and can be found in Punta Sur. If you’re planning to visit Punta Sur for sunset then you may want to time it right so that you can explore the ruins before relaxing and watching the sunset.

There are a lot of different stories about Ixchel and has a lot of importance in Mayan history. You can find more in-depth information about the tales of Ixchel here

Taco Crawl

Tacos are one of the best parts about visiting Mexico. No matter where you go you will often be able to get tacos but it absolutely does not compare to the real Mexican ones.

Amy is still regularly hunting for the perfect Al Pastor tacos that she has built cravings for since leaving Mexico. In Isla Mujeres, there are so many amazing places to try tacos.

Take yourself on a self-guided taco crawl tour by trying as many as Isla Mujeres has to offer. In particular, we recommend heading to Taqueria Mafer for what Amy feels are the best tacos in Isla Mujeres.

Enjoying some of the best tacos in Isla Mujeres

La Tortuga Granja

One of the best experiences that Amy had in Mexico was releasing a baby turtle into the ocean. She didn’t do this in Isla Mujeres but she wishes she had known about it whilst she was on the island.

Head to La Tortuga Granja where the turtle farm collects the turtle eggs to keep them safe from species that will harm them. Between August and October, the turtles are released into the wild.

There is a slight admission fee to enter but this helps the locals to continue protecting these endangered animals.

Rent a Yacht

If you know how to sail then why not rent a yacht whilst you’re in Isla Mujeres and have a truly unique experience. There are a lot of different options of yachts, catamarans and boats to hire so you will be able to choose what is best for your party.

Head out on your own adventure around Isla Mujeres snorkelling, enjoying a few drinks and enjoying the sun.

The zocalo in Isla Mujeres at night.

Things to do in Isla Mujeres at Night

  • Sing Karaoke at Stingrays
  • Enjoy live music at El Patio
  • Have a few drinks at the Rock Bar
  • Go on a taco crawl tour
  • Sunset boat tour
  • Party at Nomads Beach Club
  • Star gazing at Punta Sur

Things to do in Isla Mujeres When it is Raining

  • Isla Brewing Company
  • Tiny Gecko
  • Women’s Beading Cooperative
  • Drinks at Stingray
  • Snappers Sports Bar

Explore Isla Mujeres Now

There are a lot of awesome things to do in Isla Mujeres that we recommend you spend a good amount of time here and appreciate the island.

Even though Isla Mujeres is not a traditional area of Mexico, it is still an excellent place to visit and shouldn’t be missed.

Isla Mujeres hosts a lot of different water activities so if you’re planning on spending a lot of time in the sun and in the water then this is the place for you.

Sunset across the water in Isla Mujeres

One of the main highlights of Isla Mujeres is that it is all about relaxation and serenity. Take some time to cool off from your everyday life and try some new experiences like swimming with whale sharks and learning to dive.

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