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22 Best Day Tours Barcelona (Food, Wine, Adventure, Exploration & Much More)

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With so much to do in and around Barcelona, it will come as no surprise that there are a lot of different day tours from Barcelona.

Whether you’re wanting to learn more about Gaudi’s Barcelona, sample some Spanish or Catalan wine or tempt your taste buds with a food tour, there are plenty of tours on offer.

Barcelona is not the most affordable city to visit in Europe but there are a lot of budget-friendly tours in Barcelona if you know where to look.

Liam enjoying the 3D Gaudi Cube in Barcelona. This was such an awesome experience and one of the highlights of visiting Casa Batllo.

There is so much history, culture and food to learn about within Barcelona so it is sometimes best to have a guide with you so that you can learn new things.

In the list below, we’ve compiled some lists for some of the best tours within Barcelona to enjoy that are perfect for anyone wanting to make the most of the city.

Best Gaudi Tours Barcelona

If you’ve done some research on Barcelona then you may quickly realise that Barcelona has mostly been built by Gaudi. Around nearly every corner you will find some of Gaudi’s work.

For us, we’re not as clued up on architecture so we found that it was really helpful to join some guided tours so that we could understand more about Gaudi’s architecture.

Most tourists want to visit Gaudi’s most popular piece of work which is still under construction today, the Sagrada Familia.

People from all over the world flock to Barcelona to get a glimpse at this magnificent cathedral. It has been under construction since 1882 and is not set to be completed for a few years yet.

The Sagrada Familia is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Barcelona and this image shows it in all it's beauty.

Other Gaudi buildings that are of interest to tourists include Casa Batllo, La Pedrera, Parc Guell, Casa Mila and much more. Below, we’ve shared some of the best tours to learn more about Gaudi’s work from a local guide and experience his magnificent architecture within Barcelona.

La Pedrera Night Experience

This tour will last around an hour and a half and is a great way to see one of Gaudi’s incredible pieces of work in a unique perspective.

With this tour, you will have your admission to La Perdrera included as well as get to enjoy an audio-visual display on the rooftop which is a really quirky thing to do in Barcelona.

Your guide will teach you more about how Gaudi gained his inspiration for La Pedrera and the architecture itself. You’ll end the tour with a glass of cava as you marvel at the light display.

Complete Gaudi Tour: Casa Batllo, Park Guell & Sagrada Familia

If you already know that you’re planning to visit a few of Gaudi’s buildings then this combined day tour in Barcelona is the best option for you.

Amy walking through Parc Guell in Barcelona.

We’ve visited all 3 of these Gaudi masterpieces and they are all worth the hype. For us, our favourite was Park Guell in particular as it was absolutely fascinating learning how Gaudi incorporated different structures to keep the people of Barcelona in mind.

In this Complete Gaudi Tour your guide will take you around these popular Gaudi sights and give you plenty of information about them too.

You will have a pre-reserved ticket to Casa Batllo and Casa Vicens, Skip-the-Line access to Parc Guell and a reserved ticket to Sagrada Familia too. Whilst on this tour, you will also have the opportunity to see La Pedrera from the outside as well.

Parc Guell & Sagrada Familia Tour with Skip-the-Line Tickets

If the Complete Gaudi Tour is not for you then you may want to visit 2 of the most popular Gaudi work in Barcelona.

This tour also includes skip-the-line access which is really needed because these tourist attractions can get incredibly busy.

With this small group tour, you will receive admission to Parc Guell and the Sagrada Familia as well as private transportation between the two.

It is incredibly important to have a guide for these attractions because it will really help for you to have a deeper understanding of Gaudi’s architecture.

Amy enjoying the beautiful architecture of Casa Batllo.

Andorra Tours from Barcelona

Only 2 hours and 30 minutes outside of Barcelona, you will be able to tick two countries off in one day by taking a day tour to Andorra.

Whilst this is not a tour that we got to do whilst we were in Barcelona, it is one that we deeply regret not finding the time for.

You can arrange a combined tour where you can visit Andorra and France from Barcelona in one day. This is a great opportunity for anyone that is looking to visit as many countries as possible.

We know that the next time we visit Barcelona that we will be taking part in one of these combined tours. This is especially as one of these tours was also included with our Go City All-Inclusive pass so next time we will definitely be taking advantage of this!

Andorra in 1 Day from Barcelona Passing By France

In this private tour, you will be enjoying private transportation from your hotel where you will set off towards Andorra. Whilst you’re taking your journey to Andorra you will get to take in the beautiful views of Montserrat Mountains.

One of the best parts of this tour is appreciating the beautiful natural scenery along the drive. You will get to see some stunning countryside as you venture into the stunning Andorra.

Before leaving Spain, you will take a brief stop into the small medieval Spanish town Baga. This is a small part of the Pyrenees Alp where you will get sloping dramatic views of the alps.

You will have plenty of time to explore Andorra itself by wandering around Andorra La Vella. This is the capital of Andorra and is well known for the affordability of shopping.

We highly recommend taking part in this day trip because it really is a unique day tour from Barcelona and one that is filled with plenty of stunning views.

Andorra, France & Spain: The Original Three Countries Tour

Similar to the last tour, you will get to visit Andorra but on this group tour, you will also get to visit France too.

This is truly a unique experience for you to enjoy from Barcelona and one that you can’t miss out on especially if you’re planning to tick off some more countries from your list.

You will leave Barcelona and head into Baga where you will get some stunning views of the Spanish countryside. From here, you will start to head towards the French border where you will get to enjoy lunch in the small town of Ax-Les-Thermes.

Time will be given for you to wander around the town and do some shopping for local cheese, meats and maybe even a nice souvenir too.

You will drive through the Pyrenees Alps whilst heading on your way to Andorra which will offer beautiful dramatic views. Spending some time in Andorra La Vella where you will get to enjoy some shopping and the beautiful cobblestoned streets of the town.

When heading back to Barcelona, you will be taken a different route so that you can enjoy some unique views.

This is truly an incredible tour and one that you should not miss when you’re visiting Barcelona.

Self-Guided Walking Tours Barcelona

Liam walking through the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona.

For anyone that is on a budget, one of the best tips for visiting Barcelona is to consider taking a self-guided walking tour instead.

Barcelona is definitely not one of the cheapest European cities to visit but it can easily be done on a budget. These self-guided tours below will give you plenty of information as you wander around Barcelona at your own pace.

For any solo travellers, this is a perfect way to explore the city and learn more about the city itself too.

150 Captivating Audio Stories Barcelona

This cheap audio tour gives you a chance to choose what you want to learn about within Barcelona.

To utilise these audio stories all you will need is a smart phone that has access to the internet and you will be able to get going. Whether you’re wanting to uncover some of the popular tourist attractions within Barcelona or discover some hidden gems, there are plenty of audio stories for you to choose from.

Barcelona Self-Guided Audio Tour

This is a great tour to discover more about Barcelona and do it all at your own pace too. This tour takes you around 26 different popular attractions within Barcelona learning as you go.

Another highlight about this particular tour is that you will have access to the private link for up to 6 days so you can revisit the audio tour if you wish to do so.

The beautiful Gothic Quarter in Barcelona.

This is definitely a cheaper alternative than arranging for a local guide because if you done that for even a few of the attractions within Barcelona, it would add up to quite a lot of money!

The Surrealist Barcelona of Dali & Gaudi Audio Tour

For anyone that wants to dive deeper on the influences that Dali and Gaudi have had on Barcelona then this is the audio tour for you.

You will learn about surrealism at your own pace as you stroll through the city. The best part about this audio tour is that no internet is required because you can also use it in offline mode too!

Foodie Tours Barcelona

Spain is one of the best countries to learn more about the cuisine and Barcelona is a great place for foodies to visit.

There are so many different food tours in Barcelona that we had trouble narrowing down our list to a few options. From cooking classes, street food tours and market visits, Barcelona really is a foodie’s delight.

Paella Cooking Experience with Professional Chef: Four Course Dinner

Amy enjoying some tasty Paella in Barcelona.

You can’t visit Barcelona without trying some Paella and what better way to do that than making your own with a professional chef?

This Paella Cooking Experience includes a four course dinner that you will be able to enjoy after learning how to make it. Cava is included within the price and you will also get to enjoy some delicious wine with your meal too.

For a unique cooking experience, look now further as this Paella cooking class will give you all the knowledge you need to be able to make your own at home too!

Barcelona Walking Food Tour

This tapas food tour will leave your stomach full but your mouth drooling for even more food. Wander around the streets of Barcelona sampling different tapas dishes and learning more about the favourite local food spots.

You will join a small group tour which is a great way to meet new people where you will get to sample around 12 different tapas dishes.

This will include simple dishes such as olives and crisps to Paella, Pintxos, Spanish cheeses and much more. You will also get to enjoy a secret dish from the Secret Food Tours whilst you’re on your walking tour journey.

Barcelona Tipsy Tapas Guided Food Tour

Alcohol and food, what more can you want? This is one of the best ways to enjoy Barcelona and Tipsy Tours are renowned for providing excellent tours in different cities too.

Your tapas and alcohol is included within the price of this tour so we feel that it is really good value for money.

You will wander around El Born and the Gothic Quarter sampling different tapas dishes and of course different drinks too. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with the Spanish culture through your tastebuds.

Barcelona Tapas Walking Tour: Food, Wine & History

Food and wine have always gone hand in hand and Barcelona is no different. Embark on a journey with this walking tour that will provide you with a delicious range of tapas dishes, plenty of wine and history to match.

You will stop at four local restaurants to try tapas dishes and your local guide will give you plenty of knowledge about the food and restaurant.

Enjoy a glass of wine, Sangria, Vermouth and Cava as you go and leave this tour feeling full of knowledge, food and completely satisfied.

Liam choosing from the menu in one of the rooftop bars with a beer.

Best Wine Tours in Barcelona

Barcelona is also renowned for it’s delicious wine so for any wine connoisseurs, this is something that you definitely need to do before leaving the city.

There are quite a few different wine tours offered near Montserrat so if you’re planning to visit this beautiful monastery then this is a great way to combine the two.

Some of the wine tours also include Cava tasting which originated in Catalan. This is a great way to learn about both the Spanish and Catalan culture.

Priorat: 3 Wineries, Olive Oil and Lunch with Hotel Pick-Up

Don’t worry about a thing on this tour with your alcohol and lunch provided for in the cost of the tour. You will journey to 3 different wineries where you will get to sample a selection of wines.

One of the best things about this tour is that you will also learn about the extensive history behind the wineries too. You will stop at one of the wineries for lunch which is provided with fresh food. Even the vegetables are taken from their own garden so you will get to enjoy a really authentic experience.

This tour lasts for around 11 hours so you are really getting good value for money and spending a quality amount of time at each winery. There is no need for rushing and it really is quite a relaxed day tour from Barcelona.

Barcelona to Penedes Private Cava Tasting & Wine Tour

Heading into the region of Penedes which is infamous for the origin of Cava, you will get to sample a grand selection.

You will head to 3 different wineries within the Penedes region trying different wines and cava as you go. Brunch is also included within this tour so you won’t go hungry either.

This is an excellent tour for learning about the origin of Cava and exploring a different region from Barcelona.

Montserrat, Vineyard, Wine Tasting Tour

Join a small group as you journey towards Montserrat and embrace the beautiful views as you go.

Montserrat Mountains one of the best day tours from Barcelona where you get breathtaking views of the mountains.

This full day tour explores around Montserrat and Penedes by sampling wine as you go. One of the highlights of this tour is that you will also get to visit the vineyard too so you really do get an all-round experience.

If you were planning to visit Montserrat anyway then combining it with a wine tour is the perfect way to explore.

Montserrat Day Tours from Barcelona

Montserrat is one of those things that you can’t miss when you’re visiting Barcelona. It is easily one of our favourite things to do from the city.

Head up in the mountains and take in the beautiful dramatic views across Barcelona before heading into the monastery and admiring the interior architecture.

There are a lot of different day tours from Barcelona to Montserrat so we’ve chosen some of the most unique options and tours that are the best value for money below.

Montserrat Mountains overlooking the countryside of Catalonia.

Barcelona Montserrat Hot-Air Balloon Ride

If you’re going to visit Montserrat then one of the most epic ways to do so is by a hot-air balloon ride.

Within this tour you will soar into the skies and enjoy a unique view of the Montserrat mountains that is truly hard to beat.

Snacks are included within the price of the tour as well as a champagne toast so there really is no better way to enjoy this beautiful view. You will also get to keep these memories forever with digital photos and a flight certificate provided too.

For any couples that are looking for romantic places to propose in Barcelona, this is an activity that will beat them all. It is truly the most romantic spot in Barcelona and we would highly recommend trying this unique experience.

Montserrat Half-Day Tour with Tapas & Gourmet Wines

Beautiful views, tasty food and delicious wine, what more could you want from a day tour from Barcelona?

For everything that is included within this tour, we feel that it is really good quality for money. You will get to enjoy a delicious wine tasting at Montserrat and learn more about the wines from a local guide.

The Montserrat Monastery in Barcelona.

There will also be a cold tapas lunch provided with desert too and there can’t be any other beautiful views to enjoy your lunch!

As this is a group tour, it is an extremely affordable option for anyone wanting to include Montserrat as part of their itinerary.

Montserrat, Girona, & Costa Brava Day Tour From Barcelona

If your time in Barcelona is limited then this is a great tour to really make the most of your time there. Your local guide will take you around some of the most popular sights and you will get to enjoy some beautiful views whilst you’re at it.

One of the best spots that you will stop at is a filming location from the Game of Thrones. Not only will you get to enjoy the panoramic views from Montserrat but you will also get to see the coves from Costa Brava and the old town of Girona too.

This tour lasts around 12 hours so you will really make the most of your time and get to see 3 different areas of Spain whilst you’re at it!

Helicopter Tours in Barcelona

For anyone that is wanting to experience Barcelona in a unique light then a helicopter tour is for you. This is also a great experience for couples to enjoy some romantic moments together or potentially even for a proposal.

A helicopter tour has always been on our bucket list but we’ve never quite had the spare cash to make the dream a reality. However, if you have the budget to do so then you should absolutely go for it because this is truly a unique experience and able to see Barcelona from a different perspective.

View of Barcelona from Bunkers del Carmen.

360 Degrees: Old Town, Helicopter & Sailing Small Group Tour

Experience Barcelona by sky, sea and land by taking part in this incredible day tour. You will start the day by taking a walking tour through the gothic quarter with a local guide.

Once you’ve learnt more about the gothic quarter you will be transported to the heliport where you will soar into the air and take in stunning views of Barcelona from above.

You will end the day on a boat trip taking in the sea breeze and the beautiful views of the Barcelona skyline. This is a perfect tour to get a well-rounded experience within Barcelona.

Barcelona Panoramic Helicopter Flight

If walking and sailing isn’t your thing and you just want to take part in the helicopter tour then this is the best tour for you.

You will get to enjoy plenty of scenic views from above and enjoy a unique experience from Barcelona. For anyone that is looking to get some mesmerising photos then this is definitely the tour for you!

Free Tours Barcelona

Even though Barcelona can be a little bit of an expensive city to visit, there are also plenty of free things to do in Barcelona too!

If you’re visiting Barcelona on a budget then there are a few options for free tours that you can take part in. We recommend that anytime you visit a new city to go on a walking tour on the first day to really get to know the city.

Parc de la Ciutadella.

Alternatively, you can take part in a free walking tour to learn more about Modernism through Gaudi’s architecture within Barcelona.

Both tours are run by Sandemans and are completely free. The only thing you will need to pay for is leaving a tip for the guide at the end of the tour.

Get Ready for your Day Tour Adventures From Barcelona

There are plenty of different tours available in Barcelona but these are some of the best day tours so that you can really embrace the Spanish and Catalan culture.

View of Barcelona from Montjuic Mountain.

When you’re exploring around Barcelona, you will have lots of opportunities to take some incredible snaps for Instagram. If you’re stuck on Barcelona Instagram captions for your photos then we’ve also got you covered!

Have the most amazing time in Barcelona and experience everything that you can whilst you’re in this incredible city. You won’t be able to see everything in Barcelona from one trip so don’t stress and you will just need to plan another trip back!

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