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Travelling Solo While in a Relationship (Tips to Save Your Relationship)

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Most people, wrongly, assume that if you’re in a relationship, you shouldn’t begin travelling solo. As we said, they WRONGLY assume. Sometimes when you’re in a relationship you may find that your partner doesn’t want to travel. You may even be reading this because your partner wants to travel and you don’t. Being completely honest, we find it hard to understand why people don’t want to travel but everyone has their reasons.

Just because one of you wants to travel solo, this does not have to mean the end of your relationship. When people decide to travel, especially long-term, there is a lot of planning involved in this. This also can mean saving a lot of money so that it is possible. It would not be fair to ask your partner not to go. If they do decide to go then they may feel guilty. However, if they don’t then they may end up resenting you.

If you’re reading this article and have not yet spoken to your partner about your solo trip, have you considered asking them to come with you? Communication is so important so don’t just assume that your partner might not want to come. This can also help build your relationship to be stronger. Don’t get us wrong, it will also put tests on your relationship too. This is something you work together to overcome and make your relationship stronger!

There are ways that you can make a relationship work while solo travelling. Depending on how long the trip is, you need to think about if you can get through a period of long-distance. This is something that requires a lot of trust and unfortunately isn’t for everyone. If this is an option that you decide on as a team then make sure that you use the time beforehand to work on the trust between you both. Ensure that you are communicating. It is so easy to forget to communicate properly at times so make sure you work on your relationship before the trip comes up.

Don’t let a relationship stop you from fulfilling your dreams and travelling. Solo travelling is healthy for you and your relationship. Sometimes you need to take a step back and think about having some time apart. If your partner is stopping you from travelling then as harsh as it sounds, you may need to stop and consider whether this is the right relationship for you.

In our relationship, we’re comfortable and trust each other to be able to travel together but also solo too. Don’t get us wrong, it is hard at times. Like every couple, we have setbacks and sometimes forget to communicate properly. Liam is away a lot for work so during these periods, Amy often travels back to England to visit family, goes on trips with her best friend and even does small solo trips herself. Please don’t ever let anyone stop you from solo travelling because it really is a beautiful thing and whilst it tests your relationship, you and your partner should always support each other in your dreams.

As the traveller in the relationship, you need to also be mindful of your partner’s feelings too. It’s not good to spring these on your partner when you’re planning to leave shortly. When you’re planning your trip, you need to also consider when you’ll be able to speak to them. Just because the relationship will be temporarily long-distance doesn’t mean that your emotional attachment to each other needs to be long-distance too.

Another reason why your partner may not want you to travel is that they are worried about how this will make them feel when they are on their own. If you decide to travel solo whilst in a relationship then one of the things that you need to be mindful of is if your partner suffers with depression. If you’re away from them for long periods, this may trigger their depression. It is not always possible to just fly back to them straight away. We Them Feminists have shared a guide with 10 tips to help a long-distance partner suffering with depression which will help you to manage this possibility. Even when you are travelling solo, you still need to be considerate of your partner’s feelings and ensuring that you’re supportive of each other in your relationship.

The key is making sure that you’re both having honest and open conversations. You need to discuss the trip together and the inevitable time apart. However, don’t forget that these solo trips are often a once in a lifetime experience. Have the best time and cross each bridge as you come to it! Don’t let yourself sit there and worry about the relationship because its so important to soak in these experiences.

If it’s your first time travelling solo then it is also worth researching and preparing yourself so that you can answer any questions that your partner may have. They may be worried about you travelling solo because they’re concerned about your safety more than anything. If that is the case then you will want to check out our solo travelling packing lists which includes items to help keep yourself safe too. This will give your partner some piece of mind that you have the confidence and information to travel alone.

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