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Things to do For Couples in NYC for Unforgettable Experiences

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With so many different activities available, there are plenty of amazing things to do for couples in NYC. Whether you’re visiting New York City as a tourist or you live there and are planning a date night there are plenty of unique activities for you to try.

From food tours, cooking classes, observatories and plenty of bars, you will be overwhelmed with choices on how to spend date night in NYC.

Whilst the city can be quite busy, we found that there was something quite romantic about being in NYC. That might have something to do with the amount of rom-coms that feature in New York City though!

In this guide, you will find over 47 things to do for couples in NYC, tips for doing the activities and even some festive options too.

We’ve tried to include a mixture of touristy things to do in NYC whilst also adding some things that locals might like to try. No matter how long you’re visiting New York City for, you will find something for you in this extensive list.

Best Things for Couples to do in NYC

1. Climb The Edge

View of New York City skyline from The Edge with loads of people crowded by the glass to catch a glimpse of the view. If you're looking for things to do for couples in NYC you can also climb up the side of the building too

As a tourist, The Edge may already be on your NYC bucket list. What is not to love?! Great views with some champagne? Yes please!

However, going to the top of The Edge for the views is not the only thing that you can do whilst you’re here!

Did you know that you can also scale the side of The Edge and climb to the top? This is a great activity for couples to try in NYC and also a bucket list adventure too.

For anyone that enjoys adrenaline, you will be strapped in with a harness and literally climb your way to the top feeling a little bit like spiderman!

2. Cruise on the Hudson

Whilst we were in NYC one of the best things we done was take a cruise on the Hudson. At the time we visited, we went on a Hudson Cruise as part of our New Year’s Eve plans.

There are plenty of different options to choose from when picking your cruise. Like us, you can arrange for a NYE party boat on the Hudson which we’ve included more information in our festive things to do for couples in NYC.

Alternatively, you can enjoy a little bit of luxury and dine on the Hudson cruise with a three course meal. You will be able to spend quality time with your partner, savour delicious food and watch the incredible NYC pass by you whilst you’re on the boat.

3. Go on a Food Tour

No matter which destination we decide to travel to, we always try to take part in a food tour and get to know the local area better through their delicious bites.

Even if you live in NYC, this is still something that we recommend doing with your partner for an amazing date night. If you’ve not explored one of the boroughs of NYC much then this is the perfect way to do so.

Cakes and pastries available from Lauduree Macaroon shop. This includes eclairs, pies, filled croissants and so much more.

You will be taken on a walking tour to different great spots to try some local food. In particular, we highly recommend going on a food tour around Chelsea Market where you will get to try plenty of the unique food that it has to offer and is so well known for.

NYC Food Tour Recommendations:

4. See a Broadway Show

Another highlight of our time in NYC was going to see a Broadway show together. This is a chance for you to experience something new as a couple and maybe even enjoy a dinner beforehand or a few cocktails after.

When we visited NYC, we got to See Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway. We got our own private box that this image shows just for the two of us and it was a really unique experience.

There are plenty of different shows available on Broadway so you’ll have lots of choice on something that interests you both.

Alternatively, why not give something a try that is outside of your comfort zone? There might be a show that your partner has always wanted to see but you don’t think it’s your cup of tea. Give it a try and bond together over the experience.

When we visited New York City, we got to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway and it truly was one of the most amazing experiences.

As we booked our tickets at the box office, we were able to get a good deal and a private box all to ourselves. This was such a luxury for us as budget travellers and something we never thought we would get to experience.

5. Kiss at the Top of the Empire State Building

In your lifetime, you must have seen at least one movie or TV show that features the iconic Empire State Building.

Amy and Liam in the Empire State Building taking a  photo with an animated King Kong behind them.

Whether it’s King Kong, Gossip Girl or a cheesy romance movie, you probably know that it is one of the most visited attractions in NYC for a reason.

Enjoy the day with your partner by heading up to the top of the Empire State Building, toast to a glass of prosecco if your budget allows and marvel at the spectacular views from above.

Let yourselves be sucked in by the cheesy romance movies and share a kiss at the top of the Empire State Building. You can get it ticked off your bucket list!

6. Go to a Comedy Club

As a couple, one of the things that we really enjoy doing together is bonding over comedy. Ironically, we actually met in a comedy club and it’s an interest that we’ve shared ever since.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, you need to head over to a comedy club whilst you’re in NYC and laugh the night away (literally!).

There are plenty of comedy clubs to choose from so it all depends on which area you’re visiting. We went to the Broadway Comedy Club and we certainly wasn’t disappointed.

However, we have vowed that when we return to NYC we are going to try one of the comedy clubs in Brooklyn and the Stone Street Comedy Club in the Financial District.

One of the best things to do for couples in NYC is to visit a comedy club. This image shows the small stage at the Broadway Comedy Club and it was one of our favourite evenings in New York City.

There are so many different comedy clubs to choose from but as we’ve visited the Broadway Comedy club, we know that we can definitely recommend this as a good night out together with your partner.

7. Walk over Bow Bridge at Central Park

Bow Bridge is one of the most romantic spots in NYC without a shadow of a doubt. Believe it or not, it is also one of the most photographed landmarks too.

You will often find couples on Bow Bridge looking out at the boats and enjoying some quality time together. It is also the perfect spot for a proposal in NYC if this is something that you’re planning.

Enjoy some time walking around central park and then head over to Bow Bridge for an end to your date in NYC.

8. Taste some Macaroons at Laduree

We have to be honest, one of the main reasons that we visited Laduree whilst we were in NYC is because it plays a small part in the TV show Gossip Girl.

2 of the Macaroons that we tried at Laduree. The photo shows a salted caramel and rose flavoured macaroon held up in front of the Laduree shop front.

One day we decided to take ourselves on a self-guided Gossip Girl tour and how could we say no to some delicious macaroons?!

We don’t need to tell you how tasty they were and there were so many different flavours to choose from!

Head over to Laduree and purchase some of the different flavoured macaroons and try them together or take them with you for snacks for the day.

9. Romantic Bike Ride Through Central Park

For our couples that enjoy being active, this one is for you! As a local or tourist, Central Park is one of the best outdoor spots to enjoy whilst you’re in NYC.

It’s so large that it is hard not to make an impression! If you’re a tourist then you will be able to use this bike ride together to explore the main sights of central park whilst doing something unique.

Central Park with skyscrapers in the background and a saxophonist at the bottom of the stairs with a view of the river.

This is a great way to spend time with your partner and you really will feel like you’ve stepped out of a movie. This is something that you can do together by renting a few bikes or if you want to visit popular TV and movie spots or learn more about the park then you can also join in on a guided tour together.

Bike Tours in Central Park

10. Cooking Class

Put the fun back into cooking by embarking on a cooking class together whilst you’re in NYC.

If you live with your partner then you will know that often when you’re cooking meals together of an evening that it is more for necessity than enjoyment.

However, there is nothing more sensual than cooking with your loved one. Take a cooking class in NYC and learn how to make something new with your partner and enjoy a glass of wine over the delicious meal that you’ve made.

Cooking Classes in NYC

11. Visit the Sex Museum

This museum was actually a big surprise for us. If you decide to visit, much like yourselves you will decide to go for novelty reasons.

We absolutely loved the sex museum and found it so interesting too! Walk around erotic photos, learn about the raunchy history of sex, not just in NYC but across the world.

Our favourite part was after visiting the museum you are taken to a funland where you and your partner can enjoy some cheeky mini games together.

We had such a laugh visiting the sex museum and it really was one of our highlights from our time in NYC.

Amy and Liam sitting at the Museum of Sex close to one of the slides that is part of the funland.

12. Helicopter Tour over Manhattan

View of New York City's skyline where you can see all the skyscrapers.

For anyone that wants to tick off an ultimate item from their bucket list, you need to go on a helicopter tour over Manhattan.

This is a private and unique experience that you will get to share with your loved one unlike any other!

Get to see the sky, sea and land by embarking on a helicopter adventure complete with spectacular views.

NYC Helicopter Tours

13. Top of the Rock

There are plenty of observatories across NYC that is for sure but Top of the Rock really is one of our favourites.

Located in the Rockefeller centre, you can go to the 70th floor to take in panoramic views of New York City.

View of the skyscrapers from Top of the Rock. You can also see Central Park in the distance.

Recently, they have added a new feature to the Top of the Rock called The Beam. Whilst you’re visiting this observatory, you will see the iconic photo of the workers during its construction sitting on a large beam with the NYC skyline behind them.

You can recreate this photo yourselves with their new Beam feature. Pose sitting on the beam and get those snaps for IG!

14. Walk the High Line

After visiting New York City, we kept seeing loads of information about the High Line and it’s something we really wish we had the time to do whilst we were visiting.

The High Line is an abandoned train track that has been refurbished to become a park that locals and tourists thoroughly enjoy.

It is a beautiful garden that you can walk along for around 1.5 miles. Whilst you’re walking together along the High Line you will come across some stunning views, art, plenty of thriving plants and you may even stumble upon a performance or two.

This is a great thing to do for couples in NYC as you will be able to enjoy a romantic walk together and take in the stunning scenery along the way.

15. Share a Cheesecake at Juniors

Liam enjoying some of his Orea Cheesecake at Juniors. You can also see some beautiful Christmas ornaments in the background.

Before we went to NYC, we hadn’t actually heard of Juniors until a friend recommending going there and sampling some of the tasty cheesecake.

It is fair to say that we were absolutely not disappointed! If you’re from the UK like us, you’ll be astounded as the size of the cakes here.

Liam opted for an oreo cheesecake whilst Amy decided that it had to be a classic New York style cheesecake. You can spend some quality time together chatting away over a yummy slice of cheesecake.

16. Stay in a Romantic Hotel

This idea might seem obvious but sometimes you need a break away from the struggles of daily life and be able to reconnect with each other.

When choosing a romantic hotel in NYC, if it is within your budget try to have a look for some luxury perks such as spa facilities so that you can really pamper yourselves.

Sometimes you just want to take some time out from the hustle and bustle of the city, spend some quality time together and hide away from the world.

There are plenty of options to choose from for a romantic hotel in New York City but we’ve popped a couple of great suggestions below to help narrow your search.

If you're visiting New York then one of the most romantic things to do in NYC. This image shows the St. Regis hotel with an American flag flying above and also a nutcracker standing next to the hotel.

Romantic Hotel Recommendations for NYC

17. Take Selfies Together at Madame Tussauds

Liam enjoying Madame Tussauds by sitting on a bike with a wax figurine of ET in the basket.

One of the most fun things to do in New York City is visiting Madame Tussauds.

We must admit before we had been to NYC, we had never visited a Madame Tussauds before and in complete honesty, it hadn’t really appealed to us before either.

We had purchased Go City All Inclusive cards and found that we had a spare few hours to kills so we search around to see what was open near us. Madame Tussauds was still open later into the evening so we decided to give it a try.

Honestly, we had so much fun wandering around and admiring the different wax works of famous people. We got to be our authentic goofy selves and take lots of pictures with the different celebrities.

Madame Tussauds is something we both really enjoyed that we weren’t expecting to. In particular, Amy really loved the horror section by taking some creepy videos of Anabelle, IT, the exorcist and the like.

Liam was all over the Marvel section and we took lots of fun photos together with plenty of the different characters. Overall, it is a really fun activity for couples to do together in NYC and we would really recommend it.

18. Madison Square Garden

Even though we are both not big followers of American Sport, it is something that really interests us when we’re travelling to the US as it holds such a large part of their culture.

Maddison Square Garden is home to the New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association and the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League.

Whilst you’re in NYC, head to Madison Square Garden to see one of the local teams play either for basketball or hockey and enjoy this experience together.

If sport is really not your thing but you would still like to see Madison Square Garden together then you can also look into some of the music events that they hold.

Alternatively, you can arrange a tour of Madison Square Garden so that you can learn more about it and share this experience with your loved one.

19. Brooklyn Bridge

You can’t visit NYC without taking a trip out to Brooklyn Bridge and battling with other tourists to get an iconic photo.

When we visited New York City, we used our Go City All Inclusive pass to get the Hop on Hop off Bus tickets. We headed out to Brooklyn Bridge whilst seeing some other sites we would have otherwise missed on the way.

We walked the whole length of the bridge together and of course took some photos together. Whilst it is a little bit expensive for what it is, we decided to pay one of the locals to take a polaroid photo of us and we are so glad we did as it is now one of our favourite snaps together.

The polaroid photo that we got taken whilst we were on Brooklyn Bridge.

After we’d got to the end of the bridge, we decided to take ourselves on a bit of a bar crawl which was really good fun.

We ended up exploring around DUMBO and Brooklyn itself and making a whole day of it. In DUMBO, you will find plenty of great spots to eat and things to do so this is something that you absolutely can’t miss whilst you’re visiting NYC.

20. Central Park Zoo

In most countries, a trip to the zoo is a great date for you and your partner to enjoy together. NYC is no different in this respect and Central Park Zoo is a wonderful location for you to spend some time together.

There are lots of different animals for you to see and learn more about whilst you’re wandering around Central Park Zoo. The zoo also puts in a lot of work and effort in order to save animals that can not otherwise be released back into the wild.

There are also different animal feedings that you can see whilst you’re at the zoo including sea lions and penguins. Also, you can go to the 4-D theatre which features different animals.

21. Visit your Favourite TV Locations

New York City is one of the most photographed and filmed places in the world. With the Empire State Building featuring in over 250 TV programmes and films alone, you can imagine how many times NYC has been featured.

Both of us in front of the building that Brooklyn 99 was filmed.

Whether you’re a fan of Marvel, Gossip Girl, Sex in the City, Home Alone or maybe even a combination of them all, there are plenty of spots across the city for you to visit.

You can choose whether you would like to do a guided tour together like the ones we recommend below or you can take yourself on your own self-guided tour.

As Amy is a big fan of Gossip Girl, we decided that instead of doing a guided tour, we would embark ourselves on an adventure and create our own self-guided tour.

It took most of the day as we wandered around the city at the different sites that Gossip Girl has featured in but it was definitely well worth it. It was also a way for Liam to connect a bit more with one of Amy’s interests too.

Whilst we were wandering around the city snapping all these infamous Gossip Girl locations, we decided to go into the Palace hotel where a few of the scenes were filmed. We ended up speaking to the manager who sometimes runs secret Gossip Girl tours and there was a lot more filmed in the hotel than we realised.

As you can see, you never know what you might find when you’re on one of these tours whether it is guided by a tour operator or self-guided, the possibilities are endless.

Film & TV Tours in NYC

22. Summit One Vanderbilt

You would think that with the amount of different observatories in NYC that you would be sick of them before you leave but strangely, this is not the case.

The Summit One Vanderbilt Observatory takes viewpoints to a different level by using art and technology to make your experience more unique. We won’t say too much as we don’t want to spoil it for you but this is an amazing thing to do in NYC with your loved one.

You will head to the top of the tallest skyscraper in Manhattan and experience an observation deck in a unique way. This is a perfect place for couples to admire the beauty of NYC and each other.

23. Radio City Music Hall

The sign for Radio City Music Hall

Home to the Rockefellers, Radio City Music Hall is great for everyone to visit whether you are a tourist or a local.

It is up to you how you would like to spend your time here. You can either arrange a tour so that you can see inside this splendid hall or you can book to see a show here.

If you’re visiting during the Christmas Period then we would definitely recommend getting booked to see one of the Christmas Special shows for an even more unique experience.

24. Wander around Little Italy

Known for great food, Little Italy is an area that you need to visit whilst you’re in NYC.

Whether you want to take part in a tour together or just wander around on your own, you will not be disappointed. Whichever you choose to do, you can stop off and have some tasty food as part of your date night.

The Real Goodfellas in Little Italy.

The thing we loved the most about Little Italy is visiting the restaurant Casa D’Angelo which is the ‘real goodfellas’ eating place in Little Italy. For any fans of the movie, we would definitely recommend visiting here!

Another amazing thing for couples to do in Little Italy is that if you’re visiting around September, you can take part in the popular festival; ‘The Feast of San Gennaro’. This is an amazing experience for tourists and locals alike and is celebrated on the 2nd Thursday of September every year.

25. Harlem Jazz Concerts

Another unique thing to do for couples in NYC is to visit Harlem and enjoy one of the amazing jazz concerts whilst you’re there.

Harlem is in particular known for the incredible gospel choirs and you can arrange plenty of tours to see this in action for yourself. However, on the other side of that, the jazz scene in Harlem is phenomenal.

You can either book yourselves on a jazz tour around Harlem or alternatively you can choose yourself which place suits you the best. We would recommend the tour as you get to experience a few different places but you may want to just find one place and settle for the evening with some drinks.

26. Taste Some Delicious Food in Chinatown

Even though we didn’t eat ourselves in Chinatown, it is something we’re really gutted that we missed. When we visited Chinatown, we were there around 10am and it was a bit too early for us to try some dumplings.

However, there are so many different delicious places to eat and we would recommend visiting in the evening for a really vibrant atmosphere.

Even if you just wander around and admire the different stores and bustling life within Chinatown, this is a really amazing place to explore together.

Liam strolling through Chinatown enjoying the sights.

27. Wander Through Times Square

Times Square just after New Years.

An iconic part of visiting New York City is of course wandering through Times Square.

If you’re visiting for New Year’s Eve then this is the place where most people go to watch the ball drop and tick it off their bucket list.

Whilst you’re walking through Times Square, you will at times be surrounded by a sea of people from locals, tourists, performers and plenty of people dressed up as famous characters.

If you’ve never been to NYC before then this is something that you and your partner definitely need to do together.

28. Explore SoHo

Close to Little Italy and Chinatown, you will find the lovely area of SoHo. This is a great spot to wander around and explore. Known for being a hub of art, you will find lots of museums for you to appreciate together.

There is also the Ice-Cream Museum and the Color Factory which we’ve included as separate items below as they are such great spots for couples to have fun together.

The world really is your oyster, wander around SoHo and see what you come across. If you want to visit Chinatown and Little Italy too then there are plenty of combination tours where guides will take you around the 3 different areas.

29. Take a trip to New Jersey

You might have spent quite a lot of time In NYC already and you’re looking for something to do away from the city.

Take a train ride together out of New York City and head over to New Jersey to explore here instead. There are lots of things to do in New Jersey for couples including boardwalks, a zoo, parks and so much more.

If you’re feeling adventurous then you can even head over Six Flags for a day filled with fun and adrenaline. This is a great activity to do together and a great way to explore more by getting out of New York City.

30. See the Infamous Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty from a distance with a seagull sitting on a pillar.

For tourists in particular, if it is your first time visiting New York City then surely seeing the Statue of Liberty in all her glory is on your bucket list!

You can head over to Battery Park where you will be able to take the boat over to Liberty Island. If you have time then you can also go to Ellis Island.

It can get quite busy so make sure that you both head over there early so that you can catch the ferry. You’ll be able to wander around the museums, enjoy a tasty bite to eat and of course get plenty of great snaps of the Statue of Liberty.

31. Visit Queens

Whether you’re a tourist, live in NYC or you’ve visited New York City a few times, Queens is an amazing borough for you to explore as a couple.

There are lots of museums, parks and even a beach if you head out that far. Whatever you choose to do, you will have a great time exploring around Queens.

For most first time visitors to NYC, you tend to not make it as far as Queens because there are so many amazing places to visit in Manhattan. However, it is definitely worth a trip there if you do have the time.

If you only have a short period of time in NYC but want to visit the boroughs of New York City other than Manhattan then there are plenty of tours you can join in on.

On this tour, you will be able to see Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens which is a great way to enjoy your exploring in a short period of time whilst seeing some new neighbourhoods together.

32. Cocktail Making Class

Being from the UK, alcohol is a large part of our culture so of course we had to recommend a cocktail making class for you whilst you’re in NYC.

There are plenty of different cocktail making classes around NYC. You’ll be shown how to make a classic cocktail with an instructor and then you will be able to make one for yourself.

This is a great way to bond with your partner and try a unique experience in New York City. Of course after you made the cocktail comes the best part; you get to try it!

If you both enjoy cocktails then after the cocktail experience you might want to head out and experience some of the nightlife in NYC.

Cocktail Making Experiences in NYC

33. Picnic in the Park

What is more romantic than finding a great spot to lay down a blanket, savour some delicious food and maybe even enjoy a glass or two of wine.

This is one of our favourite romantic activities to do together even outside of NYC. There are quite a few parks across the city for you to enjoy but we would highly recommend enjoying this experience in Central Park itself. As they say, when in Rome (or New York City for this case)!

34. The MET

As a couple, we are not hugely interested in art but it certainly might be your thing that you enjoy together as a couple. Don’t get us wrong, we can appreciate art but we’re too dumb to understand the deeper meanings.

If art is your passion then the MET is one of the best places to visit to experience some beautiful collections. There are over 5,000 years worth of work in the MET and it can take around 3-5 to view all the work.


You’ll be able to spend a few hours perusing and discussing the different artwork in the gallery. We think that this is an amazing activity for couples in NYC because you will be able to discuss and debate the meanings of the work afterwards.

This is always a great talking point so you might want to head for some dinner after with some cocktails to discuss the beautiful work that you’ve seen.

35. Sample food at Chelsea Market

If you’re both foodies then Chelsea Market is absolutely where you will need to go! With a large selection of places to eat, Chelsea Market is the ultimate place to try something new.

Known for being quite trendy and urban, even if you’re not interested in food, it is still worth a visit to Chelsea Market.

There are that many options that you may not know where to start or what food is best to try. With this, you might want to consider joining a guided tour together where you will be taken to some of the best spots to sample their food.

From sweet treats, savoury pastries and a mixture of cuisines, there really is something for everyone at Chelsea Market. It really comes down to deciding what to try first!

Chelsea Market Food Tours

36. Photography Tour

Whilst we were in NYC, the one thing that we really regret not doing is going on a photography tour.

For any travel bloggers like us, capturing great snaps for your blog or Instagram is absolutely everything. However, you also want to capture some beautiful memories between you and your partner.

Even if you’re not a travel blogger, this is an amazing activity to do together. You will explore around the city with a local photography capturing some snaps of the two of you.

It really is a romantic experience and one that you will be able to remember and cherish forever of your time in New York City.

New York City Photography Tours

37. Kayak on the Hudson

As we visited NYC during the winter period, you will be unsurprised to learn that we weren’t going to brave kayaking on the Hudson. We’re crazy but we’re not that crazy!

However, during the spring and summer, you will be able to rent a kayak and explore the Hudson River in an extremely unique setting.

If you’re looking for some romantic time with your partner then this is definitely the activity for you! You can even make a day of it and take a picnic with you to enjoy in one of the parks afterwards.

38. Ice-Cream Museum

Both of us have an extremely sweet tooth so the Ice-Cream Museum is undoubtedly appealing to us.

This fun, quirky museum is a unique experience for you to have fun in New York City. Learning about ice-cream as you go, you will get to try plenty of different samples in the museum.

If you’re a Go City All Inclusive Pass Holder then this will be included in your attraction pass so it is definitely worth taking the time out to experience this.

39. Color Factory

This is a really fun and quirky museum for you to enjoy together. We love taking photos together and capturing memories and with this museum you’ll have plenty of props to grab that next profile pic!

This is an interactive experience where you can just be big kids again! Throughout the museum you will get different sweet treats, gifts and of course lots of laughter together!

40. American Museum of Natural History

For any couples that have a collective interest in history, this is something that you will really enjoy doing together.

It is also a great activity for couples on a rainy day in NYC. You will learn new things throughout the museum and chat to each other about the wonders of the world.

We recommend grabbing some food after your time in the museum so you can talk about what you got to see and enjoy a few cocktails!

41. Bar Crawl

Living in Scotland, we like a good drink just as much as anyone so this is something that we really enjoy doing together in different cities.

Going on a bar crawl is a great thing to do for couples in NYC. This image is taken from one of the bars we visited that was decorated for Christmas with plenty of tinsel, reefs, fairy lights and ribbon.

Pick a night and head out to the different local bars to see what they have to offer. We really enjoy speaking to locals whilst we’re doing this and getting recommendations on things to do and see that we may otherwise not have found.

There are plenty of amazing bars across Europe and even some that are great for people on a budget in NYC. If you are on a budget, we recommend heading to Rudy’s for a $3 pint and a free hotdog!

Bar Crawl Tours in NYC

42. Mini Golf at Swingers NoMad

For something a little more unique, try your hand at some crazy mini golf in NYC at Swingers NoMad.

Pull out your competitive side and see who can win in some healthy competition. This mini golf has lots of awesome themed holes and plenty of cocktail options for you to order!

Festive Couple Activities

43. Tour the Christmas Lights

Visiting NYC during the festive periods is one of the best times that you can go in our opinion. There are plenty of romantic festive dates that you can enjoy in the city and take in the beauty of the city.

Not only do you have all the usual tourist attractions in NYC but the city really does go out of its way to make itself presentable for Christmas.

You will walk down the street and everything will be covered in fairy lights, tinsel and Christmas ornaments.

There are lots of different tours available where you will be taken by a guide to some of the most impressive Christmas Light displays in the city.

Liam walking past one of the shops in NYC that is decorated with plenty of lights and greenery for the festive season.

However, you can also take yourselves on a self-guided tour and see what you find along the way!

44. Ice Skating at the Rockefeller Centre

Ice Skating at the Rockefeller Centre is a great way to spend some time together as a couple in NYC just prepare yourself for it to be busy.

The second December hits, ice rinks seem to pop up all over the city as if they’ve always been there.

You have plenty of choices on ice skating rinks in NYC but we would highly recommend visiting the Rockefeller Centre ice skating rink especially if it is your first time in New York City.

This is truly a bucket list opportunity where you will be able to skate around hand in hand with your loved one breathing in the festive cheer. Or in our case, falling on our butts and trying to breathe from all the exercise!

It’s a great fun activity and a perfect opportunity to see the beautiful Christmas decorations around Rockefeller Centre and of course the infamous Rockefeller Christmas Tree.

45. Watch the Fireworks at NYE

Whether you’re on a budget or not, seeing the fireworks in NYC on NYE is an absolute must.

Depending on what your plans are for New Years Eve will depend on where you will be able to see them. Most parties on New Year’s Eve will usher people outside before 12 so that everyone can see the fireworks and celebrate the start of the new year.

46. Watch the Ball Drop on NYE

If you’re looking to tick off a bucket list item together then you absolutely have to go and see the ball drop in Times Square. It is one of the most famous places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the world and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity whilst it’s there.

If you are planning to spend the evening in Times Square then we would recommend wearing warm clothing, comfy shoes and arranging your plans well in advance. There will be a lot of standing around so it is very likely your feet may be sore at the end but it is well worth it!

47. Cruise on the Hudson for NYE

When we visited NYC, we arrived on New Year’s Eve so of course, we had to make sure that we planned something epic to see the New Year in.

We decided that instead of seeing the ball drop like everyone else, we wanted to do something a bit different. We headed out onto a stunning large boat with 3 floors to cruise along the Hudson.

This image shows our cruise on the Hudson from New Year's Eve and the city lit up.

During this time, we got to enjoy a buffet dinner and everyone was dressed up in Great Gatsby clothing. There was also a performance from the Brooklyn Duo which was absolutely phenomenal.

When it reached 12, we headed outside to watch the fireworks with the Statue of Liberty in the background. It was truly a unique and romantic experience that we would love to do again one day!

You can read our guide for spending New Year’s in New York City for more tips, tricks and ideas to navigate the city during this time of year!

Final Thoughts

Whilst New York City isn’t traditionally considered romantic, one of the things we love the most about it is how many amazing activities there are for couples to do.

Some of the activities are romantic and a bit more intimate whereas others are great for exploring the city more with your partner by your side.

If you’re planning a trip to NYC soon make sure to check out our 4 day itinerary for NYC so that you can plan the perfect trip!

Is New York City Romantic?

Whilst NYC doesn’t have the same typical charm that somewhere like Paris has, we think that NYC is a very romantic city to visit. This city is the backdrop to hundreds of rom-coms and there are plenty of things to do for couples in NYC too.

Is it free to get married in New York?

It is not free to get married in New York as you would need to pay a licensing fee which typically costs around $35. However, there are lots of free or cheap places that you can get married throughout NYC.

Why do people fall in love with NYC?

There is so much to do when you’re in NYC that it is almost impossible to see everything on your first trip there. The city itself is filled with dreamers and aspiring creatives in a vibrant hub. It is easy to fall in love with NYC purely because of the beauty of the city.

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