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Hand Luggage Checklist (Everything You Need to Pack for a Budget Flight)

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When going for a quick get away it can be hard to know exactly what to take away with you. Don’t panic! We are here to help as much as we can. It’s always a good idea to get away for a long weekend no matter where it is. There’s a few things that we think are a good idea to take which can be put into a backpack so you wont need to think about paying extra for baggage because who wants that? Here are some ideas for you guys to think about taking away with you. Underneath you’ll find our checklist to help with packing hand luggage.


Summer Getaway Winter Getaway 
Sunscreen Hat, Scarf and Gloves  
sunhat/baseball cap Warm socks ( 3-4 pairs) 
Socks (3-4 pairs)Winter jacket 
Shorts Pair of trousers 
T-shirts (2-3) Warm tops (2-3)
Light shoesGood Shoes or boots 
Plug adaptorsPlug adaptors
Shampoo, Shower Gel
Shampoo, Shower Gel
Phone ChargerPhone Charger

All of these on the checklist above are able to fit into one bag that you can use as hand luggage so there’s no need to think about paying extra for baggage. You can also find plenty of hand luggage packing tips to really utilise as much of the space as possible.

We also have a packing list if you need help with anything else but this is just the most simple thing to take away with you when it is just a quick get away. If you feel like you need more then that’s fine too but we have found that we don’t need as much as you would think to have a getaway. 

If you’ve decided that actually hand luggage is not for you then our generic packing list gives you a breakdown on what to pack depending on how long you’re on the trip for.

Another way to keep from paying for that extra baggage is layering up on the plane. Being on a plane can be cold so it won’t hurt putting on an extra layer plus if you get too warm you just take it off once you’re in your seat. This is just a small thing but can be very helpful when trying to budget for a fast getaway. If you like the idea of just getting up and going then maybe the solo travel life might be for you so make sure you know what to pack for a solo trip.

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