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Day Tours in Muscat for an Epic Adventure in Oman

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Muscat is one of the best places to visit in Oman and there are plenty of amazing day tours in Muscat for you to enjoy. If you’ve never visited Oman before you’ll be pleased to know that you will experience amazing weather and beautiful beaches. There are plenty of amazing Oman tours for you to enjoy so that you have the biggest adventure when you’re exploring.

It is understandable that you are looking for the best day tours in Muscat so that you can explore the culture and dive into new adventures in Muscat. Well, look no further because in this guide you will find safety tips for visiting Oman, where to stay in Muscat and of course tours that you should do whilst you’re there!

Oman is always expanding and trying to get more people to come and visit to increase it’s tourism. With 4.1 million people visiting from around the world it speaks for itself and it is a MUST VISIT.

No matter what you’re looking for, Muscat has it all! From day tours in certain areas of Oman or you can get a full tour of Oman as a holiday taking you to all the best parts of the country.

The sea in Oman is so blue its is unbelievable and when up close to it it is crystal clear not to mention warm. It has to be some of the warmest water to swim in. All you’ll want to do is swim with all the animals in the sea all day long. It truly is an amazing place to visit and it has a special place in Liam’s heart!

You will also find that there will not be as many people that would have visited Oman so it really is a bucket list adventure. You will be able to experience a unique culture in one of the most beautiful surroundings.

Muscat is the capital of Oman and one of the most popular locations in Oman for tourists. Even if you’re spending some time travelling around different places in Oman, you will want to be able to visit the capital city before you leave.

Sightseeing in Muscat.

How To Get To Muscat

The best way to get to Muscat is to fly unless you are planning to travel around other places in Oman. Muscat is the main airport when it comes to Oman which is good because it is the capital of Oman. The cost of flights will obviously change depending where you are in the world.

Liam enjoying exploring around Muscat.

We are based in Scotland so we would normally look from Edinburgh or Glasgow when we check for flights. It will take up approximately 10 hours for us to reach Muscat from Edinburgh.

The thing about Oman or a lot of places in that part of the world is that it can be an expensive holiday so we would recommend booking in advance to save a bit of money.

If you’re looking to fly from the USA to Oman we would highly recommend booking well in advance to get the best offer you can. You will be looking at a layover as well so you could look at having a cool holiday where you stay in one place for a few days then fly to Muscat. If you feel that the flight time is too long then this is a great way to break up the journey because flying from the US to Muscat can be a long day.

To be able to keep your trip to Muscat on as much of a budget as possible, use our flight calculator below to check which month is the cheapest time for you to fly to Oman.

You will find that the peak season in Muscat tends to be between October and March so the flight prices may be a little bit more expensive during this period. You’ll also find that there isn’t much rain during this time and there are plenty of festivals and activities for tourists to enjoy because the weather is much better.

However, the temperature is warm all year round in Muscat but you just may find that there are a few periods of rain downpours depending on the time of year you go. This is not always a bad things as it can sometimes be nice to have a little bit of rain and enjoy a break from the humidity and heat.

Safety in Muscat

Travelling to Oman in general is very safe despite the reputation that seems to come with countries around the Middle East. Oman itself has a very low crime rate. When Liam was there it felt very safe and the people who live there were very welcoming to him and even having jokes with each other. Even exploring Oman as a female traveller, you will find that for the most part it is a really safe destination to travel to.

Safety Tips for Exploring Muscat

  • Use a money belt to keep a good hold over your cash. Last thing you want is for your money to go missing this way you can keep your cash locked away and always have your eyes on it. This is also handy to hide your passport away and any other important documents.
  • Use a tour guide when possible to help you know the best area to be. A tour guide will be able to tell you the areas that are safe for you and when is best to visit so you don’t get caught out.
One of the small markets located in Muscat selling plenty of souvenirs and goods.
  • Try to research any tours or trips you go on before paying the money. By doing this you will be able to see the reviews and learn from other people’s mistakes so you don’t get cheated out of money. 
  • Keep sun cream to hand as the sun can get really hot. The weather can get so hot in Oman and the sun can be very damaging for your skin so keep sunblock on you at all times to protect your skin as much as possible.
  •  Try not to put things in your back pockets as you are more likely to be pickpocketed. Things like phones these days can sometimes stick out of your back pocket and when in a crowded area this makes for an easy target so keep yourself right and keep your stuff in the front and hidden away from prying eyes.
  • Take time to understand the local environment i.e. their local religion and traditions. Every country has different traditions and cultures so before visiting any, not just Oman, it is always a good idea to do a bit of research into where you’re going so you know what to expect and how to be respectful to the locals.  

Staying in Oman

Walkway to the hotel Liam was staying at. The weather was beautiful and it just looked so picturesque.

Oman has loads of places to stay. We would recommend staying in or around Muscat as you have loads of options. Once again if you book in advance you will be able to save some money. These types of getaways are always better planned in advance when it comes to price. 

A lot of the hotels in Oman are very well located if you want to be away and enjoy the quiet or if you want to be closer to the town to go out exploring.

The one thing you will find when staying in Oman is that the hotels can be a little bit more expensive than some other countries. If you’re travelling on a low budget then we would recommend taking advantage of discounts on booking.com and using travel cashback credit cards to make the payment so that you will get more for your money. 


Wyndham Garden Muscat Al Khuwair

This is an amazing hotel in a great location right in the heart of Muscat. It’s the perfect hub to go exploring around the city and the rest of Oman. The placement of this hotel is really good as it is close to the sea for beautiful walks with your other half but also close to other parts of the city to make getting around easy. The hotel is child-friendly as well so this makes for a good place for families to come for a visit to Muscat with loads of activities to do within the hotel to keep everyone happy and most importantly the kids occupied.

Another highlight of this hotel is that it does also include a buffet breakfast each morning. You can also relax in the sun by enjoying the beautiful pool or relax in the sauna for some detoxing. After a long day exploring, Wyndham Garden Muscat is the perfect hotel to come back to for some relaxation.

Barceló Mussanah Resort, Sultanate of Oman

Sitting right next to the sea with the right room you could be looking over beautiful blue water and the harbour as your morning view. This makes for a 5-star get away in Muscat. If you’re travelling to Oman during the hotter time of year, you will not regret it.

With swimming pools, bars and being right next to the sea there is no reason to go anywhere else. This is a family-friendly place if you’re looking for that getaway with the family then this place could be a winner. 

Sunrise in the desert.

Home X4

How about a hotel out by the desert? That’s what you get here. If you have ever wanted to explore the desert this is the hotel for you located in Al Wāşil is around 2 hours away from Muscat so it is out of the way if you want to to to the sea during your trip you will have to drive. You will be kept busy with exploring around you and taking part in activities like camel riding. There is something for everyone here!


Some people are not a big fan when it comes to hostels but in our opinion hostels can be an awesome place to stay when travelling and a lot cheaper than hotels. A hostel will most likely be in the heart of the city you are visiting as well so you will always be walking distance from transport and sightseeing opportunities.

Staying in a hostel is a great way to meet new people especially if you’re travelling solo to Muscat. If it’s your first time staying in a hostel then we would recommend checking out our tips for traveling in hostels to make the most of your Muscat hostel experience.

Viva Hostel Muscat

This is a very cheap room right in the middle of Muscat with a very good rating. This hostel offers you everything you need if you’re looking for a cheap way to explore Muscat. Everything you need is right at your doorstep or a small walk away the hostel has both male and female rooms so everyone is accommodated.

This is one of the safest hostels you can stay in because it also has a 24/7 reception so you won’t need to worry about any strangers entering the hostel. The only downside to this hostel is that there are no curtains around the bed so there isn’t as much privacy. However, a communal room with a TV that has Netflix and a gym in the basement does certainly make up for it.

Basil Hostel

This is another cheap hostel that is in the middle of the city with a short walk to one of the best beaches in Muscat. It is also close to many attractions around Muscat with car rental shops nearby if you wish to go exploring out of the city. The hostel offers Wi-Fi and a mixed dormitory room so if you’re travelling with someone of the opposite sex you can still stick together on your travels. This is something that is always important to us if we’re staying in dorms as a couple.

Oman has so many places to stay these are just some of the cool and relaxing places you can choose from. When Liam went to Muscat he even stayed in a campsite sleeping in a teepee next to the sea. There are so many different options for you to choose from when it comes to where to stay.

How To Get Around Muscat

  • Walking – To start off with getting around the city if you’re in a good location then walking is the best option because there’s no need to spend money if you don’t need to. Not only that but you can also see more of the city when you get to walk around and you also never know what experiences might come your way when you’re wandering around.
  • Taxi – taxis are the most common way to get around in muscat. If you feel like you would rather not walk then getting a taxi is a good option as it is cheap and your hotel or hostel will be able to help you get a taxi ordered. The good thing about getting the taxi is you wont need to wait, you will be taking right to where you need to be. No matter which country you’re visiting, we would always recommend checking that it is an approved taxi service before getting in the car!
Viewpointof the roads in Oman. It gives off a very Californian vibe.
  • Car Hire – if you’re looking at getting yourself a car for your holiday it will be a good way for you to get around Oman as a whole. You wont need to wait for anything, all you need is google maps. For renting a car here you will be looking at anywhere between £18 – £40 a day for a good car.

Weather in Muscat and When to Visit

All year round the temperature is above 15 degrees. Normally the coldest months are January, February, November & December. After those months are out the way you will be looking over 20 degrees and then right through May to September it’s 30 degrees and upwards. 

Depending on what you are looking for when it comes to the temperatures will depend on when is best to go for you. We would recommend that for a nice getaway with warm sunshine to go in March/April time. You’ll find that it is nice and hot but you wont be risking it getting too hot so that the heat is unbearable.

Oman can get right up to 40 degrees at some parts of the year and for a lot of people that are not used to this it can be a bit too much and you will end up not enjoying yourself. The good news is that no matter when you go, you’ll have warm weather. If you’re looking for a very hot get away then you will find that here on the right months.  

Day Tours in Muscat 

When visiting Muscat you will want to do some kind of tour. The day tours in Muscat are a range of different experiences that you can choose from. You could even spend your whole holiday just doing different day tours.

There are plenty of different bucket list experiences for you to enjoy whilst you’re in Muscat. If you’re looking for adrenaline, adventure and plenty of exploration then you will find a day tour in Muscat below that will be right for you. 

Dimaniat Islands Snorkeling Trip

One of the best day tours in Muscat is heading out on a snorkelling trip to see the beautiful marine life.

When it comes to snorkelling day tours it can be a hit or a miss but in Muscat it is a really good day out.

The water itself is crystal clear you don’t even need to put your head under the water for the most part but if you want to get up close to some of the amazing marine life such as turtles, colourful fish and if you’re lucky some sharks! 

We really would recommend snorkelling in Muscat, Liam swears that the water in Oman is the warmest ocean water he has ever been in. With a lot of the snorkelling trips we have done in the past you can find yourself feeling cold when coming out of the water but not here. You will notice a difference in the temperature but its more like going from warm to really warm on your way out the water.

Price –  £69.11

Time Length – 4.5 hours 

Muscat Life and Culture

Liam done this tour on his trip to Oman and he will say it is really worth it. Getting to see some of Oman history and the real people was a highlight of his time in Muscat. There is a fair bit of walking on the day tour to Muscat but on the walk you will go past some beautiful architecture and stunning views. You will get to visit the Nizwa Fort, Al Alam Palace and so many more cool parts of Oman’s history. 

Price – £47.33

Time length –  5 hours 

Another local market that sells a large range of textiles from scarfs, pillow cases, rugs and much more.

Muscat Sunset Kayak

Kayaking isn’t for everyone but Liam had a good time doing this because the weather is so nice in Oman and the ocean is so warm and clear you just want to be around it all the time. This gives you a cool experience because you can go on a tour or have the option to go on your own adventure. No matter what you chose you will have a good time. 

Going out in Oman on the boats was one of the highlights of Liam's time here. In this image you can see the boats going underneath a cave archway with some bright sun awaiting them on the other side.

There’s something calming about kayaking around Oman looking at all the old structures and seeing the local people out on the boats fishing. There are plenty of people out just enjoying the sun and also getting to see so many different animals on land and in the sea, it really is a special feeling. The best part about kayaking is the fact you can go exploring if you have enough time you can get onto a random beach and have a walk around or just relax on the beach enjoying the sun before returning.

Price – £28.14

Time length – 2 hours

Wadi Shab & Bimmah Sinkhole

A big tour that a lot of people do is the Wadi Shab waterfall and the Bimmah Sinkhole. This tour takes you on a hike for roughly 40 mins to reach one of the stunning viewpoints and it is one of the best tour packages from Oman. This is a perfect place for Instagrammable photos whilst you’re exploring Oman and you can even get the chance to jump into some pools of water from a fair height.

When Liam was there he was recommended to do this but he never got the chance and regretted it so don’t be like Liam. Make sure that you tick this off your bucket list when you go to Oman. This Muscat day trip does take up a lot of your day so its best not to have anything else planned on this day because you wont be back at your hotel for a while. We have heard that the experience is awesome and well worth the expense.

Price  – £93.95

Time length – 8 hours

Oman is a wonderful place to go exploring and if you end up not going for a day tour in Muscat you can still find your own way around. Maybe you would rather renting a car for the length of time you are there and you can go wherever whenever you want.

Oman has a lot of hidden gems in it waiting for you to uncover them. when Liam was exploring he found a small beautiful beach witch looked to be untouched it was a small peace of paradise, not only that but it turned out that there was old cave paintings on a rockface just up from the beach witch was a really cool find.    

Big Bus Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Tour

The best way to get around any city is the hop-on hop-off buses. We swear by them as its a good way to see everything in the city and you can choose where and when to get off and go exploring. It is also a great way to save your feet some pain too and see as many sights as possible.

The buses will give you headphones as you walk on so you can plug in and hear about all the cool things you’re seeing and why they are there. We do think it is one of the best ways to see any city and it also helps you get your bearings. 

Price – £61.53

Dolphin Watching in Muscat

If you're stuck between what to do in Oman then going on a day tour in Muscat to see the dolphins should definitely be at the top of your list!

Why not spend some time out on the beautiful blue sea basking in the sunlight looking at the dolphins playing? With snacks and drinks provided this makes for a good few hours of exploring and enjoying the sea breeze. Not only will you be finding dolphins but you will also have the chance to see other amazing animals, not to mention how beautiful the land looks from sea. 

Price – £47.33

Time length – 2 hours 

Day Trip to Wahiba Sands & Wadi Bani Khalid

In this tour you will be able to go for a swim in the morning and then later on you get to visit a bit of the desert where it was named after a local tribe that did stay there. On this trip you get to have a relaxing time out enjoying the sun, water and sand. What else do you want from a place like Oman?!

Price – £185.73

Time length – 9 hours   

You will uncover so much in Oman by just exploring its beauty. Muscat is a really safe place to travel in Liam’s opinion. This being said, like all places there’s always that element of safety concerns no matter where you go so just make sure you’re up to date with all the safety tips while travelling and you’ll be just fine.

If you decide to stay in one location in Oman such as Muscat as its the capital you won’t be bored as there’s plenty of places to explore and see. Even the simple things like the Royal Yacht is something to behold sitting docked in Muscat harbour it just looks spectacular on the crystal blue water.

Best Places To See in Muscat  

Here is a short list of the best places to see in Muscat. We find that sometimes when travelling you have so many ideas and things you want to see so we thought we would make things a bit easier and give you a list of 6 things to see in Muscat. 

  • Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque –  largest mosque in Oman located in the capital city of Muscat. It is one of the most beautiful bits of architecture in the city. This really is a must see attraction in Muscat and looks very impressive in photos.
Beautiful view of the sea from high up.
  • Mutrah Souq – this is an old-fashioned bazaar featuring household goods, clothing, spices, antiques. Its pretty much a market with loads of small shops full of cool bits. If you’re looking for an antique souvenir to take home with you to remind you of the trip that is the place to find one.
  • Al Alam Palace – This beautiful palace is located in Old Muscat, Oman. It was used as a ceremonial palace by Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said. It has an important part to play in Muscat for everyone that lives there. It is a beautiful place to witness.
Muscat has so much history that you need to wander around with a guide to get as much information as possible.
  • Bimmah Sinkhole – located just outside Muscat this spectacular sinkhole is a must see and if you have time take a swim in it as well. It is quite a common thing to take a dive here most people the take a visit makes a point to jump in. 
  • Mohammed Al Ameen Mosque – a beautiful mosque in Muscat that needs to be admired. When it is night time you can visit and see the whole thing light up it is very beautiful to see with the black night sky.
  • Al Mirani Fort – This holds an amazing bit of history for Muscat. The fort existed prior to the Portuguese invasion and was later rebuilt by the Portuguese in 1587. The fort holds a big part of the history within Oman and has a good view of the sea that makes for a awesome picture.

This is just a short list of things to tick off before you go home. Muscat has so many different things worth exploring you won’t be stuck for something to do that’s for sure. No matter where you go you will love the view and the weather. It is just a great combination everyone needs to have!  

Is Muscat Worth Visiting?

In short, yes Muscat is worth visiting! Oman itself has so much to offer and so much history waiting to be discovered. Muscat has plenty of many beautiful buildings and picturesque views that you need to see for yourself. 

When you’re wandering around Muscat, you need to take a moment to appreciate the history and architecture. Whilst you’re walking around, you’ll find that it is the perfect spot for Instagrammable snaps.

Liam came across this beautiful artwork in Muscat of the sea and ships wandering near the town. It was amazing to see some of the local artwork.

The food is Muscat is absolutely delicious and the best part is that it is extremely fresh. A lot of the seafood has been caught locally so you know you will be getting the best of stuff with them. If you don’t like seafood don’t worry too much because they also have things like lamb and goat. If you prefer land animals to eat then they have you covered too.

The weather is always good in Oman so no matter what time of year you go it will be worth it. You will be able to enjoy the good weather and good vibes and have the best time away here. All you will want to do is stay at the beach and have some drinks and eat good food. All of which is 100% possible in Oman!

Make sure you pack for the sun when arriving you will feel the heat instantly. The temp at the lowest in Muscat will be around 18 degrees and this is in December so in the summer you can imagine how hot it can get in the summer.

One of the boats heading out on the water from Muscat.

Oman is a good place for all types of people. If you’re just looking to relax in the sun you can, if you want a place rich with history then you have it.

These day tours in Muscat often have local guides that are full of information about this amazing place. You would need to do some deep research to find out the information they give you. All the guides are very professional and good at their job.

To finish off this guide, yes, Muscat in Oman is a place you must visit when you have the chance. We hope that we have persuaded you to take a trip in the future because we know we will be visiting in the future Liam can’t wait to go back and show Amy the beauty of Muscat and the rest of Oman.

How many days is enough in Muscat?

In order to explore Muscat properly and take advantage of everything it has to offer we recommend visiting between 4 – 7 days. This is so that you can do different day tours in Muscat, explore the city itself and have some time to relax.

Which month is best to visit Muscat?

March and April are really good months to visit Muscat because the weather is absolutely stunning and it is less busy for tourists so you won’t have to worry about it being too crowded.

Is it safe to walk around Muscat?

It is safe to walk around Muscat but no matter where you’re travelling to, it is worth taking safety precautions against pickpockets. It is also best to be cautious if you’re a solo female traveller.

Can you drink alcohol in Muscat?

You can drink alcohol in Muscat but you are not able to do this in public spaces. If you are wanting to enjoy an alcoholic beverage then you can drink at small bars and most hotels. However, being drunk in public is prohibited.

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