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How to Get to Montserrat from Barcelona

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You’ve found your way here and now you’re wondering how to get to Montserrat from Barcelona. This is one of the most incredible day trips from Barcelona and something that you can’t miss whilst you’re in Spain.

There are quite a few different options to choose from when you’re looking to get from Barcelona to Montserrat. Whether you’re travelling by car, train, bus or planning to take a day trip, there are plenty of choices for you.

In this guide, we will share with you the best ways to get to Monserrat from Barcelona, the quickest way to get there and some of the best things to do whilst you’re at the top of Montserrat mountain too.

No matter how you choose to get to Montserrat, it really is an incredible sight to behold and one of the most unique experiences from Barcelona.

Viewpoint from Montserrat

Where is Montserrat?

There is also a Montserrat located in the Caribbean so sometimes when you’re Googling this mountain range, the wrong Montserrat comes up on search results.

Don’t be confused, there is a Montserrat located in Catalonia too and it is not too far out from Barcelona which makes it a popular day trip for tourists. It is approximately 38 miles from Barcelona which makes it a quick and easy location to get to.

It is a stunning mountain range within Catalonia and certainly a trip that you can’t miss when you’re visiting Barcelona.

How to Get to Montserrat from Barcelona

Now, for what you came here for; more information on how to get to Montserrat from Barcelona.

It is quite easy to get to Montserrat as long as you know where to go. Even if you’re not a confident traveller, this guide will give you the exact steps that you need to check to get to Montserrat.

You can see across Catalan from some of the Montserrat viewpoints

If you’re using public transport to get to Montserrat then we would recommend considering investing in an Hola Barcelona Travel Pass.

This travel pass will give you unlimited travel on trains, metros, funiculars and much more for a period of time. This is a great way to get around the city and you’ll be able to save money getting to and from different Barcelona attractions.

By Train

When you’re travelling from Barcelona to Montserrat, there are two different train options that you can use to get there. You will first need to take a train but then once you’ve got off the train, you will need to choose whether to journey the rest of the way by cable car or rack railway.

For both options you will need to get the R5 train from Place Espana in Barcelona. If you’re wanting to take the cable car then you will need to get off at Aeri de Montserrat.

However, if you’re wanting to use the rack railway then you will need to get off on the following stop at Monistrol de Montserrat.

Both options take just over an hour and will cost you approximately €12.30 (£10.51GBP / $13.45USD) for a round-trip back to Barcelona.

Cable Car

Once you have got the R5 train from Placa de Espana in Barcelona to Aeri de Montserrat, you will then need to get the cable car to take you to the top of Montserrat Mountain.

Viewpoint from Montserrat. You can see the cable car coming up the mountain which is one of the ways on how to get to Montserrat from Barcelona.

This is one of the best ways to get some incredible views of the mountain range as you use the cable car to get to the top. During peak seasons, it can get quite busy so if you’re looking to get some good snaps then you will want to try and edge your way to the back of the cable car by the window. You need to get those amazing snaps for Instagram and if you’re looking for inspiration for Barcelona Instagram Captions to go with it then we’ve got you covered too!

They often run every 15 minutes or so which is good news as you won’t need to wait around for long to get to the top of Montserrat. It costs €11.20 (£9.57GBP / $12.24USD for a round-trip in the cable car.

Before visiting Montserrat, double check that the cable car is open because sometimes it can be shut depending on the weather.

If you’ve never been in a cable car before then this is definitely a unique destination to ride in one. Another thing is that the views are absolutely stunning and something that you can absolutely not miss!

Total Cost for Train & Cable Car: €23.50 (£20.05GBP / $25.69USD)

Rack Train

If you’re wanting to take the rack train then you will need to get off at the Monistrol de Montserrat stop. You will then need to change over to the rack train.

This is what we used when we visited Montserrat from Barcelona and it was a great way to see the sights as you head up the mountain.

Insiders Tip: Make sure that you head to the back of the rack train and stand near the window to get some unobstructed views as you climb the mountain.

It will cost you around €14 (£11.97GBP / $15.31) for a round-trip ticket using the rack railway but the prices can vary depending on the season that you’re visiting Barcelona.

Total Cost for Train & Rack Train: €26.30 (£22.48GBP / $27.55)

Amy posing at the top of Montserrat.

Combined Tickets

If you’re still wanting to make your own way to Montserrat and save some money at the same time then it is worth considering purchasing a combined ticket. This is one of the best tips when you’re visiting from Barcelona to help save you money and keep your costs low.

You can get a combined ticket from Tiqets where it will include your round-trip train ticket to either stations, round-trip ticket for either the cable car or rack train, access to Monserrat Monastery, Moreneta and the Museum.

This is a great way to save money and depending on how in advance you’re booking your ticket will vary in price but generally speaking it costs around €46.67 (£39.89GBP / $51.04USD)

By Car

This is a really great option to get from Barcelona to Montserrat and what is even better is that there is even free parking available at either the cable car or rack train stops.

As Montserrat can get very busy with tourists especially if you’re travelling during peak seasons, travelling by car to Montserrat means that you can control the time you arrive and leave.

Some of the beautiful rocks on Montserrat mountain with the sun glaring down.

If you’re travelling by car then you can plan to arrive early in the morning so that you can avoid tourists and enjoy the peace and quiet of the mountain range.

For anyone that’s not taken a car into Spain with them, you will want to rent a car when you arrive in Barcelona. You can use the search form below to find an affordable car on Economybookings.com.

Depending on traffic, it will take you around an hour to drive from Barcelona to Montserrat. You may find that either on the way there or back that you will want to stop off at some of the sights along the way.

If you want to park at the monastery itself then there are charges for this car park. The prices do vary depending on how long you’re staying for but it is not too expensive. You can even choose to park your car there for up to 7 days so there are plenty of options available for you.

By Bus

There is an option to get a bus from Barcelona to Montserrat but it can be a bit more limiting than if you were to get the train. Currently there is only 1 bus that goes from Barcelona to Montserrat and there is also only one departure time.

You can get the Autocares Julia 90 bus from Barcelona Sants station which will take you to Montserrat and then you can return on the bus later in the evening.

One of the small buildings on the edge of Montserrat mountain.

The times can change for the bus but currently it leaves at 09:15am from Barcelona everyday. You will then return from Montserrat in the evening. During the winter, the bus will depart from Montserrat at 05:00pm whereas in the summer, the bus will leave Montserrat at 06:00pm.

This is a great way to get to Montserrat but you only have one opportunity to get there and one opportunity to get back. If you wanted to only spend half a day there then this would not be the best option for you.

It will take you around 1 hour and 30 minutes to get from Barcelona to Montserrat by bus. The prices can vary for the bus so it is best to contact Autocares Julia 90 for a direct price. However, it is usually around €5 (£4.28GBP / $5.45USD) for a one-way trip.

By Day Tour

There are so many different day trips that will take you to Montserrat and this can be a really convenient option if you want to sit back and relax.

The advantage of taking a day tour to Montserrat from Barcelona is that you won’t need to stress about arranging your own transportation. The transport to Montserrat will be included and all you need to do is turn up at the meeting point at the right time.

One of the religious plaques on Montserrat with viewpoint of the hills in the background.

Some of the day tours to Montserrat will include trips to wineries as well so it is a great way to have the best of both worlds.

You will also find that there are a lot of different day tours to Montserrat that include lunch as well within the price so that is one less expense to worry about.

If you’re looking to enjoy more experiences with your trip to Montserrat then there are also tours that will take you to Costa Brava and Girona too. This is a great way to tick off some things from your bucket list.

Prices for day trips to Montserrat really can vary depending on what you choose to do with the Montserrat visit and whether you’re going on a full-day or half-day tour.

Generally speaking, prices for the tours can range between €58.36 – €116.71 (£50GBP / $63.66USD – £100GBP / $127.32USD) depending on what you choose. The tours usually last between 5-6 hours as well so it is a good day out from Barcelona.


By Hiking

If you’re a very active traveller then you will enjoy making your way to the top of Montserrat by hiking instead. You will need to catch the train to Monistrol de Montserrat before beginning your hiking journey.

The hike will take you about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to the top and when you do, it will be well worth the effort. We have not hiked this route ourselves but when creating this article, we wanted to be able to provide information for anyone that would like to choose this option.

If you’re wanting to do a self-guided hiking trip then we recommend checking out Finns Away’s Guide to hiking from Barcelona to Montserrat for tips on how to navigate your way to the top.

Alternatively, you can look at joining a hiking tour so that you are with a group where you can do it together. The tour prices do vary depending on whether you choose to just do the hike or whether you would like to visit one of the wineries too.

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay between €58.36 – €134.23 (£50GBP – £115GBP / $63.47USD – $145.98USD) for these hiking experiences.

Amy sitting on the edge of one of the hills on Montserrat overlooking the view of Catalonia.

Some of them also include a photoshoot during your hike too which is great for any bloggers like us!

We’ve added some of the best hiking day tours from Barcelona to Montserrat below so you can have a look and see if this is something that you would like to do.


What is the fastest way to get to Montserrat?

If you’re wanting to get to Montserrat as quickly as possible then the best option is to rent a car and drive there instead. This is the fastest way to get to Montserrat from Barcelona and it also gives you a lot of flexibility to choose when you want to arrive and leave.

However, renting a car isn’t an option for everyone so if you’re unable to rent a car then the fastest way to get to Montserrat is by using the train and then the cable car.

Montserrat Monastery.

It will take you around 1 hour and 5 minutes depending on how long the queue is to get onto the cable cars. It will take you roughly around the same time to get the train and rack train but as you have to go one stop further than the cable car, it does take a couple minutes longer.

One thing is for certain that by either hiking or catching the bus to Montserrat definitely takes the longest. These options are really good for taking in the viewpoints though so you will need to weigh up what you would prefer.

Things to See in Montserrat

  • Montserrat Monastery – one of the main things to do in Montserrat is to visit the monastery. This is one of the best free things to do near Barcelona and you will be able to see the infamous La Moreneta (the Black Madonna).
  • Museum of Montserrat – this art museum has a great collection of artwork from the 19th and 20th century which is a great thing to do when you’re visiting Montserrat. It will cost you around €8 (£6.85GBP / $8.70USD) for an adult to visit.
  • Santa Cova – This grotto dates back to the end of the 17th century and is a great sight to see whilst you’re visiting Montserrat. Santa Cova has a lot of religious history and it is an important chapel tucked out of the way.
  • Have lunch at a local farmhouse – if you’ve booked a day trip then your lunch at a farmhouse may already be included. This is a great way to try some tasty Catalan food and enjoy some beautiful views.
  • Cava Wineries – There are plenty of wineries in and around Montserrat and this is something that you can add on if you’ve booked a day trip. Enjoy some delicious Cava with some stunning views to match.
  • Soak in the views – if you’re heading to the top of Montserrat mountain then you will find it hard to miss the stunning viewpoints from the top. Take your time admiring the view and perhaps even enjoy a picnic at the top.
Another viewpoint of the Montserrat Mountains.

Now You’re Ready to Visit Montserrat from Barcelona

No matter how you choose to get to Montserrat from Barcelona, this day trip is absolutely worth it. Whether you’re interested in stunning viewpoints, Catalan culture and history, this is a wonderful day out from Barcelona.

You can choose to take a day trip to Montserrat which is certainly the easiest option because everything will be organised for you. However, if you are visiting Barcelona on a budget then arranging your own transport to Montserrat is one of the cheapest days out from Barcelona.

Amy standing with the view of Catalonia behind her at Montserrat.

If you have it in you then we really recommend hiking from Barcelona to Montserrat because this is something that we wish we had known about when we visited.

This is a fun day out for everyone whether you’re travelling solo, as a couple or as a family. There are so many things to do in and around Montserrat that you will get back into Barcelona feeling refreshed.

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