Travelling on your own can seem scary but it doesn’t have to be. We are here to tell you that the travel community is massive so you don’t have to feel that you’re 100% alone. We know that if you have chosen a solo adventure then you will be fine with the idea of being on your own travelling but when we say the travel community is massive we mean it no matter where you end up you will meet people that have the same interest as you.

The nice things about having the solo adventure is the fact that you can go where you want and see the world at your own pace meeting people along the way. Meeting people as you travel is an amazing experience because once you have had a lovely encounter with them you’ll be on your way once again meet the next set of people.

You’ll always have a crazy experience solo travelling so much so you might end up meeting your forever partner just like Amy did when she met Liam on her solo trip to Edinburgh!

Collage of images from Amy's time solo travelling. The first, larger image is at the pyramids in Mexico City & in Izamal.

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