This is why you need a date jar in your life
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Colour Coded Date Night Jar

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This is why you need a date jar in your life

Our very own colour coded Date Jar is something that Amy came up with one night. This is how we choose what our date is going to be for the day (or even the weekend). We love the Date Jar because we can be very indecisive at times. If you’re like us, we know how hard it is to be unique on date night. You don’t want to be doing the same old, same old. However, once the jar came into our lives we no longer had this problem. We would wake up, go to the jar and no matter what came out we would do it. It really is as simple as that!

Why Do You NEED Your Own Colour Coded Date Night Jar?

The Date Night Jar is full of things for you to do together and colour coded for ease. You can choose to do something at home or it could be something inexpensive. This could be a drive to a random place that you haven’t been to before to spend the day. We colour-coded so that we had control over the cost and location of the date. If we didn’t feel like going out for the date, we could choose something from the ‘at-home category’.

If you are on a budget then there are plenty of options for cheap romantic days out so that you don’t need to break the bank to have a great date night.

Here is an example of one of our dates we pulled from the jar. Pretty average choice this one.

We’ve added a colour key below so you can see the different categories you can choose. We find that the Date Jar is helpful and it keeps us on our toes. There’s not just small date items like go see a movie or go out for dinner. We’ve included a variety of unique dates especially for our bucket listers. The activities we have in there are fun, out of the box items. It is mostly items that we want to do but don’t usually make the time for. Some of the things in there are firsts for the both of us. Whereas some of them are things that we want each other to experience together.

This has been very effective for us because we seem to always have something to do when we’re home and not away seeing the world. It keeps us active and we always have a laugh doing whatever it is for the day. It helps us create more memories, stories and gives us a chance to build a stronger and deeper bond by getting out of our comfort zones. As an example, Amy absolutely hates bowling but we still added it to our jar because it’s something that is still good to do together.

Where can I get my own Date Night Jar?

Since we have had such a good time using this Date Jar we thought that you guys would love this as well. We have started putting together the Plain2Plane Date Jar where you can buy them for a good price. Our plan is for you to build amazing memories together and leave the stress of deciding what you should do to us. Additionally, we can custom-make these jars for you. If there are certain activities you don’t want us to include then you can just let us know and we will tailor it.

Some of the activities that are included in the date jar, we also have blog posts to help you arrange them. For example, if you pick out ‘Go on a Staycation’ we have a great blog post about how to plan a romantic staycation to help you get started!

This was such a great date! We weren’t able to add the audio due to commercial licenses but check it out on our IG!

We’ve given you a sneak peak into some of the dates you will pull out of the jar in our IG reels. There are so many more fun things that you can get up to! If you do choose to purchase one of our cool colour coded date night jars, tag us on Instagram. We can share it and the great experience you are having!

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